Partners & Affiliates

To help grow Japan Bound we’ve been seeking sponsors and media partners and to introduce readers to other quality websites blogs with similar content. In order to keep the site free of popup ads and annoying Google Adsense banners, we are seeking affiliate partnerships with brands that match JPbound’s content.

In the spirit of 100% transparency, please note that some of our articles may include an affiliate link to the websites of one of our partners.

Below is a list of websites we have partnered with.

Please be sure to check out their content and give them a follow if you like what you see!



ZenMarket – is currently running a partnership with ZenMarket, the best proxy shipping service available to buy items from Japan. Check out our affiliate page on ZenMarket.


Media Partners

We love good content and anime and Japan and we’re happy to cast a spotlight on some of the best blogs out there.

Anime Evo – A high-quality publisher of anime news, reviews, and feature articles

That Girl Sandee – An independent blog about all things anime, books, makeup, and skin care