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Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You was released in Japan on July 19th Japan. With all of the hype and news coverage the film has received, it’ll be hard for the film to live up to fan expectations. As seen on previous Tenki No Ko news posts on this blog, I’ve been following the film extensively. Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) quickly became one of my favorite anime films of all time and thus I’ve been anticipating Tenki No Ko since it was announced. Did Makoto Shinkai’s follow up film to Your Name live up to the hype? I’ll let you decide.

WARNING: Obviously, this post will contain Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You spoilers. Please don’t read on if you don’t want to know the story before watching the film.

Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You Special Preview

Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You Full Story Synopsis

Act I

The beginning of the Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You follows the trailers and previews released so far almost verbatim. The story begins with a young girl named Hina Amano in a hospital room holding the hand of a woman who appears to be either sleeping or in a coma. Hina looks out the window at the buildings of Tokyo being drenched by a heavy downpour. In the middle of the rain a small stream of light breaks through the clouds and illuminates a single building.

Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You Full Story Synopsis (spoilers) - hina in the sky

Entranced by this light, Hina leaves the hospital and runs toward it. Just like in the 1-minute preview released a few weeks ago, Hina climbs the stairs and notices a single red torii gate on the roof of the building. She approaches the gate and clasps her hands in prayer. Hina steps through the gate and she is teleported to an unknown realm high in the sky. She flies through the air and sees translucent fish swimming through the air below her.

Next, Hodaka stands on a large ship approaching the shores of Tokyo. He is immediately excited by the sight of Tokyo’s skyscrapers. As if it were an act of god, the weather takes a sharp turn and the boat is shaken by a torrential downpour. The boat sways and Hodaka loses his balance, nearly sliding off of the ship. He is saved by Keisuke, an adult man who has Hodaka buy him dinner and a beer to repay him. Keisuke gives Hodaka his business card when they reach Tokyo and tells him to get in touch.

Hodaka quickly finds himself in over his head in Tokyo when he’s unable to find a job. He takes showers at cheaply-priced manga cafes and eats only instant udon and soup for his meals. The rest of the time he spends wandering the streets of Tokyo aimlessly and looking for alleys to sleep in and escape the rain. After knocking over a trash can, he finds a discarded pistol hidden in the trash. He decides to keep the gun for protection. One day, as he falls asleep in a McDonald’s, a staff member gives him a burger out of pity. That staff member happens to be Hina.

Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You Merchandise

Hodaka decides to give Keisuke a call and heads to his home to talk about a job offer. At the house, Keisuke is nowhere to be found. Instead, Hodaka meets Natsumi, a beautiful woman asleep on the couch. She wakes up and introduces herself as Keisuke’s assistant. Hodaka asks what her relationship is to Keisuke and Natusmi flirtingly winks and says their relationship is exactly what he imagines it to be. Keisuke returns and explains the job offer to Hodaka: an assistant for an occult/supernatural magazine.

In return for room and board, a cellphone, and meager pay, Hodaka becomes Keisuke’s assistant and reporter for all things supernatural. Keisuke gives Hodaka the task of helping them investigate the rumors of someone known as the 100% Sunny Girl who has the power to stop the rain. Hodaka spends his days cleaning the house and office, interviewing people, and writing stories on supernatural occurrences. While the work is hard and the pay is low, Hodaka finally finds himself living a steady life in Tokyo.

Weathering With You Story Act II

One day Hodaka notices Hina being pestered by two sketchy looking men who try to convince her to come do an “easy job” for them. While the job isn’t specified, these type of men often target young women around train stations in Tokyo to work at Kyabakura clubs. At Kyabakura clubs, young women wear skimpy clothing and entertain older men while serving drinks.

Trying to act the hero, Hodaka lodges himself at them and grabs Hina’s hand, telling her to run away. The two men catch up to them and one of the men pins Hodaka to the ground and starts beating him up. Hodaka pulls out the gun and the man eggs him on, confident he won’t pull the trigger. Hodaka fires the gun, but luckily no one is hurt and both men are stunned into silence. Hina grabs Hodaka and the two run away together.

