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Violet Evergarden Full Series Review — The Girl With the Metal Hands

The Girl With the Metal Hands – A Violet Evergarden Review In the past, I reviewed A Silent Voice both because I loved that anime and because I’d like to support Kyoto Animation in light of the tragic attack in 2019 where many staff lost their lives. I’ll be covering my favorite titles by the

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The Town That Was Washed Away: 8 Years After The Great Tohoku Earthquake (a photo essay)

In the North-Eastern part of Honshu (Japan’s largest main island) lies Miyagi, a prefecture that was devastated by the Great Tohoku Earthquake of March, 2011.  March 11th, 2011 2:46 pm JST I was in the office. In the afternoon, the earthquake hit us and it was the strongest I’d ever felt in my life. We

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