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8 Best Detective Anime and Manga for Mystery Lovers

Best detective anime image with death note and monster on the cover

Whenever we hear about detective anime or manga, the iconic storyline of Detective Conan hits our memories. However, anime lovers are left with an ocean of options when it comes to detective anime dramas.  The backbone of many anime and manga premises are based on mystery elements. Many mystery mangas have been adapted from existing

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Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa: A Manga Review

Paradise Kiss Review

Lead Image Source: Anime Feminist Ai Yazawa is famous for her realistic and ‘adult’ style of writing. She probably became most known for her classic manga — “Paradise Kiss” (ParaKiss for short from Japanese Paradaisu Kisu) which brought her popularity. ParaKiss is a comic comprised of a 5-volume series. It was also made into anime and a

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Best Anime of 2020 – THAT ARE A MUST-WATCH!

2020 has definitely not been the best year for anime as many highly anticipated shows got delayed because of the pandemic. Despite this fact, this year has still given us some must-watch gems like Re:Zero Season 2 and Jujutsu Kaisen. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the best anime of 2020

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