You can easily watch the Violet Evergarden Movie (2020) directly on Netflix from anywhere in the world. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to access the film online, even if you aren’t in country that has the title in its Netflix library.

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Watch the Film on Netflix
    1. What country it’s available in
    2. How to access it via VPN
    3. Common issues and how to solve them
  2. Violet Evergarden Movie Plot
  3. Violet Evergarden Merch

How to Watch Violet Evergarden Movie (2020) Online on Netflix 

At the moment, I’ve discovered that the United States Netflix library has the 2020 Violet Evergarden film available for users to watch! Being in Japan, I couldn’t access it natively, so I had to use this VPN trick.

The steps are simple:

Watch the Film on Netflix on Mobile (easiest option)

  1. Download a VPN (I’ve tested and verified NordVPN works for this)
  2. Navigate to settings on your phone and go to app settings
  3. Open the Netflix app within your phone settings
  4. Clear your Netflix cache
  5. Open Nord VPN and choose the United States as your region in the VPN
  6. Log in to Netflix and search for Violet Evergarden Movie

Watch the Film on Netflix on Desktop (harder option)

  1. Download a VPN (I’ve tested and verified NordVPN works for this)
  2. Open Nord VPN and choose the United States as your region in the VPN
  3. Open an incognito browser
  4. Navigate and login to Netflix
  5. Log in to Netflix and search for Violet Evergarden Movie

Step 1. Download a VPN

This is pretty self-explanatory. You simply need to download a VPN (we’ve confirmed that NordVPN works for this method), and either purchase a subscription or just signup for the free trial.

All reputable VPNs will have a free trial option. 

A VPN is necessary because Netflix tracks your location your IP address. A VPN (virtual private network) is a software that masks your IP address and protects you from cyberattacks, as well as stops companies from tracking your internet activity without your permission.

However, VPNs can also fake your IP address to make it appear as though you are in a different country. In doing so, we can trick the Netflix app into thinking we are in a different country and give us access to that country’s library.

Step 2. Clear Your Netflix Cache (and possibly storage too)

This step isn’t always necessary, but sometimes if you don’t clear your cache, the Netflix app will have your past location data and this method won’t work. In order to ensure that you can watch the film on Netflix properly and without issue, you should clear your cache before connecting the VPN to your desired country.

To do so on mobile: 

  • Go to your phone settings and navigate to “apps”
  • Click on Netflix
  • Find the setting that says cache, storage & cache, or something similar
  • Click “clear cache” NOT clear storage. Clearing storage could remove your downloads and require you to sign in again

NOTE: if you try clearing your cache and it still doesn’t work, clear your storage too. Yes, this will require you to sign in again, but I’ve had no problems getting this to work after clearing storage.

To do so on PC:

You shouldn’t have to do this on PC. The easier option is to open an incognito window after turning on the VPN. If you run Netflix in an incognito window your previous site browsing data will be unreadable.

In case you do have to clear your internet data on PC this for whatever reason, here’s how:

  • Go to the settings of whatever browser you’re using
  • Go to the Privacy and Security section
  • Locate an option to clear browsing data or internet data
  • Clear both “Cookies and Site Data” as well as “Cached Files and Images”

Step 3. Choose the United States as your region in the VPN

This one is pretty self-explanatory. To watch the Violet Evergarden 2020 film on Netflix, we must choose the country where the film is available in their Netflix library.

Below is a screenshot of how to do this on PC via the NordVPN desktop app.

Step 4. Log in to Netflix and search “Violet Evergarden Movie”

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Time to see if our method worked.

Test it out by typing in Violet Evergarden Movie in the search bar. If you did everything properly, it’ll pop up and you’ll be able to watch it without issue!

You should see the film appear like so:

 violet evergarden 2020 film on netflix

Common Issues You Might Face

There are a few issues I’ve encountered when doing this method.

If Netflix gives “You’re Using a Proxy or VPN” error on mobile app

Fix: Close Netflix. Open NordVPN and disconnect. Reconnect to the United States and try again. Wait 10 seconds and repeat the process outlined above.

If Netflix gives “You’re Using a Proxy or VPN” error on desktop

Fix: Close browser. Open incognito browser again and repeat the process outlined above. This happened to me around every 30 minutes while watching the movie on desktop, so I don’t recommend this method. I recommend just watching on mobile.

Can’t screencast to Chromecast or other cast app on TV

Unfortunately, NordVPN protection doesn’t extend to your television. I haven’t found a way to work around this yet, but follow the blog and I’ll update you once I know more.

Final Thoughts

As fans of the series, I’m sure you’ll all be super happy to hear that you can watch the 2020 Violet Evergarden film on Netflix, regardless of where you are in the world. I was ecstatic myself when I just happened to notice that the film was available on the Canadian Netflix library. Unfortunately, until the film is allowed to be seen in more countries, this is the method you’ll have to take.

Violet Evergarden Movie (2020) Plot

“We both have the memories of violence burned into us like scars. We fought, dreaming for the war to end, waiting for the glory that was promised to both the living and the dead. But what happened in reality? …We were betrayed and abandoned by everything.” – From the Violet Evergarden Series

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The Plot:

WARNING: Minor spoilers ahead. As minor as I could make them.

While the anime series begins at the end of the war, the 2020 Violet Evergarden film actually begins many, many years into the future. I won’t give away any spoilers here, but I’ll just say that a character from the (in my opinion) most tear-jerking episode makes an appearance and the exposition is framed through that character’s perspective. 

Mainly, the story focuses on Violet and Lt.Colonel Hodgins who have reason to believe that Major Gilbert might still be alive. At the same time, Violet takes on another job to write letters for a terminally ill patient. Violet and Hodgins travel to where Gilbert is suspected to be, but what awaits them may be not what they were hoping for. While Violet struggles to find the person she’s been searching for all these years, her client takes a turn for the worst and she has to decide between abandoning her mission to find Gilbert and fulfilling a promise to her dying client.

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