In an abandoned building, Hina scolds Hodaka for firing the gun and acting so carelessly. She tells him that she didn’t need his help. He throws the gun on the floor in frustration. Hina comforts him and tells him that she knows he’s a runaway. She officially introduces herself and takes him to the roof of the building, the same location as the red torii from the beginning of the film. As the rain continues to fall she looks at him and says “Don’t worry, it’s gonna clear up soon.” The sun begins to break through the clouds and Hodaka turns back to Hina, astonished. Hina clasps her hands and closes her eyes in deep concentration and Hodaka realizes that she is the rumored 100% Sunny Girl. She smiles to confirm his suspicion.

Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You Full Story Synopsis (spoilers) - Hina praying

The two become business partners and Hodaka visits Hina’s apartment where he meets her brother. He learns that since the passing of their mother, Hina and her little brother Nagi live alone. Together, they create a website for people to order sunny weather at the price of 3400 yen (around $31 USD). They receive orders immediately and quickly get to work. From requests from young children to orders from large companies, Hina, Hodaka, and Nagi work hard to fulfill every order. During one job for an old woman, they learn about a world above the clouds that used to exist a long time ago. This story alludes back to the very beginning of the film where Hodaka says “On that summer day, above the clouds, we changed the shape of the world.”

Hina even receives news coverage as she works her magic above one of Tokyo’s tallest skyscrapers during a festival. Afterward, Hodaka and Hina watch the fireworks on the roof of the building and Hina thanks Hodaka for helping her and that she really loves being the 100% Sunny Girl.

Weathering With You Story Act III

As Hina’s 18th birthday quickly approaches, Hodaka decides to buy her a ring as a gift. During a day out with Keisuke and his daughter, Hodaka introduces Hina to Keisuke and Natsumi. The two are happy to finally meet the fabled 100% Sunny Girl. After the outing is over, Hodaka walks Hina home and struggles to find the right time to give her the ring. As he summons up the courage to pull the ring out of his pocket, a violent wind blows past him and he braces himself. When he opens his eyes, Hina is floating in the air.

She comes back down to him and Hodaka notices that parts of her hand and arm are as transparent as the rain. Hina tells him that this is part of the burden that comes with being the 100% Sunny Girl. Back at Hina’s apartment, the two of them dry off when police show up looking for Hodaka. Hina tells them she has never seen him, but the police say that Hina and her brother are too young to be living alone. The police say they’ll return some other time with social care workers to have a chat.

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Hodaka meets up with Keisuke who tells him that the police came to his office as well and they were sent by his parents. Keisuke pays him all his owed salary in full and tells him to go home. Back at Hina’s house, Nagi and Hina decide to run away for fear of being taken into foster care homes. Hodaka defiantly exclaims that he too does not want to go home and that the three of them will run away together. During one of Tokyo’s worst typhoons, the three of them hit the streets in search of a hotel to spend the night.

They are approached by concerned police officers who identify Hodaka as the runaway boy they are looking for. Hina inadvertently summons a lightning bolt which causes a parked truck to explode. The police are distracted and Hodaka, Hina, and Nagi are able to get away. They rent one of the few rooms available for a whopping 30,000 yen (around $280 USD).

Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You Full Story Synopsis (spoilers) - Hina Gets Ring

Finally able to relax, they take a bath, raid the mini-fridge, and sing karaoke until Nagi falls asleep. After a roller coaster of a day, Hodaka finally has some alone time with Hina and summons up the courage to give her the ring he bought her. She is happy and loves the gift, but immediately devastates Hodaka with bad news. Hina’s powers come with consequences and those bestowed with her gifts cannot stay in the normal world. If they do, the area will be met with constant rain. She tells Hodaka that she feels her time to go is soon approaching and she can’t control it. She tries to be strong and asks him to look after Nagi, but her composure breaks and the two embrace each other. Hodaka asks her not to leave and they cry together.

