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5 Steps to Unlock Studio Ghibli Anime on Netflix

While Netflix can sometimes track whether or not you’re using a VPN, there are ways to get around this and access the anime titles you want to watch so badly. Here, we’ll outline how to unlock the Studio Ghibli films on Netflix from anywhere in the world, but this process works for any anime titles

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How to Watch Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa) on Netflix from the US

Your Name on Netflix

Makoto Shinkai fans across the world will rejoice to know that Netflix has added Shinkai’s blockbuster hit, Your Name, to their library However, the problem is if you live in the United States, you won’t see Kimi No Na Wa in your library. Why? Because certain titles are geo-locked and unfortunately Netflix doesn’t have the

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How to Watch Studio Ghibli Films on Netflix from Anywhere in the World

Studio Ghibli Film Spirited Away poster with Netflix Logo in the background

Any diehard anime fan will have surely heard of the great Hayao Miyazaki and the acclaimed Studio Ghibli. From Totoro and Spirited Away to Princess Mononoke and Whisper of the Heart, Miyazaki and Ghibli helped make anime mainstream all over the world. With timeless tales of fantasy, war, romance, and coming-of-age stories, there is a

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