What Kind of Content are we Looking for?

  1. Anime watch guides
  2. Anime merch guides
  3. Anime character guides
  4. Anime reviews
  5. Manga reviews
  6. Japan travel guides
  7. Japan culture articles

Samples of Content We Need Regularly:

  1. https://jpbound.com/zom-100-anime-review-better-living-through-zombies/
  2. https://jpbound.com/who-killed-tanjiros-family-in-demon-slayer/
  3. https://jpbound.com/mobile-suit-gundam-watch-order-from-start-to-finish/
  4. https://jpbound.com/5-best-places-to-watch-bleach-online-free-and-paid-streaming-services/
  5. https://jpbound.com/10-best-demon-slayer-merch-items-to-buy-in-2022/
  6. https://jpbound.com/how-to-watch-the-violet-evergarden-movie-online-from-anywhere/

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