The next day, Hodaka wakes up and Hina is nowhere to be found. The police break in to the room and Hodaka and Nagi are taken to the police station.

Weathering With You Story Act IV

Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You Full Story Synopsis (spoilers) - Hina's Ring

On the way to the police station, Hina’s ring drops from the sky onto the ground. Hodaka picks it up and realizes she must have gone to the fabled world above the clouds. At the police station, he begs the detective to let him go to save Hina, but the detective doesn’t believe him. Hodaka learns from the detective that Hina is actually 15-years-old too and she lied about being 18 to try to act more adult in front of him and her little brother. Instead of going quietly, Hodaka runs out of the police station with  numerous officers on his tail. Natsumi comes to his rescue on a motor bike and tells him that Nagi called her.

Hodaka guides her to the building with the red torii gate on the roof. On the way, they reach a dead end where the roads are completely submerged in water from the typhoon. Hodaka continues on foot and runs along the train line to get to the building. He arrives at the building and finds Keisuke there who tries to convince him to return to the police station. Keisuke tells Hodaka not to worry, as he hasn’t committed any serious crimes. As Keisuke drags Hodaka out of the room, he bites him on the arm and pushes himself away.

Hodaka finds the gun he had thrown on the ground from the last time he and Hina were there. He picks it up and points it at Keisuke, refusing to go without finding Hina. The police storm in and restrain Hodaka. Keisuke feels an overwhelming rush of sympathy for Hodaka and fights the police off of him. Nagi also arrives at the building and helps Keisuke fight off the police. Hodaka runs to the roof of the building where he hurriedly jumps through the torii gate.

Immediately, he finds himself above the clouds falling at a great speed. He sees a large cloud with fields of grass above it. He shouts Hina’s name and tries to move toward her. Hina awakens at the sound of his voice and sees him falling. She runs to the edge of the cloud and jumps toward him. The two fall through the sky, desperately trying to reach each other. They finally join hands and pull each other close. Hodaka tells her he doesn’t care about the rain. He doesn’t care if Tokyo is forever plagued by cloudy skies. Hodaka tells her that she is all that matters and that he loves her.

Act V

The police find the two of them asleep under the torii gate. Hina is taken into police custody and Hodaka is sent back to his hometown. He is watched heavily for fear that he may run away again. Over the next three years, Tokyo remains under constant rain and becomes almost completely submerged in water. Some buildings are completely engulfed by the sea and instead of the numerous Tokyo train lines, people are forced to get around by ferry.

In those three years, Hodaka and Hina remain out of contact. However, as soon as Hodaka graduates high school, he moves back to Tokyo to attend university while living on his own. He meets up with Keisuke, whose business has expanded into an office in a Tokyo high-rise with two hired assistants. Hodaka also visits the old woman who hired their weather services all those years ago. She tells him that many centuries ago Tokyo was all ocean, so in a way they are just returning to how things were before.

While walking the same path he and Hina used to walk, he sees a young girl in a high school uniform clasping her hands with her eyes closed. He recognizes Hina and calls out to her with tears in his eyes. She runs to him and the two embrace each other, telling each other everything is going to be okay from now on.

That’s all for the full Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You synopsis. I’ll be posting a Tenki No Ko film review soon as well as a follow up to my Top 3 Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You Story Predictions (with Screenshots).

If you still haven’t seen the film and want to check out some previews, be sure to check out: Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You all Trailers, Commercials, and Preview Videos.

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36 thoughts on “Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You Full Story Synopsis (spoilers)

  1. Where did she get all her powers?
    And why she was able to come back to earth?

    1. Hi Wilson!

      So where exactly she got her powers was not explained. However she went to this mysterious red torii gate on top of an abandoned building, began praying and walked through it. Since then she had her powers.

      During the film there was a long lore explanation about people who had powers to change the weather and there was an allusion to that myth.

