No one can deny the current popularity of Attack on Titan. The beloved manga reached hundreds of fans when its story was taken into the world of anime. While current opinions on the franchise might be divided, hype for the anime’s final season hasn’t died down just yet. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re as excited for the new season as anyone can be. For superfans of this series, I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Attack on Titan merch items to get your hands on!

This list will cover numerous items, from statues to blu-rays. Additionally, all items on this list were found – and can be purchased – at ZenMarket. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best choices!

1. Attack on Titan Levi Figure

best attack on titan merch items

The first item on this list is a highly-detailed figure of Levi. This figure features removable ODM gear, as well as a removable cloak. The figure does not have any articulation, but the sculpted detail is absolutely fantastic. It’s a relatively large figure, as well, standing at around 18cm tall. The price might be high, but you’ll receive a product of incredible quality in exchange.

2. Attack on Titan Unisex T-Shirt

attack on titan unisex tshirt

While a t-shirt might not seem like an impressive merch item, this one is absolutely worth the price. This shirt features minimalistic art of Levi in battle with a subdued color palette. Perfect for showing your love for Attack on Titan while not being too overt about it. Just be sure you purchase it alongside another item on this list – you might end up paying more for shipping fees than the shirt itself! But this shirt is perfect to pair with your personal choice of the best Attack on Titan merch.

3. Attack on Titan Mikasa Figure

best attack on titan merch items

Much like the Levi figure, this Mikasa figure features incredible sculpted detail. However, it lacks both articulation and accessories, meaning what you see is what you get. Thankfully, the figure makes up for this by having a much lower price.  You can also choose the figure’s condition, which can knock a couple extra bucks off of the asking price. It’s a perfect – albeit cheaper – alternative for anyone that can’t afford the Levi figure.

4. Attack on Titan Season 3 Blu-Ray

best attack on titan merch items

Never got the chance to binge-watch Season 3 of Attack on Titan? Now you can with this complete Blu-Ray! The collection includes episodes 38-59 of the anime in dubbed and subtitled English. Additionally, this Blu-Ray includes a plethora of special features, including interviews with the voice actors of Eren Yeager! This is a must-buy for any die-hard Attack on Titan fan. Don’t let the daunting price turn you away – this is worth every penny.

5. Attack on Titan Volume 1 Manga (Bilingual)

attack on titan bilingual manga

Fans that want to know where it all started will adore this choice. This bilingual manga covers the first volume of Attack on Titan, allowing fans to look back on how the series began. It’s a perfect choice for anyone learning Japanese, or anyone that hasn’t read the manga before.

6. Attack on Titan Ballpoint Pens

attack on titan pens

Sometimes, the simplest choices are the best. These pens feature art of the main characters from Attack on Titan – specifically, their Season 4 versions. The art itself is highly appealing, capturing the anime’s essence almost perfectly. Plus, they’re cheap yet functional pens. As of this article’s writeup, unfortunately, only the Mikasa and Armin pens are available. Despite this, those pens still feature some of the best art of the set. Fans can’t go wrong with these, even as a gift for a non-fan.

7. Attack on Titan Chibi Keychains

attack on titan chibi keychains

This is a slightly cheaper choice for anyone that wants something cuter than the pens. These chibi keychains feature the Season 4 Attack on Titan characters as well. As of this article’s writeup, the available keychains include Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Jean. Thanks to the art, the keychains hold even wider appeal than the pens…even if they aren’t as practical. These make great gifts for non-fans as well, simply for the bonus of being cute.

8. Attack on Titan Erwin & Levi Eyeglasses

attack on titan eyeglasses

Perhaps the most unique item on this list is this pair of Attack on Titan eyeglasses. They feature a look that evokes the anime perfectly, with the temples even being based off the ODM gear’s swords! Additionally, buyers can customize the glasses based on their perscription and face width. It’s the priciest item on this list, but the customization offered by these glasses is no joke. It might have a niche appeal, but for anyone looking for new glasses, this is one of the best Attack on Titan merch items you’ll ever get.

9. Attack on Titan Survey Corps Cloak

attack on titan survey corps cloak

This Attack on Titan Survey Corps Cloak is perfect for cosplayers. Made from polyester and featuring the iconic logo, this cloak is a vital part of almost any costume based on the anime. Wearers are able to bring up the hood or keep it down, and the cloak’s 65cm length can fit around most people. Combine that with the cheap price, and you have yet another contender for the best Attack on Titan merch out there!

10. Attack on Titan Key Necklace

attack on titan key necklace

The final item on this list is one any fan will know. This Attack on Titan Key Necklace is based off the one worn by Eren, driving him to reach his father’s basement through most of the series. While this key doesn’t seem to unlock any basement, it’s still a highly faithful recreation of the key from both the manga and anime. And it’s relatively cheap, to boot!

Final Thoughts on the Best Attack on Titan Merch Items

With how popular Attack on Titan is, this is only a handful of great merchandise from the series. Fans should take a look at other great Attack on Titan merchandise from ZenMarket if they liked this selection. Whether you’re a fan of the manga, anime, or both, hopefully these great items managed to catch your eye!

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