If you’re a fan of the shojo genre, we can help you find some Nana anime merch. 

Nana is an excellent example of shojo (sometimes spelled shoujo) manga and anime. Many consider the anime to be worth watching even if you’re not a shojo fan. And the manga features some wonderful artwork.

(Note: Shojo literally translates as “girl,” but the intended audience is teen girls, making it the opposite of shonen.)

In this article, we’ll show you 10 Nana merch items which capture the look and feel of the series. But first, you may want a refresher on Nana.

About Nana

Nana art at HIDIVE - Yazawa Manga Studio/ Shueisha/ VAP/ Madhouse/ NTV

Manga artist Ai Yazawa created the Nana series in 2000. From 2000 to 2009, the manga ran in Ribon Mascot Comics Cookie (commonly known as just “Cookie”).

Nana focuses on a pair of 20-year-old women, both named Nana. The two women become friends when they both move to Tokyo, and end up living in the same apartment.

However, the two are quite different. Nana Osaki is the lead vocalist for a punk band, Black Stones. Small-town girl Nana Komatsu only moved to Tokyo to be closer to her friends and boyfriend.

The story deals with their friendship, but also their various romantic relationships. Naturally, there are many rocky complications along the way, especially when their different lives get mixed up together.

The manga was adapted into a live-action film in 2005, which had a sequel in 2006. The anime started in 2006, and had 47 episodes (plus recaps). 

Since the incomplete manga has technically been on hiatus since 2009, the anime had to come up with its own bittersweet ending.  

List of Nana Anime Merch

  1. Nana manga by Ai Yazawa, ZenPlus
  2. Lanyard, Amazon
  3. Anime music CD Nana Best, ZenPlus
  4. Necklace and Keychain, Amazon
  5. Nana Osaki figurine, Crunchyroll
  6. Nana Osaki kimono shirt, Amazon
  7. Black Stones sweatshirt, Etsy
  8. Phone case, Amazon
  9. Nana Blu-ray, Amazon
  10. Nana Osaki shirt, Etsy

Note: This article contains links to our partner, ZenPlus, as well as links to Amazon, the Crunchyroll Store, and Etsy.

10 Best Nana Anime Merch

1. Nana manga by Ai Yazawa, ZenPlus

Nana manga at Zen Plus

We’ll start this list with the manga that started it all. At the time that I wrote this, ZenPlus had all 21 tankobon volumes of the original Nana manga by Ai Yazawa. These were published in Japan by Cookie, and they are in Japanese with no translation.

Incidentally, Cookie is produced by Shueisha, the same manga publishing giant that publishes Weekly Shonen Jump. So Nana is part of a large, extended family which includes Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball

Other Cookie manga series include Akazukin Chacha N, Tokimeki Midnight, Cheer Boys!!, and that famous shojo series….. Osomatsu-san

You can get this item at ZenPlus.

2. Lanyard, Amazon

Nana lanyard at Amazon

Maybe you attend a lot of anime conventions. Or maybe you have some ID badges or keycards, and you need a place to keep track of them. For a lot of reasons, a lanyard can be a useful thing to have. 

This one features scenes from the Nana manga, in both color and black-and-white.

You can get this item at Amazon.

3. Anime music CD, Nana Best, ZenPlus

Nana Best anime CD, ZenPlus

With its punk rock musical themes, you would expect some good tunes to come out of the Nana anime series. And indeed, Nana contains some good ones.

The Nana Best album features opening and closing themes from the series. Plus, there are also a couple of unreleased songs. Most of the theme songs are by Anna Tsuchiya and Olivia. Anna Tsuchiya provided Nana Osaki’s singing voice, while Olivia sang for Reira Serizawa of Trapnest. 

The CD also includes a cover of the Sex Pistols’ punk classic Anarchy in the UK. (However, Stand By Me is not a cover, but a different song with the same title.)

This is the “normal edition” CD-only version, so it doesn’t include the DVD extras.

You can get this item at ZenPlus.

4. Cosplay necklace and keychain, Amazon

Nana necklace and keychain, Amazon

This cosplay set has multiple uses. First of all, you get a replica of a lock necklace that Ren Honjo wore. But Ren’s necklace is based upon the one that Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols wore.

As a bassist, Ren was one of the founders of Blast, a.k.a. Black Stones. He was also Nana Osaki’s boyfriend for a while. Symbolically, Nana had the key to Ren’s lock, and a key necklace is included here.

Ren would eventually switch from Black Stones to Trapnest, which would lead to him breaking up with Nana. But, the two eventually do get back together. The third item in this set is a keychain with the two of them together.

You can get this item at Amazon.

5. Nana Osaki figurine, Crunchyroll

Nana Osaki figurine at the Crunchyroll Store

When people think of merch, figures and figurines are usually pretty high on the list. So I was surprised to find that there aren’t a whole lot of choices when it comes to Nana figurines. 

Still, this 9-inch tall figurine really captures Nana Osaki in all of her punk fashion glory. You can also get the Nana Komatsu counterpart if you prefer.

You can get this item at the Crunchyroll Store.

6. Nana Osaki kimono shirt, Amazon

Nana (kimono artwork) shirt at Amazon

There’s something about a kimono. For example, Nana Osaki looks absolutely elegant wearing one in the artwork for this shirt. The art seems vaguely reminiscent of old Japanese ads which featured women in kimono. 

But it does match the cover to Nana manga chapter 65. The story included wearing traditional kimono for New Year’s, so it’s not just random artwork.  

You can get this item at Amazon.

7. Black Stones sweatshirt, Etsy

Black Stones (Nana) sweatshirt at Etsy

This sweatshirt features Nana’s band, Black Stones. It’s a typical bit of rock band merch — musicians standing against a wall, looking vaguely angry about something. Except of course, it’s anime/ manga merch instead.

This is one of several good Nana T-shirt and sweatshirt designs which are available from Etsy seller WinningTeesCom.

You can get this item at Etsy.

8. Phone case, Amazon

Nana phone cover at Amazon

Any good smart phone needs a phone case, so why not let Nana protect your phone?

This phone case is based on a Cookie magazine cover. According to the website, it’s compatible with a huge list of different iPhone and Galaxy models. Generally speaking, it looks like it ought to fit any phone with a large space at the top for multiple camera lenses.  

You can get this item at Amazon.

9. Nana Blu-ray, Amazon

Nana Blu-ray at Amazon

In the United States, Sentai Filmworks currently has Nana in its library. So, you can get it as a Blu-ray box set. Or, you can watch it on HIDIVE if you have the streaming service. 

The Complete Collection has the advantage of owning a permanent, physical copy of the series. If Sentai loses the license, or if the company takes Nana down from HIDIVE, you still have the Blu-ray.

With this Blu-ray, you can watch it in English, or in Japanese with English subtitles.

You can get this item at Amazon.

10. Nana Osaki shirt, Etsy

Nana Osaki shirt at Etsy

Nana’s red lipstick pops out in this shirt from AnimeHedoro. This shirt is available in a variety of colors, but I think that the black makes for a stark contrast.

You can get this item at Etsy.

Final Nana Note

Searching for anime Nana merch online was an interesting experience, because I discovered stuff for completely unrelated Nanas. These included AKB48 member Nana Okada, voice actress and idol singer Nana Mizuki, Nana from To Love Ru, a nickname for grandmother, and even Nunnally “Nana” Lamperouge from Code Geass.

I only included one cosplay item, because it’s hard to say whether generic punk skirts qualify as “cosplay” or not.

However, once I cleared away the wrong items, I think I found some good ones worth sharing with you.  I hope you enjoyed this list of Nana anime merch.

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