      Why was she able to come back to earth? Hodaka goes to the same torii gate and is transported high in the sky, he finds her on a field above a cloud. She jumps out to him and the two join hands. Hodaka convinces her to come back to earth and the two of them fall through the sky. They end up on top of the abandoned building under the red Torii gate.

      Hope that helps answer your questions!

      1. Sora Tachibana says:

        Who’s the woman that is either sleeping or in coma on the first part?

      2. Jacky Tan says:

        @sora thats her mom

  2. Julia Bonfim says:

    Mitsuha and Taki appear in the movie?

    1. That’s kind of a hidden easter egg in the film…but yes they do appear! I was so happy when I saw each of them.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Does this movie have an after credit scenes?

      1. In Japan, we sit through all of the credits (for some reason). Unfortunately, there is no extra scene after the credits 🙁

  3. I just saw the movie and there’s a scene I didn’t understand.

    Remember when there are 2 random boys (from school?) said that there’s a sea-like transparent creature which end up became a ton of water and splashed them out? What does it mean? Since it wasn’t explained later on. I thought it’s some kind of warning that the city will be filled with drought, but I’m not really sure.

    I believe there’s some connection with the transparent rumble fish as well.

    Anyway, thanks for this post!

    1. Jacky Tan says:

      from my speculation, i think its saying that the clouds/above/sky is holding so much more than just what we all know, its way beyond that, the fishes are one of them, because of hina controlling so much of the weather, the sky is not happy with that, i guess?

      1. I agree with Jacky. The whole thing with the cloud in the sky is more than just that cloud, it was said that there was an entire world above the clouds that we don’t know about. These creatures that are seemingly made of water are likely part of that world.

  4. Thanks for the detailed acts! However I still have a question regarding a scene I didn’t understand during the movie.

    Remember there’s this two boys said about a rumor of sea-like transparent creature on the street? They managed to find and somehow touch it and it became a splash of water. What does that mean? Is it some kind of foreshadowing that the city will be in drought? I wasn’t sure if it looks like a whale or a dragon…

    1. Hi Patrick,

      That depends on what you consider a happy ending! This is definitely a happier ending than Garden of Words or 5 Centimeters Per Second at least.

  5. I love what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and exposure! Keep up the very good works guys I’ve you guys to my personal blogroll.

  6. Genuine Query about the cameo’s in this movie/ order of the cameos. I swear there must be more so if anyone found others, can anyone else fill in the blanks?
    – During flea market sunshine scene in the elevator (Saya & Teshi)
    – On train (Okudera)
    – In class (Yotsuha)
    -During cop chase walking on right of the road in business suit (Tsukasa )
    -Tachibana residence (Taki)
    -Gift shop (Mitsuha)
    Additionally, I’m genuinely unsure if the women outside the police station is also Saya again, but if not, she sure looks similar (Also, there’s no reason that camera would pan back to her at the station even after Hodaka and the Detectives/police were already in chase if she wasn’t somehow a character from something)… & I also think one of the adult bully girls is also featured briefly.

    Finally… Does the older detective also look like the dad in Dareka no Manazashi? Made me wonder why he was so focused on Moka’s height chart given the father characters relationship in Dareka no Manazashi with his own daughter.

    I’m pretty perceptive and a huge Shinkai film so this was all I could pick during the first watch-through… but I wasn’t able to find Takagi either, so if anyone else spotted other characters I would love to know! 😉

    1. Whoa! I’m amazed you picked up on all of those in 1 watch-through. You caught more than me my friend! I only noticed Taki, Mitsuha, and Yotsuha when I watched this in the theater. Did you watch the film in Japan?

      1. Haha, thanks! TBH, I second guessed myself with Saya and Teshi cause they were the first cameo (at least the first one that I noticed) that came up in the film, and then realised it must be them cause Okudera & Yotsuha flashed up almost immediately after. Although I did go back and check adult Saya & Teshi’s clothing at the end of Kimi no Na Wa (after I got home) to confirm and it matches so am pretty confident in it.

