If you’re a fan of the fun and comfy comedy anime series Yuru Camp (a.k.a. Laid-Back Camp), why not show it with some Yuru Camp merch?

Because Yuru Camp/ Laid-Back Camp is all about the joys of camping, the anime series inspired some unique and appropriate items that you won’t find for My Hero Academia or Attack on Titan. For example, you may notice that our Best Yuru Camp Merchandise list includes Yuru Camp-themed actual camping gear, designed for outdoor use.

Of course, we will also show you where to buy Yuru Camp T-shirts, and other more typical anime otaku goods.

List of the Best Yuru Camp Merchandise

1. Yuru Camp mug

Yuru Camp mugWhen the Yuru Camp girls head out on an outdoor adventure, they often take a mug for hot cocoa or some other warm drink.

Naturally, ZenPlus offers several mug designs for your next camping trip, or just to use around the house. The one shown above features chibi versions of the two main girls, Rin Shima and Nadeshiko Kagamihara, along with a version of the series title. (The series seems to like to play around with its logo. Different items will have different logo designs and fonts for the title.)

Note: All of the hyperlinks in this article point to recent search results at ZenPlus, rather than a specific item. That way, even if a particular item is temporarily unavailable, you can still find equally good alternatives.

2. Yuru Camp sticker

Yuru Camp stickerShow your allegiance to Secret Society BLANKET with this cute sticker featuring the main members of the Motosu High School Outdoor Activities Club (Rin, Nadeshiko, Ena Saito, Aoi Inuyama, and Chiaki). They’re bundled up for a cold night of camping. That mysterious-looking creature in the middle is actually Chikuwa the chihuahua, disguised with bunny ears and a pirate hat. (The doggie costume was first seen in season 1, episode 11 of the series.)

The sticker is waterproof, so you can stick it on your car or anywhere else.

3. Yuru Camp cooking pot

Yuru Camp mess tinYuru Camp talks a lot about cooking and eating (especially outdoor eating). As a result, the show’s merchandise includes cooking items.

The above item is known as a mess tin, or a mestin in Japanese English. It’s a type of portable cooking pot traditionally associated with military mess kits (a kit for preparing food on the go). If it’s good enough for the army, it should be good enough for civilian campers.

This Yuru Camp mess tin is made of aluminum. The lid cleverly refers to the silly dream sequence in season 2, where Rin imagines that she can hear pine cones scream as they burn. In this case, the mess tin comments on how hot it is (“atsui!”), and yells at the user to stop (“yamete!”).

4. Yuru Camp T-shirt

Yuru Camp T-shirtNo good anime merch list would be complete without at least one T-shirt, and ZenPlus has several good Yuru Camp options.

This cute and funny shirt contains a bit of Nihongo wordplay. The picture shows bun-headed Rin Shima in a steaming hot onsen (hot springs) bath. Above her is the word “sapparin.” That’s a portmanteau combination of “sappari,” meaning “refreshing,” and Rin’s name.

The shirt is labeled as a size XL (22 inch width), but Japanese sizes tend to run a little small.

5. Yuru Camp fire pit

Yuru Camp bonfire pit gadgetYou can’t go on a proper camping trip without some sort of fire, and the anime series demonstrated how to make several varieties.

The device pictured above is a folding, portable metal fire pit for making a safe, contained fire. Japanese camping gear company Soto makes them. While you could buy an ordinary one, the Yuru Camp version features Rin etched into the side.

According to ZenPlus, you can use it for a mini bonfire, or as a yakitori stand.

6. Yuru Camp: Have A Nice Day! for Nintendo Switch

Yuru Camp: Have A Nice Day for Nintenedo Switch

ZenPlus also offers a Yuru Camp video game.

In November 2021, Japanese video game company Mages released Yuru Camp: Have A Nice Day! for the Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4. (This is different and separate from the Yuru Camp virtual reality/ smartphone game.)

In the game, you play as either Nadeshiko or Rin. Yuru Camp: Have A Nice Day! plays like a “what if” visual novel with many different story branch options. The choices you make can change the outcome of various familiar scenes from the anime.

For example, the rest of the girls might end up joining Rin on one of her solo camping trips. Or she may go solo on a trip which originally included Nadeshiko. The game also adapts scenes found in the original manga, but not seen in the anime.

The game was made for the Japanese market, so there is no official English translation. However, according to reports, the game should be playable outside of Japan.

7. Yuru Camp figurine

Yuru Camp Nadeshiko figurineThis cute Nadeshiko figurine looks like she’s just spotted Rin, and is waving hello. With her pink puffy jacket, muffler, and hat, she’s ready for cold weather. She stands 18 cm tall, or 7 inches.

The positive and energetic pink-haired girl was created by entertainment company FuRyu Corporation, which produces a lot of fun Yuru Camp-themed stuff.

Of course, you can find plenty of other Yuru Camp figurines at ZenPlus.

8. Yuru Camp work apron

Yuru Camp work apronIf you need a work apron, consider this dark blue one. It features a Yuru Camp logo at the top, and the heads of the main five camp girls at the bottom. It’s about 90 centimeters (35 inches) long, with a large pocket in the front.

Aprons are handy garments to wear in a lot of different situations. While this particular one is labelled a work apron (i.e. a woodworking shop apron), it could also be used in the kitchen or with an outdoor BBQ grill.


I hope you enjoyed this list of the best Yuru Camp merchandise to buy in 2022. Any of these items would make excellent additions to your anime collection.

If you need a refresher on this fun, cute and unique series, you might want to check out our guide on Where to Watch Yuru Camp Online. It will show you legal places to stream the first two seasons of the series.

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