If you want to know where to watch Detective Conan online, there’s no great mystery to solve. You can watch it in a lot of places.

The real trick is knowing which streaming services have which episodes. Unfortunately, some Detective Conan (a.k.a. Case Closed) episodes are easier to find than others.

However, we can help you uncover the truth about this detective anime series.

Detective Conan (Case Closed) Basics

First episode of Detective Conan at Crunchyroll - Gosho Aoyama/ Shogakukan/ Yomiuri TV/ TMS

Detective Conan is a shonen mystery anime series. At the beginning of the series, teen genius detective Shinichi Kudo is poisoned by a mysterious crime syndicate. Kudo survives, but he turns into a little kid.

Using the pseudonym Conan Edogawa, the boy detective continues to investigate crimes, while also trying to bring his enemies to justice.


Detective Conan at Crunchyroll - Gosho Aoyama/ Shogakukan/ Yomiuri TV/ TMS

Gosho Aoyama started the Detective Conan manga in 1994. As of February 2023, the series is still running in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine.

The anime series started in 1996. They have made more than 1,000 episodes, divided into 31 seasons. Detective Conan also has more than 25 films, and numerous OVAs.

The series has frequent crossovers with Aoyama’s other big series, Magic Kaito (featuring the phantom thief Kaito Kid). Conan has also met Lupin III.

List of Places to Watch Detective Conan Online

  1. Netflix
  2. Crunchyroll
  3. Amazon Prime Video
  4. Apple TV
  5. Tubi

Note: These places are legal, licensed websites. There are no pirate sites here.

Where to Watch Detective Conan Online

1. Netflix

Zero's Tea Time (Detective Conan spin-off) on Netflix

If you’re in Japan, you can watch the first 173 episodes of Detective Conan on Netflix. The episodes are in Japanese with no translation.

In the United States, Netflix has a couple of Netflix-original Detective Conan spin-off series.The 2022 spin-off Cased Closed: Zero’s Tea Time features side character Rei Furuya, a.k.a. Toru Amuro. Case Closed: The Culprit Hanzawa is also a spin-off to Detective Conan.

How to Watch Detective Conan on Netflix Anywhere in the World

This method works on both desktop PCs and mobile phones or tablets.

  1. Purchase (or start a free trial) of a VPN. I can confirm that NordVPN works for this purpose.
  2. In the settings, choose Japan as your location.
  3. Fire up the VPN and wait for it to do its magic
  4. Once you’re connected, navigate to Netflix (browser or app)
  5. Search “Detective Conan” in the Netflix search bar and you should see the anime pop up

NordVPN banner (Nord VPN)

Enjoy! Please note that if your Netflix library doesn’t update to reflect the country you selected in your VPN, you may have to clear the Netflix cache first and try again.

To do this on mobile, go to settings -> apps -> Netflix -> clear cache. To do this on PC, you have to clear the cache in your web browser.

I’ve had no trouble using this method and I still use NordVPN to watch anime from various Netflix country libraries daily.


  • A huge selection of anime and non-anime content
  • Spin-offs only available at Netflix
  • U.S. Netflix has tons of language options


  • Only 173 episodes in Japan
  • Limited language options in Japan
  • Only spin-offs available in U.S.

Language options: Japanese in Japan.  U.S. (spin-offs only): Dubbed in Japanese, English, French, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, European Spanish, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Thai, and Turkish.

Subtitles in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, European Spanish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

Price: Basic with ads, $6.99/ month. Basic: $9.99/ month. Standard: $15.49/ month. Premium: $19.99.

Watch Detective Conan on Netflix.

2. Crunchyroll

Detective Conan/ Case Closed at Crunchyroll

In the U.S., Crunchyroll has more than 440 episodes divided into two “seasons.” The first half begins with The Roller Coaster Murder Case, which introduces Shinichi Kudo as a teen before he gets de-aged. (He gets poisoned at the end of the episode.)

Crunchyroll’s “Season 1” ends with episode 123, The Weather Lady Abduction Case.  “Season 4” starts with episode 754, The Tragedy of the Red Woman (Steam).

Crunchyroll updates regularly with new episodes, which are simulcast when they broadcast in Japan.

If you are having geo-locking issues on Crunchyroll outside of the U.S., check out this article.


  • A large library of current and classic anime
  • Simulcast episodes still updating


  • May be geo-locked in some regions

Language options: Early episodes: Japanese with English, European and Latin American Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Arabic subtitles. Later episodes: Japanese with English subtitles.

Price: You can watch some anime for free without an account, but you will have to deal with ads. Fan level: $7.99/ month. Mega Fan: $9.99/ month. Ultimate Fan: $14.99/ month. A free-trial period is also available.

Watch Detective Conan at Crunchyroll.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Detective Conan at Amazon Prime

In the U.S., Amazon Prime Video has 123 free episodes of Detective Conan — with ads.

These episodes cover The Roller Coaster Murder Case to The Weather Lady Abduction Case.

Amazon Prime Video in Japan has 25 seasons of the series. It currently ends with episode 992, Murder at the Townhouse Cafe. However, these episodes are not translated.


  • Amazon Japan has a huge selection of episodes
  • Free on U.S. Amazon (you need an account)


  • No translation in Japan
  • Unavoidable ads with U.S. version

Language options: Japanese only in Japan; Japanese with English subtitles in U.S.

Price: In U.S.: Free with basic account. In Japan: Between 110 and 220 yen to rent, depending upon the episode. Free with an Amazon Japan Prime account.

Watch Detective Conan on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Apple TV

Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire at Apple TV

Apple doesn’t have any Detective Conan episodes, but you can find several movies for rent, or to buy:


  • A good selection of shows and movies
  • The movies are good and entertaining
  • If you’re a fan of Kaito Kid, he appears in some of these


  • Anime movies are often not canon
  • Renting or buying, rather than streaming

Languages: Japanese with English subtitles, or English dubbed

Price: $3.99 to rent, $14.99 to buy

Watch Detective Conan movies at Apple TV.

5. Tubi

Dubbed Case Closed episodes (Detective Conan) at Tubi

Tubi has episodes 965 through 974. The episodes are dubbed, but they’re free. Amusingly, episode 965 was the first episode aired in 2020, so Conan starts by wishing viewers a Happy New Year.


  • Free without an account


  • Ads, although your ad blocker might help

Language options: English dubbed

Price: Free

Watch Detective Conan on Tubi.

Final Note

Detective Conan at Crunchyroll - Gosho Aoyama/ Shogakukan/ Yomiuri TV/ TMS

Detective Conan is a fun series. It’s especially enjoyable if you like murder mystery and detective stories. I hope this article encourages you to watch more of Detective Conan online.

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