Do you feel like spoiling the best man in your life on his birthday? Or maybe you just want to randomly surprise him by giving him a cute little anime gift. Well, either way, you’re in luck! Because today, I’ve compiled together a list of the 8 best anime gift ideas for him.

Some of these items may be so cool that they aren’t even available outside of Japan. But don’t worry, if you need to ship from Japan, you can use this simple Japan proxy shipping service by ZenMarket.


1. Character Cosplay:

If your man loves anime and you have a good budget, then of course, your first choice should be a good-quality anime costume. You can find tons of amazing anime costumes online. However, you will have to be careful as not all costumes have been crafted with quality in mind.

Personally, I’d recommend this beautiful and complete Jotaro Kujo costume that brilliantly captures the character’s badass look. This is the complete cosplay set that includes Jotaro’s jacket, shirt, pants, chain and Jojo’s iconic hat! Also, the quality is simply wonderful.

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2. Corgi Animated Mouse Pad:

You must have seen these 3D mouse pads floating around everywhere on the internet.

They are actually pretty remarkable and comfortable as you get to gently rest your arm on the armrest while enjoying your favorite game. Most of the anime-themed 3D mouse pads available at the moment are almost always lewd and obscene.

anime gifts corgi mouse pad

However, this particular mouse pad is a cute little item that a guy in your life would surely chuckle at.

You can use the bum of the adorable puppy as your armrest as you browse through the internet or play an intense game online.

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3. Naruto Baseball Cap:

If your man is a fan of hats or the Naruto series, then he will love receiving an amazing high-quality gift like this!

This minimalistic Naruto hat can look good on almost all types of men, and its design is beautiful.

naruto hat black white

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4. Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139..:

Of course, a list of the best anime gift ideas for “him” could’ve never been complete without a video game. This is the PERFECT gift for any man who loves to play video games and watches anime! You should most definitely get this gift especially if your significant other has already played Nier Automata.

Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139.. is an anime game that is a remake of the original Neir Replicant game. This brilliant video game shares the tragic tale of a boy and his little sister as they try to survive in a horrifying world.

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5. Anime T-Shirt:

I know we already talked about the option of buying a cosplay item for him, but let’s face it, good quality cosplay items can cost a lot. So, if you are just trying to find a small and sweet gift, then why not consider an anime t-shirt? If he is a minimalistic type of anime fan, then he’ll surely love a gift like this more than a complete cosplay.

anime shirts for him

There are a number of shirts to choose from, so check out this directory of anime shirts on ZenMarket to find the right one for him.


6. One Piece Anime Wallet:

Of course, every guy needs a good-quality leather wallet. What I really love about these anime-themed One Piece wallets is that they aren’t too flashy, so almost all types of anime fans would absolutely love them.

The quality of these wallets are premium, and they have multiple pockets that can help you store all types of items quite easily.

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7. Pain Phone Cover:

A good quality phone cover can also be a very good gift idea as these things are quite affordable and almost everyone needs one. Pain is one of the most famous characters from the Naruto series, and this phone cover represents his charm in the best way possible. We can see Pain giving us a menacing look through his beautiful Rinnegan eyes. If he’s a fan of Naruto, then this is definitely one of the best anime gift ideas for him. Sadly, the phone cover is only available for iPhones, so you will have to do a bit more digging on the internet if he owns an android smartphone.

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8. One Piece Pocket Watch:


Are you buying for a man in your life that you’d call…eccentric? If yes, then the guy would surely love owning a beautiful pocket watch! Because those are totally still in piece gold pocket watch anime gifts for him

This high-quality watch can be worn like a pendant or you can just put it in your pocket and take it out whenever you need to know the time.

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That’s all folks! If you’re looking for anime gift ideas for a female in your life, check out our list of best anime gift ideas for her.

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