If you haven’t seen the anime series Assassination Classroom yet, you ought to try it. This series is clever, unusual, full of dark humor, and definitely worth streaming.

The anime is easy to find. In fact, there are almost too many legal, licensed choices. Fortunately, we can help you decide where to watch Assassination Classroom online. We will also show how to use a VPN for anime if this title is geo-locked in your country.

An Intro to Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom at Crunchyroll, Yusei Matsui/Shueisha, Animation "Assassination Classroom" Production Committee

Yusei Matsui created Assassination Classroom (a.k.a. Ansatsu Kyoshitsu) in 2012. The manga ran in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2012 to 2016.

In 2015, an anime adaptation was created, which reached a conclusion in 2016. The anime lasted two seasons, 47 episodes, a film, and a prequel OVA.

In the series, a planet-destroying creature is put in charge of a group of underachieving junior high school misfits. His students are encouraged to try to kill their seemingly indestructible teacher, but Koro-sensei treats these attempts as just another learning opportunity.

With his many tentacles and abilities, Koro-sensei might make a good H.P. Lovecraft character. Even his grinning “Have A Nice Day” head can be unnerving and creepy.

But instead of horror, Assassination Classroom plays with the typical slice-of-life school stuff, while still remaining an action series. In addition, it seems that Koro-sensei is actually a good teacher who is concerned about his students.

Where to watch Assassination Classroom

  1. Netflix
  2. Crunchyroll
  3. Google Play
  4. Apple
  5. Amazon Prime


1. Netflix (in certain countries)

Assassination Classroom on Netflix

You can watch Assassination Classroom on Netflix. But if you live in the United States (or even Japan), you’ll need a VPN.

Netflix removed the series from its U.S. website in 2021. The series is available in some countries, including South Korea and France.

However, if you’re looking for English subtitles, try Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s English language Netflix has Japanese with English subtitles, along with many other options.

While Japanese Netflix doesn’t have the anime version, it does have the live-action Assassination Classroom film from 2015. It’s in Japanese with no subtitles. That film also has a 2016 sequel.

How to Watch Assassination Classroom on Netflix from Anywhere in the World

Like all anime, Assassination Classroom may sometimes only be available on Netflix in certain countries. If you log on and can’t find Assassination Classroom in your Netflix library, don’t worry! You can get around that problem by using a VPN.

As of the writing of this article, Assassination Classroom is available on Netflix Hong Kong (in English). All you have to do is use a VPN to fake a Hong Kong IP address.

The following method works on both desktop PCs and mobile phones or tablets:

  1. Purchase (or start a free trial) of a VPN. We’ve verified that NordVPN works.
  2. In the settings, choose Hong Kong as your location.
  3. Fire up the VPN and wait.
  4. Once you’re connected, navigate to Netflix (browser or app).
  5. Search “Assassination Classroom” in the Netflix search bar and you should see Assassination Classroom pop up.

Enjoy! Please note that if your Netflix library doesn’t update to reflect the country you selected in your VPN, you may have to clear the Netflix cache and try again.

To do this on mobile, go to settings -> apps -> Netflix -> clear cache. To do this on PC, you have to clear the cache in your browser.


  • A large library of titles
  • Netflix Hong Kong has a lot of language options
  • Netflix Japan has the live-action version


  • Geo-locked in some regions

Language options: Hong Kong has the original Japanese, and a Mandarian Chinese dub. It also has English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, or Vietnamese subtitles.

Monthly price: $9.99 basic; $15.49 standard; $19.99 premium.

Watch Assassination Classroom on Netflix.


2. Crunchyroll

Assassination Classroom

If you don’t have Netflix, Crunchyroll is the next best thing. Crunchyroll specializes in anime, so it has a huge library. The streaming service is theoretically international, although some countries may face geo-locking. Limarc Ambalina explains how to fix that problem here.

If you’re in the U.S., Crunchyroll has Japanese with English, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles. Koro-sensei can speak English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

If you’re looking for something more chibi, try Koro Sensei Quest. This silly anime is adapted from a spin-off manga.

Incidentally, Crunchyroll Dubs on YouTube has both the first and second episodes for free. (Geo-locking restrictions may apply.)


  • Huge library of recent and classic anime hits
  • Decent language options
  • Includes the spin-off series Koro Sensei Quest 


  • Geo-locking may affect service in some areas

Language options: Japanese with English, Spanish (Latin American), and Portuguese (Brazil) subtitles; English, Spanish, and Portuguese dubbed

Monthly price: Free, limited viewing is possible. $7.99 for “fan” level; $9.99 for “mega fan”; and $14.99 for “ultimate fan.”

Watch Assassination Classroom on Crunchyroll.

3. Google Play

Assassination Classroom on Google Play

As much as I like Apple, Google Play’s Assassination Classroom options are better than Apple TV’s choices. The two services are very similar  — you’re buying episodes, not streaming.

However, Google Play has Assassination Classroom – The Movie: 365 Days’ Time. Apple removed it. Google Play divides the series into three parts — season 1; season 2, part 1; and season 2, part 2. You can get SD or HD versions.


  • You can get Assassination Classroom – The Movie


  • Buying is more expensive than streaming
  • Geo-locking may apply
  • Subtitles and dubbed options are sold separately

Language options: Japanese with English subtitles; or English dubbed

Price, Japanese original:

  • SD, $1.99 per episode; HD, $2.99
  • Season 1 SD, $15.99; Season 1 HD, $29.99
  • Season 2 SD, $7.99; Season 2 HD, $16.99
  • Season 2, part 2, SD, $7.99; HD $16.99

English dub:

  • SD, $1.99 per episode; HD, $2.99
  • (no season 1 package)
  • Season 2 SD, $17.99; HD, $26.99

Watch Assassination Classroom on Google Play.

4. Apple

Assassination Classroom on Apple TV

Apple TV has both seasons of Assassination Classroom. The Japanese version costs less than the English dubbed version.


  • Apple is theoretically international


  • Geo-locking may affect service
  • Buying is more expensive than streaming
  • Subtitles and dubbing are sold separately

Language options: Japanese with English subtitles; or English dubbed

Price: $1.99 for original Japanese episodes; $2.99 for English dubbed version.

  • Season 1, Japanese: $14.99 for part 1, or part 2
  • Season 1, English: $22.99 for parts 1 or 2
  • Season 2, Japanese: $15.99 for part 1; $16.99 for part 2
  • Season 2, English: $26.99 for part 1; $24.99 for part 2

(Note: Scroll down while in the Apple TV desktop app to see all options.)

Watch Assassination Classroom on Apple TV.

5. Amazon Prime

Assassination Classroom on Amazon Prime

You can buy both seasons of Assassination Classroom at Amazon Prime — although the series is divided up into four “seasons.” Amazon also has the movie. The movie is identified as “season 0,” even though it recaps the first two seasons. Pricing is similar to Google Play, with HD and SD versions available.

Amazon doesn’t have the original Japanese (except for the live-action version). The Japanese live-action movie has its own page for purchases or rentals.


  • You can watch the live-action movie
  • You can watch the 365 Days’ Time movie


  • Limited language options
  • Buying is more expensive
  • Geo-locking

Language: English dubbed

Price: SD, $1.99; HD, $2.99 an episode

  • Season 1 HD, $22.99; Season 1 SD, $14.99
  • “Season 2” (season 1, part 2) – same as season 1
  • “Season 3” (season 2, part 1) SD, $17.99; HD, $26.99
  • “Season 4” SD, $7.99; HD, $16.99

Watch Assassination Classroom on Amazon Prime.

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