Sailor Moon is arguably the most popular shoujo anime series from the 90s that introduced action to this underrated genre and made it many times better. Fans all around the world absolutely love Sailor Moon, and thanks to the release of the Sailor Moon Crystal remake series, the franchise is still very popular today. If you consider yourself to be a die-hard fan of the Sailor Moon series, then you must own some kind of merch items in order to support the creators and show off your love for the series. Below, I have mentioned some of my favorite Sailor Moon merch items that every fan needs to purchase!

1. Sailor Moon Blu-Ray Disk Sets

Sailor Moon Amazon

Of course, we will be starting this list off by mentioning the most basic item that every real fan must have – Sailor Moon Blu-Ray disk sets! While you can watch the show in DVD format as well, the Blu-Ray version is always superior in terms of quality. The Blu-Ray disk sets can be quite expensive, especially considering the fact that this show has hundreds of episodes. So, you can only buy one or two Blu-Ray sets of the series just to get a taste of Blu-Ray and directly show your love to the creators.

This Blu-Ray disk set includes the first 23 episodes of the show and an hour of special content as well.

2. Sailor Moon Manga

Sailor Moon Amazon

If you are a real geek who prefers to read the manga instead of the anime, then here’s the item that you had been looking for. While the manga is not as popular as the anime, it is still a must-read. Even if you are someone who doesn’t like to read manga, you can just purchase it as a piece of merchandise to support the author.

This Sailor Moon book 1 contains 248 pages filled with content, and it is the re-release version of the manga series, which has a more accurate translation. You will be able to experience the entire Sailor Moon story from the very beginning again with the help of this manga series.

3. Sailor Moon Metal Poster

Sailor Moon Amazon

Yea, we’ve all heard of normal posters, and you can just get a normal Sailor Moon poster if that’s your thing. However, I’d highly recommend checking out these metal posters especially created by Displate. You can get a poster completely made out of metal that easily attaches to any wall in your house with the help of magnets. The best thing about these posters is that they are super easy to set up and replace.

There are many different Sailor Moon-themed posters available at, but this one right here takes the cake for me. The cute little guardian cats Luna and Artemis are drawn on this poster in a very artistically pleasing way.

4. Sailor Moon Backpack

Here’s the perfect merch item for you if you are a student. This backpack is small and adorable, and the perfect thing about it is its minimalistic design. The design ensures that it can be worn by people of all ages. The quality of the material used to make this bag is also pretty good. This Sailor Moon bag comes with a special pocket on the side that holds your water bottle, and its blueish-green color really makes it stand out.

5. Sailor Moon Cosplay

Of course, I can’t just make a list like this and forget to mention cosplay. We all want to know what it might feel like to be our favorite anime characters, and cosplay lets us do just that. This amazing Sailor Moon cosplay comes in many different sizes, which means that you can easily find the perfectly sized cosplay for yourself.

The cosplay mentioned in my list includes all of the cosplay items needed to cosplay as Usagi from Sailor Moon, but you will have to purchase a wig separately. The quality of this costume is surprisingly good, and you will be able to wear it for as long as you want, thanks to its comfortable design.

6. Sailor Moon Socks

Sailor Moon Amazon

Listed as “Amazon’s Choice” on the platform, you can’t really go wrong with these incredibly comfortable and cute Sailor Moon socks. You get three different pairs for a very affordable price. These socks are long-lasting and machine washable, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. The three different designs are all unique, and they can be mixed up together to further enhance your look.

7. Sailor Moon Figurine

Sailor Moon Amazon

If you are an otaku that likes to collect figurines, then you can’t really forget to buy this one right here. This Sailor Moon Figurine features our main girl Usagi in her Sailor Guardian form. Usagi looks very majestic and adorable at the same time as she is sitting on a crescent moon. This Sailor Moon figurine has been based on the version of Usagi that appears in the latest Sailor Moon Eternal movie. This figure is 7.5 inches tall, and it will look very beautiful sitting on your desk.

8. Sailor Moon Plushie

Sailor Moon Amazon

Who doesn’t love plushies? They are cute, adorable and we can hug them at night to get better sleep! You can get this amazing Sailor Moon themed plushie to decorate your room and sleep better at night. The design of this plushie has been based on the beautiful cat guardians from the Sailor Moon series. You can get this plushie in black if you love Luna, white if you love Artemis, or purple if you want to try something new.

9. Sailor Moon Purse

Sailor Moon Amazon

The Sailor Moon purse is a unique item on this list that will help you represent your style and love for Sailor Moon in your everyday life. This shoulder bag comes in many different colors and makes you feel like a true Sailor Moon guardian. The material used for this bag is awesome, so you won’t be disappointed!

10. Sailor Moon Notebook

Sailor Moon Amazon

This merch item works perfectly for you if you are a student or just like to take notes. You can even use it as your personal diary! This Sailor Moon notebook comes with lined pages and a bunch of stickers, and it has been made using high-quality materials.

Please note: the above items contain affiliate links to their product pages. Of course, these links don’t cost you any extra, but if you make a purchase a tiny portion of the proceeds will go towards paying Japan Bound writers!

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