Buying a gift for someone is not an easy task because you always have to come up with a perfect gift idea for that certain someone. This task can be even harder if your loved one is someone who loves to watch anime, especially if you yourself are not an anime enthusiast. Today, I am going to give you guys some amazing anime gifts for him or her that will help you choose the perfect present for your favorite otaku.

Anime Gifts for Him or Her

1. Beast Titan Plushie:

This is one of the best gifts that anyone can buy for a fan of the Attack on Titan series. Attack on Titan is extremely horrifying and tragic, but this cute plushie tackles all of that harshness. This plushie of the beast titan is very soft, and the weaboo in your life will surely love to sleep with it.

2. Umbreeon Pajamas:

anime gifts for him or her umbreeon pjs

These Umbreeon Pajamas are the cutest gift you can buy for any anime fan. The adorable and eye-catching jumpsuit is extremely comfortable and best for a good night’s sleep. There is a matching tail on the back of this jumpsuit that really helps you complete your cosplay look.

Umbreeon is a very rare evolution of Eevee, and this dark-type pokemon is loved by every pokemon trainer.

3. A Real Death Note…book:

a black note book with the words death note lies on a brown table

“The person whose name is written in this notebook shall die.”

This was the sentence written in a notebook that completely changed Light Yagami’s life. If you are a fan of Death Note, then you would definitely want to get your hands on this almighty notebook. This cosplay item perfectly portrays the Death Note as it contains all of the rules in the start, and the pages also look similar to the original as well.

As a bonus, you will also get a feather pen to write the names of all of your many victims. This Death Note is the perfect gift for every fan of the series who loves to write.

4. Nezuko Slippers:

These warm, comfortable, and adorable Nezuko slippers can turn out to be the perfect gift for your friend in this cold weather. Since they are made using thick foam pads, you can wear them throughout the entire day with absolute ease.

There are two different prints on these pink slippers. One print shows us a cute picture of our favorite demon waifu as she is looking right at us, and the other print showcases the Demon Slayer logo.


5. Anime Cookbook:

At first glance, it just seems like another generic anime book that is not really going to help you in any way. However, this anime cookbook has been prepared with extreme care, and it gives you over 500 referenced anime recipes, so you’ll never grow tired of cooking. This is the perfect opportunity for you if you’ve ever wanted to eat all the delicious food that you see in the anime world. The book not only tells you how to cook your favorite food but also gives you some random and interesting facts regarding your food to keep you engaged. You can buy this anime cookbook as a hardcover copy, or you can just get a digital copy and start cooking today.


6. Dragon Ball Z 4-Star Bowl:

anime gift ideas dragon ball z themed bowl

This gift perfectly connects to the previous gift on my list, so you can buy both of them together. Of course, if you are making anime food, then you’ll also have to eat your favorite food in the Japanese way.

This bowl comes with two chopsticks, so you can practice eating with them. The print of the 4-Star Dragon Ball on this bowl also looks quite attractive and flashy. Every Dragon Ball Z fan would absolutely love this gift!


7. Fullmetal Alchemist Pocket Watch:

If your friend is a fan of the Fullmetal Alchemist series, then they would definitely love to get this pocket watch from the series. You can get different shades of this pocket watch and it looks exactly like the one that Edward Elric carries around with him. The quality of this watch is extremely good, and it will also help your friend become more punctual.


8. Naruto Makeup Brushes:

If the otaku in your life is a fan of the Naruto series and a makeup enthusiast, then this item should definitely end up in your list of the best gift ideas for anime fans. If you have a female otaku in your life, this is one of the best anime gifts for her.

The designs on each one of these makeup brushes are different from each other, and they are all pretty well-built. The brush head is soft and completely usable for applying makeup. As a plus point, the makeup brushes also help you get a better grip because of their unique designs.


9. Todoroki Banpresto Figurine:

If none of the above-mentioned gift ideas interest you, then why not just get a good anime figurine for your friend? A figurine is one of the best gift ideas for anime fans! Well-built anime figurines are loved by every single anime fan because they help them showcase their love for anime. This amazing Todoroki Figurine is built to last, and it is reasonably priced. Todoroki is ready for anything as he is using both of his abilities at the same time.

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