        I watched it in Australia (the film has only just been released here) and so far I haven’t found anyone who picked up more than Yotsuha, Mitsuha and Taki.
        I do think it was helpful that I didn’t need to read the subtitles (cause I also speak Japanese), so I guess I got to spend more time looking at the film, compared to the rest of the movie-goers in my screening who needed to quickly read the subtitles during the fast-paced cameo scenes (particularly those featuring Saya, Teshi, Okudera, Yotsuha and also Tsukasa). They were very much a “blink and you miss it” kinda thing.

        Given the first cameos I noticed (Saya & Teshi) were reasonably far into the film, I’m pretty confident there are way more that I missed though. Plus there’s no way that Shinkai would include Tsukasa and not Takagi… so he just HAS to be in there somewhere.

        Might try and re-watch it again this weekend and see what else I find.

  7. What did the necklace she was wearing mean and why did it break?

  8. So what happens to the fate of tokyo now? Will the rain just continue on forever without Hina as the human “sacrifice”?

    1. I don’t know if Shinkai meant it as a beginning of the end of the world. However, I believe all of Tokyo at least will be covered in water. In the film, Hodaka visits an old woman who says that hundreds of years ago, Tokyo was all water anyways and they are now just returning to the way things were.

      One of the famous lines in the film is “above the clouds, we changed the shape of the world”. Their decision will likely affect the world, but not end it.

  9. Why does Kei (Mr.Suga? Cries when the detective is somewhat looking at his daughter’s child chart?

    1. I also don’t particularly like this cliche that Shinkai has created “the character who doesn’t realize they’re crying while streams of tears pour from their eyes”.

      However, I think that Kei was at a very emotional time in his life. He was sympathizing with Hodaka, remembering the days he was his age. At the same time, there was that recent encounter with his mother in law who disapproved of him. Now there is a police officer at his house because of his choice to employ a runaway child. The combination of these things could make anyone rethink the choices they’ve made in life.

      1. I thought something backstory with his child and wife when the officer is looking at the height chart. I’m just overthinking in what way his wife dies, and how come he just said that a sacrifice of one life is somewhat okay if it is for the goodness of many (he said this at the bar counter talking with natsumi while smoking)

      2. Yes, but he dont want the rain to return because he cant meet or play with his daughther while it was raining because of her illness. He knows that Hina is a necessary “Sacrifice” for him to be able to play and meet with his daughter. This is why in the final act, he tried to stop Hodaka.

        And the crying part may be representing him regretting that he tried to not to acknowledge the pains that Hodaka felt(Loosing Hina) because he too lose his precious wife, but instead of helping Hodaka who still has the chance to save his lover. He wants the benefit of being to see his daughter instead(Because his daughter illness that she cant play in the rain)

    2. JUN SAITO says:

      My favorite assumption is that Kei’s wife Asuka was disappeared as same as Hina in order to keep Tokyo’s climate for previous few years as a shrine maiden. Kei often touches his twin rings and these are his one and Asuka’s one. He might pick her ring from sky and give up to bring her back. The assumption explains well (1)why he upset so much to hear Natsumi tells Hina the truth of a shrine maiden (2)why he was abandoned building faster than anyone (3) who does offer new cucumber and eggplant at abandoned building shrine. In this movie, Kei is represent of adult and represent of people who “give up” . Asuka’s death was made ambiguous even in Japanese novel “Tenki no ko”. so he is another world line of Hodaka’s another decision. Because Kei is same as Hodaka, he is crying to long to see his wife.

      1. Wow! I had never heard that interpretation before. Thinking about it like that actually gave me goosebumps. That gives so much more power to Kei’s character. Thanks for sharing!

  10. so at the end of the grand escape music video the last scene is hodoka putting the ring on hina’s finger again after 3 years.

    did i miss that scene in the theatre or did they not add it?

    1. I watched the film in theaters in Japan twice and I don’t recall that scene at all (I’m 99% sure I would if it were there). So I don’t think they added that into the theatrical film release

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