While buying physical copies of manga volumes can be pretty satisfying, we all know just how expensive this hobby can be. This is why most anime and manga fans prefer to read their manga online. There are many websites out there that let you enjoy your favorite manga series in multiple languages. If you are obsessed with anime and manga, then you might already know about Mangaowl.net as this website is used by most people.

However, it is important to note that Mangaowl is one of many illegal manga sites on which no money is given to the original creators of the manga. Today, I’ll be telling you guys about the best Mangaowl Alternative that you should be using instead, Mangamo.

What is Mangamo?

Mangamo is a free mobile app available on both IOS and Android devices that lets you read hundreds of manga titles instantly. As mentioned above, Mangamo is the best alternative to Mangaowl, and one of the best ways of accessing manga in 2022.


What Makes Mangamo the Best Alternative for Mangaowl?


Completely Legal:

The biggest reason why you should use Mangamo instead of all these other online platforms is that it is completely legal and safe. All manga series available on Mangamo are officially licensed, so you are directly helping the manga author by deciding to use this platform. While you can also buy online copies of your favorite manga series, it can be pretty costly in comparison.

No Ads:

As the people behind Mangamo say it, “Zero Ads. All Story.” Being a completely legal platform, Mangamo doesn’t bother you with any kind of annoying ads. Not only do these ads ruin your experience, they can also be pretty dangerous. Most of these ads contain some kind of virus and can damage your computer or even steal your personal data.

Amazing App-Design:

mangamo UI

Being an app specifically designed for mobile phone devices, Mangamo’s app design is simply perfect.

As soon as you open the app, you are greeted by the explore page, which shows you a list of all the manga titles that are currently popular. The app also provides you with an amazing search engine that lets you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can also keep track of all the manga you are currently reading by accessing the My Manga section.

The UI is very easy to understand as well! Once you find your manga, you can tap on it to read its plot and see the number of available chapters. The app lets you choose any chapter from the list.

After you actually start reading a manga, you’ll quickly fall in love with the simplicity of the app. Mangamo lets you zoom in onto any part of a page by double-tapping, long-pressing or pinching the screen. You can also choose between horizontal and vertical layouts. The two extra options at the bottom let you quickly access any particular page or chapter of the manga.

Exclusive Titles:

Mangamo grabs new and exciting English-translated manga titles directly from Japan, and some of them are only exclusively and legally available on this platform.

Customized Experience:


The thing that I love most about Mangamo is the customized experience that it provides to all of its users. The app will keep track of all the manga series that you are currently reading, so you can quickly start from where you left off. You can also add manga to your list to read later and find a complete list of all the manga series you have finished reading.


Lack of Content:

The biggest drawback of Mangamo is the lack of content. Being a completely legal platform, Mangamo is not able to provide any manga without proper licensing. While you can find a lot of good series to binge-read on Mangamo, a lot of mainstream stuff is not available.

Freemium Platform:

Mangamo has a freemium model. You can read a select number of chapters for free daily. After that, you have to pay a small monthly fee in order to get the best experience. The money that you pay directly helps the authors of your favorite manga series, and you get an ad-free experience.

Mangamo Pricing:

mangamo paid

The pricing for a monthly subscription of Mangamo is different for different parts of the world. This subscription usually costs around 4.99 USD and lets you access the hundreds of manga titles available on the platform instantly.

Mangamo – Free Version

mangamo Free

Even if you are someone who doesn’t want to spend any money, you can still download Mangamo and read your favorite manga titles without any ads. Mangamo lets its free users read 4 chapters of any manga in a single day. What’s great about the free version of this app is that you still get access to everything that the app has to offer.


In my opinion, Mangamo is the best Mangaowl alternative you can find right now. With Mangamo, you’ll be able to enjoy the manga that you love and support your favorite creators at the same time. Even if you don’t feel like paying for manga, you can still try out the free version of the app and read a few chapters every single day.

Below, I’ve compiled together a list of my favorite manga series that you should start reading today!

A Silent Voice:

A Silent Voice is a deep and meaningful story about a deaf girl and her former bully. This manga is a tear-jerker.

Boarding School Juliet:

If you are looking to read a rom-com, then Boarding School Juliet should be at the top of your list. The story focuses on two high school students that must do everything they can to hide their love for each other.

Fire Force:

Are you looking for an action-packed shounen experience? If yes, then Fire Force will not disappoint! The story revolves around a young man named Shinra as he tries to protect all the people around him.

Somali and the Forest Spirit:

Somali and the Forest Spirit is a wholesome and complex manga series that will leave you with tears in your eyes.


Devil-Chi is an ecchi-comedy manga series that is only available online. You should definitely check out this light-hearted series if you are looking for a good laugh.

Looking for some more recommendations? Check out our article about the best Romance manga series you can read on Mangamo.

Use one of the following links and download Mangamo today!

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