Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You (aka Weather Child) releases in Japan this July 19th. From Makoto Shinkai, the acclaimed writer and director of Your NameTenki No Ko: Weathering With You is poised to make waves in the anime community.

Previously, I covered the Top 3 Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You Story Predictions and the Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You Opening Scene video w/English subtitles. With numerous trailers and previous released in Japan, I thought it’d be a good idea to compile everything that’s been revealed so far for fans outside of Japan. The videos on this list consist of all the trailers, previews, and collaboration commercials that have been released.

All of the videos will include the English subtitles beneath them for the dialogue spoken by Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You characters.

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5. Soft Bank Commercial

This was a commercial done for one of the largest mobile providers in Japan, Soft Bank. This campaign is for a. unlimited data plan.The company has done interesting marketing campaigns in the past, such as using Justin Beiber as their poster boy.

In this ad, Hodaka watches a clip from Shinkai’s past film, Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name). Hina peeks at his phone and asks him what he’s watching. Then an animated version of the famous dog used in many Soft Bank commercials makes a surprise appearance.

English Subtitles:

Hina: Who’s that. Oh so this is the kind of girl you like?

Hodaka: No it isn’t. You’re misunderstanding.

Hina: Let me see!

Dog: Ahh it’s nice to be young, isn’t it?

4. Misawa, Coolish, Baitoru, and Suntory Commercials

Misawa Homes

Misawa Homes is a construction and real estate company in Japan with numerous other holdings. 

English Subtitles:

Hodaka: People have strange hearts. 

When it rains, everyone feels down.

Somehow a blue sky makes everyone feel happy.

The sun she brings changes the face of the city.

You and me will brighten everyone’s hearts, so let’s keep living in this city. 

Prepare. Protect. Support. Misawa Homes 


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Coolish is a peculiar, yet cheap and delicious ice cream treat sold at most convenience stores and supermarkets throughout Japan. A mixture of shaved ice and ice cream, Coolish is sold for around 130 yen (1.10 USD) and comes in a variety of flavours. 

English Subtitles:

Hina: Hey, it’ll be sunny from now on!

Hodaka: In the summer, after the rain stops. We will run together. 

Hina & Hodaka: Lotte. Coolish. 


Baito means part-time job in Japanese. Baitoru is a recruitment company that helps people find part-time or casual job opportunities in Japan. They take both Japanese and foreign applicants. 

English Subtitles:

Hina: No one will know at first which way they should go.

Hodaka: So if you jump into the unknown world.

Hina: Surely, you’ll see a side of yourself you didn’t know. 

Hodaka: Let’s begin with a part-time job.


Suntory is one of the biggest drink companies in Japan that produces and distributes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

English Subtitles:

Hina: The future will also be sunny. 


3. First Trailer

English Subtitles:

Hodaka: This is the story of the world’s secret that only she and I know. 

Hina: That day we changed the shape of the world forever. 


2. Second Trailer

I covered this trailer and it’s subtitles in a previous article which includes an in-depth analysis and story predictions.

1. Third / Special Trailer

This is a recently released special trailer that combines clips from all of Makoto Shinkai’s past works followed by the opening scene revealed during the special Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) broadcast.

Following that scene, we are shown Hodaka living in a manga cafe which is one of the cheapest places to stay over night. Many of them can cost around 2000 yen (18 USD) a night. The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger sits on his table. Next, we are shown his journal of living expenses. After that, the scene of Hina revealing her powers to Hodaka is shown and we are shown the cast of main characters through quick snapshot scenes. \

The subtitles below are just for the Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You portion of the video starting at 1:50.

English Subtitles:

Hodaka: This is the story about the world’s secret that only she and I know.

Hodaka: Instinctively and wishing so strongly, she passes through the gate.

Hina: Fish!

Hodaka: That scene. What I saw on that day, now it feels like just a dream. But it wasn’t a dream.

Hodaka: In that summer, above that sky, we changed the shape of the world.

Hodaka: I guess it’s time to save money, huh.

Hodaka: I definitely don’t want to go home.

Hina: You ran away from home, didn’t you? I can easily tell.

Hina: Hey, it’ll clear up soon. 

Hodaka: Hey, what do you mean by that?

Hodaka: …Sunny girl!?

Keisuke: Okay then. I’ll hire you, boy. This is your job. This is an offer from a prestigious magazine.

Natsumi: Me and Kei’s relationship? It’s exactly what you think it is. 

Nagisa: Hodaka, you like my sister, don’t you?

Yasui (old man/detective): So it’s a high school kid, huh? 

Takai (young detective): Could you tell me about this boy?

Tomi (old lady): Above the sky, there is a separate world from long ago. 

Hodaka: I wanted to escape from this place. I wanted to enter that light. I was running desperately. Then, at the end you were there. 

Hina: Hodaka, do you want this rain to stop?

Hodaka: If there’s a God, please let us stay like this forever. 

Unknown: You gotta grow up, boy.

Hodaka: I want to see that person just one more time 

What’s your favorite Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You video? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out: Top 3 Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You Story Predictions and the Tenki No Ko: Weathering With You Opening Scene video w/English subtitles.


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