Loot boxes and loot crates have soared in popularity. Be it monthly boxes of video game merch for hardcore gamers, or a monthly care package of treats for your dog, there seems to be a loot box out there for everyone. And for Japanophiles, there are many options as well.

From anime merch to gaming merch, Japanese pop culture lovers have their fair share to choose from. However, if you’re shopping for someone with pickier tastes, merch boxes can be hit or miss. A much safer option is a Japanese food or Japanese snack loot box, and courtesy of TokyoTreat, Japan Bound had the opportunity to taste test one of the best ones out there! 

Let’s take a look at what the TokyoTreat box has to offer, and why it might be the perfect present for any occasion.


Quality Packaging, Quality Service

While all that really matters is what’s in the box, the packaging can tell you a lot about a company. A company that puts things together haphazardly shows carelessness and could also reflect poor quality items within the boxes themselves. While you shouldn’t judge a box by its cover, the cover does matter. Presentation matters.

tokyotreat packaging

Luckily for us, TokyoTreat put a lot of effort not only into the design, but also the quality of their sturdy box. Rest assured, this box can take a beating or two and even if your delivery person is rough with it, the goods within will likely be protected by the strong exterior.


Small Details Make a Big Impact

As soon as you open the box, you’re greeted by the box’s menu or snack guide. Having lived in Japan for 4 years, I knew most of the snacks inside this box, but there were a few even I hadn’t seen before. 

This small brochure/pamphlet includes pictures and descriptions of every item in the box. Not only does it describe the item in English, but also its ingredients and, sometimes, even where it came from.

So if you’re buying this box as a gift for someone else who isn’t that familiar with Japan, they’ll be able to understand exactly what each snack is without any issue.



Although I may have ok-boomer’d myself with that reference, there really is some amazing stuff in the TokyoTreat loot box.

Tokyotreat box november

From savory region-exclusive potato chips to Japan-exclusive Kit Kat, there is a little something for everyone here. In this Fall edition of TokyoTreat, the following items were included:

  • Fanta Peach
  • KitKat Mont Blanc Limited Edition Flavor
  • Koala’s March Butter & White Chocolate
  • Umaibo Cinnamon Apple Pie
  • Strawberry Ice Cream DIY Candy Kit
  • Pocky Heartful Blueberry Limited Edition
  • Karamucho Kumamoto Chili Tomato
  • Crunky x Demon Slayer Collab Choco
  • Onion Taro
  • DonDon Yaki
  • Constellation Chocolate Cookie
  • Umaibo Choco
  • Sour Paper Candy Grape
  • Porickey German Potato
  • Yakisoba Shop Taro
  • Texas Corn Okonomiyaki Flavor
  • Sparrow Egg Crackers 


Best Items in the Box

Personally, I believe the biggest value in this month’s TokyoTreat box were the items you can’t easily get outside of Japan. These items would be the limited edition Pocky and KitKat, as well as the Chili Tomato Chips from Kumamoto. While the items themselves won’t cost you an arm and a leg on their own, this unique collection of snacks, both savory and sweet, from a variety of brands can’t really be found anywhere else. 

To have something like this sent to you every month would be a blessing to anyone both living in Japan and those overseas.


  1. $31.50/month for 12 months (USD)
  2. $32.00/month for 6 months (USD)
  3. $33.50/month for 3 months (USD)
  4. $35.00/month (USD) 1-off pricing


Who is TokyoTreat for?

Japanese snack boxes like TokyoTreat are perfect for people living overseas who are hungry for a taste of the savory and sweet treats that Japan has to offer. If you used to live in Japan, and miss it, this is the perfect box to give you a taste of nostalgia once a month. 

If you have friends and family who love anime or Japanese culture, TokyoTreat is the perfect gift box for any occasion. 

For those of you living in Japan, it’s no secret that yes, you could go to a bunch of grocery stores, snack shops, or convenience stores to compile a box like this for yourself. But for $31.00 – $35.00 USD a month, the time and effort it would take to scrounge up a box like this yourself is likely worth more than that in the first place. 

My advice is if you enjoy shopping for your own chips and chocolate, then you probably don’t need TokyoTreat to choose your food for you. However, if you’d like to try some snacks you’ve never tried before, and get a surprise box of tasty Japan-made goodness at your doorstep every month, then you should definitely give TokyoTreat a try.


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