If you want to know where to watch the Higehiro anime series online, we can help.

This article will also demonstrate how to use a good VPN, such as NordVPN, to watch this and other anime.

However, be warned. While this is a good series with a positive message, it can also be hard to watch. There are some heartbreaking scenes, and some tragic circumstances behind it all. 

About the Series

HIgehiro at Crunchyroll - Shimesaba/ Kadokawa/ Higehiro Production Committee

Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway is a surprisingly clean and wholesome series with a somewhat misleading title. The series deals with a salaryman and a high school girl, and that’s often a dangerous combination in anime. 

However, Higehiro is not that sort of romance story, and it doesn’t venture into sex. (Admittedly, it can’t avoid talking about the awkward topic.)

Instead, we get the heartwarming tale of Yoshida, who goes out of his way to help a teenage runaway, Sayu. 

It seems that Sayu has been on the run for a while. With no place to call home, she has been sleeping around.

Much to Sayu’s surprise, Yoshida isn’t interested in her in that way. Instead, he acts more like a concerned father as he tries to keep her safe. Eventually, something resembling a family develops. When we do meet Sayu’s actual mother, it’s obvious that her new “family” is more supportive and caring than the mother is.

While we won’t spoil the ending, the final episode of season 1 doesn’t leave much room for a second season. 

Series History

HIgehiro at Crunchyroll - Shimesaba/ Kadokawa/ Higehiro Production Committee

Higehiro started out as a 2017-2018 light novel series by Shimesaba. The story was adapted as a manga, before being made into an anime series. Season 1 ran in 2021.

The English language title (which Crunchyroll uses) is a pretty close translation of the original Japanese title, Hige o Soru Soshite Joshi Kosei o Hirou, or I Shaved the Beard, Then Picked Up a High School Girl

List of Places to Watch Higehiro Online

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Muse Asia
  3. Roku
  4. Amazon Japan
  5. Blu-ray and DVD options

Note: These are all legal, licensed places to watch. You will find no pirates here.

Where to Watch Higehiro Online

1. Crunchyroll

Higehiro at Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll has the series.  For some odd reason, the streaming site calls this “season 2,” but there has never been more than one season of this series.

If you’re having trouble with Crunchyroll, we have some tips.

How to Watch Higehiro on Crunchyroll if The App Isn’t Available in your Country

As of this article, Higehiro is available on Crunchyroll in the United States. However, if Higehiro is geo-locked in your area, a VPN can help.

The following method works on both desktop PCs and mobile phones or tablets:

  1. Purchase (or start a free trial) of a VPN. NordVPN works.
  2. In the settings, choose U.S. as your location.
  3. Fire up the VPN and wait.
  4. Once you’re connected, navigate to Crunchyroll (browser or app).
  5. Search “Higehiro” in Crunchyroll and you should see Higehiro pop up.

NordVPN banner (Nord VPN)

Enjoy! Please note that if Crunchyroll doesn’t update to reflect the country you selected in your VPN, you may have to clear the Crunchyroll cache and try again.

To do this on mobile, go to settings -> apps -> Crunchyroll -> clear cache. To do this on PC, you have to clear the cache in your browser.


  • A huge library of recent and classic anime
  • Good language options


  • Geo-locked in some regions

Languages: Audio: Japanese or English; Subtitles: English, German, Latin American Spanish, European Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian.

Price: Free, limited viewing is possible for some shows. $7.99 for “fan” level; $9.99 for “mega fan”; and $14.99 for “ultimate fan.”

Watch Higehiro online at Crunchyroll.

2. Muse Asia (YouTube)

Higehiro at Muse Asia

Streaming service Muse Asia has the series on a playlist at its YouTube (Singapore) channel. Muse Asia is part of Muse Communication, a Taiwanese company that licenses and distributes anime.

To watch Muse Asia’s English-subtitled version at YouTube, you will need to either be in Singapore, or have a VPN set to Singapore.

If you want to binge-watch the first season, Muse Asia also has a five-hour version.


  • Free episodes
  • A good selection of anime content


  • Geo-locked

Language: Japanese with English subtitles.

Price: Free

Watch Higehiro at Muse Asia on YouTube.

3. Roku

Roku devices at the Roku website

If you like to watch anime on TV, instead of on your computer, you may want to get a Roku device. 

Roku has a Crunchyroll app, which you can use to watch any anime in Crunchyroll’s vast library. Of course, you will still need a Crunchyroll subscription. 

In addition to Crunchyroll, Roku is compatible with a lot of different streaming services. 

Roku also has the Roku Channel, which includes some free content.


  • Useful for getting anime on TV
  • Free content on Roku Channel


  • Not compatible with VPNs
  • Still need a subscription for many streaming services

Langauges: Same as Crunchyroll

Price: From $24.99 and up.

Buy a Roku Device to Watch Higehiro.

4. Amazon Japan

HIgehiro at Amazon Japan

If you’re in Japan, or if you have a good VPN set to Japan, you can find several streaming choices for Higehiro. These choices are listed at Higehiro’s official website.

These choices are typically in Japanese only. Some will accept PayPal as an alternative to Japanese payment methods. Some, such as Amazon Japan, or Rakuten TV, will offer one free episode.

If you have Amazon Prime Japan, you can also buy the dAnime Store bundle


  • Free episode


  • Japanese only

Language: Japan

Price: First episode free.  Rental: 220 yen per episode. Prime, 600 yen/ month after 30-day free trial;  dAnime Store for Prime, 550 yen/ month after 30-day free trial.

Watch Higehiro at Amazon Japan.

5. Blu-ray or DVD options

Higehiro Blu-ray at Amazon (Crunchyroll edition with German subtitles)

Finding a Higehiro Blu-ray or DVD proved to be difficult.  For example, Amazon (U.S.) had a Crunchyroll Higehiro Blu-ray produced for Europe, with German subtitles. 

Amazon Japan has both Japanese and German Blu-ray discs.

Since Crunchyroll published a German edition, an English version may be available in the future. I also found a Malaysian DVD version with Chinese and Japanese subtitles, but I don’t trust  the quality or legitimacy. Caveat Emptor.

When buying a Blu-ray or DVD, always check the region codes for geo-locking. Not all discs can be played in all regions.


  • Permanent copy


  • Limited language choices
  • Regional restrictions

Language: Japanese with German subtitles, or just Japanese.

Price: Varies.

Buy Higehiro Blu-ray at Amazon.

Conclusion: What About Netflix?

HIgehiro at Crunchyroll - Shimesaba/ Kadokawa/ Higehiro Production Committee

I checked Netflix in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan with no luck.

However, even without Netflix, at least one of these choices should be the right one for you to watch Higehiro wherever you are.

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