If you’re a fan of Pokemon, why not get a Pikachu shirt? A Pikachu shirt can be a fun addition to any T-shirt collection.

We found 10 cool-looking shirts featuring the yellow, electric mouse Pokemon. 

About Pikachu

Pikachu in episode 1, season 1, at the Pokemon Company's website - Nintendo/ Creatures Inc./ Game Freak Inc.

Since the first game came out in 1996, Pikachu has been an essential part of the Pokemon franchise.

For more than 20 seasons of the anime series, Pikachu has been Ash Ketchum’s primary Pokemon, and constant companion. 

(Like Doctor Who’s companions, Ash’s human partners tend to come and go with the seasons.)    

In real life, Pikachu has been a frequent mascot for Pokemon (and Nintendo in general), appearing on Pikachu hats, pokemon blankets, and all sorts of fun merchandise. He’s also been a playable character in numerous Smash Bros. games.

And yet, surprisingly, Pikachu was not one of the Kanto region/ Generation 1 starter Pokemon in Pokemon Red or Green. (This is one way that the game differs from the anime.) He first becomes a starter in Yellow.

Although Pikachu is one of the more famous Pokemon characters, he is officially #25 in the Pokedex for original Generation 1 mons.

In any case, this feisty, cute, and iconic Pokemon has appeared on a lot of T-shirts.

List of the Best Pikachu Shirts

  1. Men’s – Brushy Graphic, Amazon
  2. Unisex – Pikachu Striped T-shirt, BoxLunch
  3. Women’s – I’m So Sweet, Amazon
  4. Unisex – Pikachu Face, Redbubble
  5. Men’s – Pikachu Katakana Pigment, Amazon
  6. Unisex – Pikachu with Koinobori and Origami Helmet, Etsy
  7. Women’s – Pikachu Lookback Smile, Amazon
  8. Unisex – Pikachu Computer Font, Etsy
  9. Men’s – Outdoors Adventure Forest Landscape, Amazon
  10. Unisex – Angry Pikachu, BoxLunch

Note:  This article contains links to Amazon, BoxLunch, Redbubble, and Etsy.

  • Also, because web addresses sometimes change, or products may go out of stock, all of the links go to search listings, rather than to a specific product.

1. Men’s – Brushy Graphic, Amazon

Pikachu brushy graphic shirt at Amazon

This shirt from the Pokemon Company features a very determined-looking Pikachu. He’s shown against a yellow lightning bolt background. The lightning bolts make it look like he’s charging up, perhaps to fire off some electric attack.

It’s listed as a men’s shirt, but there’s no reason why a woman can’t wear it, too.

You can get this shirt at Amazon.

2. Unisex – Pikachu Striped T-shirt, BoxLunch

Striped shirt with Pikachu at BoxLunch

This colorful Pikachu shirt is a BoxLunch exclusive. It features a happy, smiling, and waving Pikachu, along with Pikachu’s name below. Pikachu is shown on a yellow, brown, and white-striped background.

BoxLunch’s unusual-sounding name is a reference to the company’s policy of helping to feed the hungry. The company partners with Feeding America, a nonprofit organization which provides meals through local food banks. So when you buy a shirt, you’re indirectly helping to solve a huge problem. 

You can get this shirt at BoxLunch.

3. Women’s – I’m So Sweet, Amazon

PIkachu "I'm So Sweet" shirt at Amazon

This cute shirt from Hybrid Apparel (by way of Amazon) shows Pikachu with a variety of sweet stuff — including a donut, strawberries, ice cream (shaped like a Pokeball), cherries, and a popsicle in the shape of Pikachu’s head. There’s also a sliced lemon on the shirt, which I guess is being used to make the pink (lemonade?) drink underneath it.

You can also get this shirt in juniors, and men’s sizes

You can get this shirt at Amazon.

4. Unisex – Pikachu Face, Redbubble

Pikachu face shirt at Redbubble

This shirt by Wolf-Custom at Redbubble features Pikachu’s smiling face. The whole shirt is Pikachu’s face.

