Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- is an isekai title that managed to gain worldwide popularity thanks to its unique and twisted take on the genre. While the first season got released all the way back in 2016, we didn’t really see a proper sequel until 2020. Overall, the series has two different seasons, and it is revered by many as the king of all isekai anime. In this Re:Zero review, I’ll be giving you guys my honest opinion regarding both seasons.

While I won’t be spoiling any major events of the story, there will be some minor spoilers in this Re:Zero review.

Table of Contents

  1. Plot
  2. Story Progression
  3. Characters
  4. Art & Animation
  5. OSTs
  6. Voice Acting



Re:Zero starts off like any other isekai anime. One day, while walking out of a convenience store, Subaru Natsuki suddenly gets transported into another world. At first, Subaru feels pretty happy and just goes around exploring this new world. However, pretty soon, our protagonist realizes that this fantasy world is actually pretty brutal and scary.

While Subaru also has a special ability, it is less of an ability and more of a curse. Subaru is able to go back in time whenever he dies. This means that he is essentially immortal, but it also means that he has to face the pain accompanied with death again and again. The worst part about Subaru’s return by death ability is that he can’t talk to anyone about his ability.

The plot of Re:Zero actually sounds pretty interesting, and thankfully, the show manages to portray it in a very beautiful and gripping manner. What I really love about this show is that it doesn’t really take us straight to the “good part.” Just like Subaru, we always have to sit through the same scenario again and again and see him fail countless times. This gives us a better idea of just how painful this poor boy’s life is.

Re:Zero Story Progression

The story progression of Re:Zero is just perfect! While the pacing of the show is a little slower in the first season, which can make it seem unappealing to some, the second season makes the story many times more interesting.

Season 1Re:zero season 1

Season 1 starts off in the best way possible as it quickly introduces us to some of the main characters in the story and Subaru’s strange ability. While dying is treated as a pretty light-hearted thing in the start, having to go through the same thing again and again really takes a toll on Subaru. The first season takes its time as it introduces us to all the main characters in the story and this strange fantasy world. Subaru’s strange ability helps him survive the horrors of this world, and he ends up making a lot of close friends along the way.

Season 2Re:zero season 2

In my personal opinion, season 2 is better and more interesting than the first season of Re:Zero as it finally introduces us to the famed witches of this world that are feared by all. This season also answers many questions regarding Subaru’s ability and the world itself. While season 1 already seemed like the most brutal and gory isekai experience, the first part of season 2 makes us really wish that all of this suffering would just end.



Subaru Natsuki is our main character in the series, and while he does seem pretty uninteresting at first, his determination is something we just can’t help but adore. While Subaru just wants to lead a simple and happy life with his loved ones, the world around him just can’t seem to let him rest.



Emilia is Subaru’s main love interest and a very adorable character. For some strange reason, she looks exactly like the Witch of Envy. Emilia has a strong sense of justice, and she wants to use her power and authority to help all those around her that need help.


rem from re:zero review

Rem is considered to be the best girl in the show by many. She works as a maid at Roswaal’s mansion and ends up falling in love with Subaru. Rem is very loyal, and she will do anything to protect those dear to her.

Re:Zero Art Style & Animation Review

In terms of art and animation, Re:Zero is actually pretty similar to many other mainstream isekai anime out there. Both of these aspects of the show have been handled pretty decently, but they don’t really add any uniqueness to the series. The animation of Re:Zero has been handled by studio White Fox, and the talented animators have definitely not left any room for complaint.


The OSTs of Re:Zero are also perfect and properly set up the dark and complex tone of the show. While the opening themes are also great, personally, I seriously loved the ending themes for both the first and second seasons as they brilliantly capture the feel of the story. The other OSTs played throughout the show are also awesome and manage to get us really invested in the different scenes.

Voice Acting

While I prefer the Japanese version of Re:Zero, both the English and Japanese versions of this show have pretty decent voice acting.

I’d personally recommend that you should watch this show in Japanese as Yuusuke Kobayashi really manages to nail his part as Subaru and makes us truly understand just how painful everything is for him. Other voice actors include Rie Takahashi, Inori Minase, Maaya Sakamoto, etc., and they have also handled their roles perfectly.


While Re:Zero is definitely one of the best isekai anime out there that show us what this genre is truly capable of, I still wouldn’t call it the king of all isekai anime as its pacing can seem a bit weird at times. Overall, this anime is a definite must-watch for every single anime fan, even if they don’t usually watch isekai anime.

Re:Zero Review – Final Verdict

At the end of my Re:Zero review, I’d like to give this series a rating of 9/10. The first part of season 2 is my personal favorite part of the entire story as it has perfect pacing and answers a lot of our questions.

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