If you’re a fan of romantic comedy anime, you will definitely want to give these five romance manga a try. These series are relatively new. They haven’t been adapted to anime yet.

Here we have gathered five of the best, little-known romantic manga. Some are supernatural, some are more down-to-earth, but there’s a good chance you’ve probably never heard of them.

Romance manga list

  1. Loving Yamada at Lv. 999!
  2. Devil-chi
  3. Date of Marriage
  4. Yumequi
  5. Nanase-san’s Crazy Love Obsession

1. Loving Yamada at Lv. 999!

Loving Yamada at Lv. 999 by Mashiro, at Mangamo

Many anime otaku are gamers, so it’s no surprise that a lot of video game anime and manga exists.

Some are adventure series such as Sword Art Online. Many are funny, such as BOFURI: I Don’t Want To Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense. Then there are gamer romantic comedies such as And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?

Loving Yamada at Lv. 999! takes a fun approach to the video game romantic comedy. For the first few chapters, the game itself doesn’t really matter all that much. The story emphasizes the real-life interaction between gamers.

At the beginning of the series, college student Akane gets dumped by her boyfriend. While letting off steam inside an MMORPG, Akane soon meets a guy (Yamada) who is a bit cold and blunt, to say the least. After she runs into the guy in real life, she learns that Yamada can actually be a nice, kind, and considerate person. He just doesn’t care about anything other than the game.

Despite his flaws, Akane slowly starts to have feelings for Yamada. The story has some good symbolism, such as Yamada accidentally breaking Akane’s heart necklace, or telling her to let go (of the in-game junk she has collected).

I also love the chibi catgirl expressions in the game, which Akane uses in real life.

As of right now, Mangamo has 65 chapters of Loving Yamada at Lv. 999!, and the story is still ongoing. The original Japanese title for the series is Yamada-kun to Lv. 999 no Koi wo Suru. Mashiro created the series.

Read Loving Yamada at Lv. 999! for free here.


2. Devil-chi

Devil-chi by Musuaki, at Mangamo

Devil-chi is a supernatural romantic comedy manga series. At the start of the series, high school student Fuyuki accidentally walks in on classmate Sakuba-san in the locker room.

As it so happens, Sakuba has wings. She is actually a succubus (her name is a pun). Fuyuki agrees to keep her identity a secret.

Sakuba is not the oni girl Lum from Urusei Yatsura. Instead, she’s the shy, easily embarrassed, and introverted type found throughout anime. In fact, she’s so shy that she seems cold, and even scary, to some.

Fuyuki spends a lot of the first few chapters trying to get Sakuba to open up more. Naturally, there are plenty of misunderstandings.

A rival also shows up early on in the story. I don’t want to give too many spoilers, but she’s fairly typical for comedies involving cute demon girls. Eventually, the story gets more serious as things heat up between supernatural factions. But for the most part, Devil-chi is a fun and silly romantic series.

Mangamo currently has 55 chapters of Devil-chi, with more on the way. Musuaki created the series.

Read Devil-chi for free here.


3. Date of Marriage

Date of Marriage: If You Can't Have a Fiance, Let's Get Married by Ito Nishihara and Muno, at Mangamo

Date of Marriage: If You Can’t Have a Fiance, Let’s Get Married is a bit more serious than the first two manga on this list. If video game comedy or supernatural humor isn’t your thing, this might be more to your liking.

At the beginning of the manga, office lady Yoshiko realizes that her life is not going according to plan. She’s understandably upset and depressed that her boyfriend broke up with her.

By amazing coincidence, Yuuki, the office’s “number one super hottie,” is there when she needs somebody to talk to. He has a reputation for being cool, calm, and collected, so it’s a huge surprise when he proposes to her.

Yuuki makes an unusual promise — if Yoshiko can’t find a new boyfriend in a year, he will marry her. This sounds completely weird to her, and she freaks out about it.

But apparently, Yuuki means it, even as Yoshiko has her doubts.  For one thing, will he be able to hold his end of the bargain if others show an interest in him? Does he just feel pity for her?

Although the series is more on the serious side, there is a lot of good comedy from Yoshiko and her nosy, obnoxious co-workers. Mangamo has only posted nine slow-moving chapters so far, so it’s hard to say where the series will go.

The manga has the Japanese title of Kekkon Yoteibi. It was created by Nishihara Ito (author) and Muno (artist).

Read Date of Marriage for free here.


4. Yumequi

Yumequi by Azuma Tama, in Mangamo

Yumequi is an unusual supernatural romantic comedy. God-like Yumemi pays a visit to gloomy high school student Tenmu Nozomi. Yumemi explains that she is a Dream Eater. When somebody faces a difficult pair of choices, she eats one of them.

Tenmu offers to help her find people with conflicting dreams. For example, Najimu Akizuki, an old friend of Tenmu’s, must choose between her family and her dream of becoming a dancer.

The concept of a magical girl who can destroy dreams sounds potentially dark. But the story starts out light — at least, at first.

The story slowly becomes more complex. Does Tenmu like Yumemi, or does he just want to use her power? How does Yumemi’s power actually work? Some of the side characters have love troubles, which Yumemi tries to fix. Tenmu’s former band also plays a role.

So far, Mangamo has released 26 chapters of Yumequi. Azuma Tama created the manga.

Note: My only complaint about Yumequi is that some of the pages in chapter 4 are out of order. I reported this, and hopefully Mangamo will fix it soon.

Read Yumequi for free:
on Android
 or iOS


5. Nanase-san’s Crazy Love Obsession

Nanase-san's Crazy Love Obsession by Shinonome Tomu, at Mangamo

Our final manga on this list is a romantic comedy about a clingy, obsessed girlfriend. Nanase-san’s Crazy Love Obsession features Takahashi, an overworked salaryman.

After he starts texting a girl, she suddenly shows up unexpectedly at his apartment.

Then she invites him over, and that’s when the crazy begins. She has a lot of photos of Takahashi in her room. Nanase even has a Takahashi dakimakura pillow.

Takahashi definitely thinks that Nanase is crazy. But he reconsiders when he needs a new apartment, and she offers to move in together.

Nanase seems to genuinely care for Takahashi, but she’s also obsessive and overbearing. Things get sillier and weirder from there. For example, Nanase stalks one of his co-workers.

The manga is full of funny concepts, which you would probably think were creepy if it happened to you.

So far, Mangamo has 15 chapters of Nanase-san’s Crazy Love Obsession. Shinonome Tomu created the series. It has the Japanese title Nanase-san no Koi ga Ijou.

Read Nanase-san’s Crazy Love Obsession for free on Android or iOS.

These five manga series are all worth reading! Be sure to give them a look.

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