Because Redbubble was designed for individual artists to sell their customized creations, you can order this shirt in a wide variety of colors. Personally, I feel like it would miss the point to have Pikachu’s face in a color other than yellow or orange (Shiny Pikachu). And Pikachu’s smile would get lost in darker shades. But that’s entirely up to you. 

You can get this shirt at Redbubble.

5. Men’s – Pikachu Katakana Pigment, Amazon

Pikachu katakana shirt at Amazon

This black-and-white shirt shows a happy, leaping Pikachu against a black background. If you don’t like black, you can get it in other colors as well.

Incidentally, my description doesn’t match Amazon’s official description, which says “kanji.” But if you know anything about the written Japanese language, you should recognize that the shirt says “Pikachu” in katakana, not kanji.

According to Amazon, the shirt is also Climate Pledge Friendly. The website states that this particular shirt meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100. In other words, the shirt doesn’t use harmful chemicals. So you can buy this shirt and feel good about the environment at the same time.

You can buy this shirt at Amazon.

6. Unisex – Pikachu with Koinobori and Origami Helmet , Etsy

Pikachu koinobori shirt at Etsy

With his Pokemon-themed koinobori (carp flags), and origami paper kabuto (helmet), the Pikachu on this shirt is ready to celebrate Children’s Day, a.k.a. Kids Day (Kodomo no Hi). 

Both the flag and the helmet are items associated with this traditional Japanese holiday. You can wear this shirt in May if you want to celebrate the holiday, or any time of the year if you want.

SamartByPrint at Etsy created the shirt, which can be ordered in a lot of different sizes and colors. (Like Redbubble, Etsy caters to individual creators, so many items can be customized.)

You can buy this shirt at Etsy.

7. Women’s – Pikachu Lookback Smile V-neck, Amazon

Pikachu V-neck shirt at Amazon

This V-neck shirt from the Pokemon Company features the electric mouse Pokemon sitting and looking back at the viewer.

Like the Katana shirt (see above), this shirt also meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which makes it Climate Pledge Friendly. These climate pledges are handy if you’re concerned about saving the environment.

The shirt comes in six color choices, so if you don’t like baby blue, you can also get it in pink, red, dark green, heather grey, and sapphire blue.
You can get this shirt at Amazon.

8. Unisex – Pikachu Computer Font, Etsy

Pikachu computer font shirt at Etsy

This shirt by TeePlusClothing at Etsy features a happy Pikachu, with his name and number in a retro-style, pixelated, and “computerized” font. 

As with a lot of items at Etsy, you can get this shirt in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Some color and size combinations will cost more than others.

You can get this shirt at Etsy.

9. Men’s – Outdoors Adventure Forest Landscape, Amazon

Outdoors Adventure Pikachu shirt at Amazon

From Satoshi Tajiri’s bug-catching inspiration for creating the original Pokemon game, to the exploring aspects of Pokemon Go, Pokemon has long been associated with being outdoors.

Perhaps with that thought in mind, this shirt features Pikachu exploring the great outdoors, with a forest of pine trees and rocky peaks behind him.

I took a screenshot of the shirt in grass green. But you can also get other colors, including lemon yellow and silver grey.

If you like to spend time outdoors, you may want to wear this shirt while on your next outdoor adventure.

You can get this shirt at Amazon.

10. Unisex – Angry Pikachu, BoxLunch

Angry Pikachu shirt at BoxLunch

Because people tend to like happy things, most Pikachu shirts feature his happy, smiling face.

But, in the anime series, we do see Pikachu get angry, unhappy, or frustrated at times. And different games have different ways of showing how a Pokemon is feeling, which can affect how the game is played.

This BoxLunch shirt celebrates Pikachu’s angry side.

You can get this shirt at BoxLunch.


These 10 are far from an exhaustive list of every Pikachu shirt ever made. However, we tried to include an interesting variety of shirts.

I hope at least one of these shirts caught your eye.

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