If you’re looking for a nice and interesting science-fiction romantic comedy anime series, you may want to watch A Galaxy Next Door online.

We can show you where to find this series. This article will also explain how you can use a good VPN, such as NordVPN, to watch this, and other series.

About the Series

A Galaxy Next Door at Crunchyroll - Gido Amagakure/ Kodansha/ A Galaxy Next Door Production Committee

A Galaxy Next Door (a.k.a. Otonari ni Ginga) follows a long, romantic comedy anime tradition of alien girls falling in love. 

However, this seinen series is more serious and realistic than the wacky high school hijinks of Urusei Yatsura. There’s no love triangle or harem, as in Tenchi Muyo! It also contains a lot less fanservice than To Love Ru

Instead, A Galaxy Next Door is a sweet, low-key romance series which happens to have a science-fiction backstory.

At the beginning of the series, hard-working manga artist Ichiro has to take care of his two younger siblings. Their parents are gone, leaving the eldest brother as the only responsible adult. 

Shiori starts out as just his manga assistant. But Ichiro soon learns her secret — she’s a princess from a mysterious island with extraterrestrial origins.

Somehow, the two become linked in a way which requires them to be physically close.  Naturally, they soon build a relationship.

Series History

Gido Amagakure created the manga series in 2020. In April 2023, it was adapted into an anime series. 

Amagakure is also the creator of the slice of life/ cooking series Sweetness and Lightning.

Platforms Streaming A Galaxy Next Door

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. MeWatch
  3. Ani-One Asia (YouTube)
  4. Amazon Prime Video
  5. Abema

Note: These are all licensed and legal places to watch anime. You will find no pirates here.

Where to Watch A Galaxy Next Door Online

1. Crunchyroll

A Galaxy Next Door at Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll has the license for A Galaxy Next Door in a lot of international places, including the United States. However, you may run into geo-locking trouble on Crunchyroll in some areas.

If that happens, you may need a VPN to watch this series on Crunchyroll. Here’s how:

How to Watch A Galaxy Next Door on Crunchyroll if The App Isn’t Available in your Country

As of this article, A Galaxy Next Door is available on Crunchyroll in the United States. However, if A Galaxy Next Door is geo-locked in your area, a VPN can help.

The following method works on both desktop PCs and mobile phones or tablets:

  1. Purchase (or start a free trial) of a VPN. NordVPN works.
  2. In the settings, choose U.S. as your location.
  3. Fire up the VPN and wait.
  4. Once you’re connected, navigate to Crunchyroll (browser or app).
  5. Search “A Galaxy Next Door” in Crunchyroll and you should see A Galaxy Next Door pop up.

NordVPN banner (Nord VPN)

Enjoy! Please note that if Crunchyroll doesn’t update to reflect the country you selected in your VPN, you may have to clear the Crunchyroll cache and try again.

To do this on mobile, go to settings -> apps -> Crunchyroll -> clear cache. To do this on PC, you have to clear the cache in your browser.


  • A large library of anime hits, both recent and classic
  • Good language options 


  • May be geo-locked in your area

Languages: Audio: Japanese, English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese. Subtitles: English, German, Latin American Spanish, European Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, and Hindi.

Price: Free, limited viewing is possible for some shows. $7.99 for “fan” level; $9.99 for “mega fan”; and $14.99 for “ultimate fan.”

Watch A Galaxy Next Door at Crunchyroll.

2. MeWatch 

A Galaxy Next Door at MeWatch

Singapore-based video-on-demand service MeWatch has A Galaxy Net Door. MeWatch is part of Mediacorp, a state-owned media company in Singapore.

The episodes are available for free. But you will need to either be in Singapore, or use a VPN (similar to the Crunchyroll example above) to watch them.

You don’t need an account to watch A Galaxy Next Door.


  • Free episodes
  • A lot of content, although some shows are aimed at Southeast Asian audiences


  • Some content requires a subscription

Languages: Japanese with subtitles in English and Chinese

Price: Free (for this series)

Watch A Galaxy Next Door at MeWatch.

3. Ani-One Asia (YouTube)

A Galaxy Next Door at Ani-One Asia (on YouTube)

If you are in Taiwan, or if you have a good VPN, you can watch A Galaxy Next Door at Ani-One Asia on YouTube Taiwan. The episodes are free.  The translations are a little awkward, but not bad.

Ani-One Asia is part of Medialink, a Hong Kong-based legal distributor and licensor of anime.


  • Free episodes


  • Awkward translation

Languages:  Japanese with English subtitles

Price: Free

Watch A Galaxy Next Door online at Ani-One Asia (YouTube).

4. Amazon Prime Video

A Galaxy Next Door at Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has two versions of the series, which are listed on two separate webpages. Make sure you have the right one you want before buying. 

You can find the Original Japanese Version (in Japanese, with English subtitles) here.

Of, if you prefer dubbed, you can find the Simuldub here.


  • A good selection and anime and non-anime content


  • You are buying, rather than getting a subscription, or renting
  • Subtitles and dubbed versions are sold separately

Languages: Japanese with English subtitles, or English dubbed,

Price: SD episodes, $1.99. HD episodes, $2.99. SD full season, $18.99. HD full season, $23.99.

Watch A Galaxy Next Door online at Amazon Prime Video. 

5. Abema

A Galaxy Next Door at Abema

Japanese streaming service Abema has the series. The first episode is available for free (in Japan, or with a VPN).

To watch the rest, you will need Abema’s Premium subscription, and PayPal is not a payment option. In any case, the episodes come with no English translation.


  • One free episode


  • No translation
  • Subscriptions would appear to require a Japanese form of payment

Languages: Japanese

Price: First episode free. Abema Premium offers a two-week trial period, then 960 yen/ month. 

Watch A Galaxy Next Door at Abema.

Conclusion: What About Netflix?

A Galaxy Next Door at Crunchyroll - Gido Amagakure/ Kodansha/ A Galaxy Next Door Production Committee

When I wrote this story, I used my VPN to search for the series at Netflix in the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Thailand. (In my experience, Southeast Asia is a good place to search for Netflix anime licenses.)

Unfortunately, not every anime series is going to be available at Netflix.

However, even without Netflix, one of these alternatives should be a good enough choice to watch the series, no matter where you are. 


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