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10 Most Popular Anime Girls of All Time

Ochaco Uraraka, My Hero Academia - Horikoshi Kohei / Shueisha / My Hero Academia Production Committee

“Most popular anime girls of all time” is a tricky thing to figure out. There are literally hundreds of cute, tough, sexy, smart, funny, shy, and/ or nerdy female characters to choose from. Before I wrote this, I looked through a lot of “best girl” lists. Many lists are biased in favor of current anime

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10 Best Sailor Moon Merch Items to Buy in 2021

Sailor Moon is arguably the most popular shoujo anime series from the 90s that introduced action to this underrated genre and made it many times better. Fans all around the world absolutely love Sailor Moon, and thanks to the release of the Sailor Moon Crystal remake series, the franchise is still very popular today. If

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4 Best Places to Watch Sailor Moon Online

watch sailor moon online

Sailor Moon is definitely one of the most memorable shoujo anime from the 90s. Not only did this highly successful series start the whole magic girl genre craze, but it also introduced action to the shoujo genre. While the show was aimed towards young girls, the action made it a perfectly watchable show for all

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