Hats play an important role in One Piece. After all, Luffy’s “Straw Hat” pirate nakama is named after the straw hat that he got from Shanks.

If you’re looking for a hat like Luffy’s, or like Chopper’s, or a Trafalgar Law hat, we can help you find one. Or if you just want something that will show to the world that you like One Piece, we can help you there, too.

About One Piece

Luffy spins his straw hat on Crunchyroll - Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation

Manga artist Eiichiro Oda created the shonen pirate manga One Piece in 1997. It tells the story of pirate captain Monkey D. Luffy and his crew as they roam around the world in search of treasure, fun, and adventure.

The anime series started in 1999. As of March 2023, both the manga and the anime are still running, although the manga is nearing its conclusion. 

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One Piece Hat List

  1. Pre-Timeskip Chopper Cosplay
  2. Post-Timeskip Trafalgar Law Cosplay
  3. Luffy’s Straw Hat
  4. One Piece Nakama Art
  5. Trafalgar Law Pirate Flag Cap
  6. One Piece Beanie
  7. Post-Timeskip Chopper
  8. Marine Navy Cosplay
  9. Uta Pyoko Ears
  10. One Piece Bucket Hat

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Best One Piece Hats

1. Pre-Timeskip Chopper Cosplay

Pink Chopper (One Piece) cosplay hat at ZenPlus

This pink hat is a plush cosplay version of the one Tony Tony Chopper wore during the first half of One Piece. (He updated his headgear during the two-year timeskip after the Marineford Arc.) 

Just like the real thing, this hat has reindeer antlers and ears sticking out from it. 

In the series, Chopper is rarely seen without a hat on. He even keeps it on when he transforms from his usual chibi mascot size to monstrous form. Somehow, it always fits him.

You can get this item from ZenPlus.

2. Post-Timeskip Tralfagar Law Cosplay

Trafalgar Law (One Piece) cosplay hat at Amazon.

If you’re a fan of Trafalgar D. Water Law, you might be interested in this hat. It’s a plush cosplay version of the hat Trafalgar Law wore after the timeskip. (In some art, his hat looks like it really might be that fluffy.)

According to reports, the dour and stoic antihero pirate is connected to either the spotted seal or the snow leopard, either one of which would be a good description for this item.

You can buy this item at Amazon.

3. Luffy’s Straw Hat

Luffy's straw hat (One Piece) cosplay item at ZenPlus

You can’t have a One Piece hat list without Luffy’s straw hat (or mugiwara boshi). 

As it so happens, you can find many different versions of the hat online. Some are more yellow or even almost orange in color. However, this one looks like what an actual straw hat with a red ribbon should look like. 

Luffy’s famous headgear apparently originally belonged to Gol D. Roger (the pirate who created the One Piece treasure), who gave it to Shanks. In turn, Shanks gave it to Luffy (shown in a flashback to Luffy’s childhood in episode 4), and Luffy has worn it ever since.

Of course, the hat is seen on Luffy’s pirate flag, and it shows up in the One Piece logo.

You can get several versions of this item at ZenPlus.

4. One Piece Nakama Art

One Piece cap at Amazon

This cap features all of the members of the pirate nakama. They’re pictured on all sides of the cap.

Luffy, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper are visible in the front. Working your way around the panels on the cap, you can see Zoro, Franky, Brook, Nico Robin, and Sanji. They all look ready for the next big anime adventure. 

You can get this item at Amazon.

5. Trafalgar Law Pirate Flag Cap

Trafalgar Law/ Heart Pirates pirate flag hat at ZenPlus (One Piece)

This cap features the symbol for Trafalgar Law’s pirate crew, the Heart Pirates. 

The symbol is seen on Law’s Jolly Roger flag. And the members of the Heart Pirates typically wear the symbol on their outfits. Law himself has been known to wear a shirt or hoodie with the symbol on it.

The cap has a black-and-white spotted bill, which echoes the look of his hats (both pre- and post-timeskip).

You can get this item at ZenPlus

6. One Piece Beanie

One Piece beanie hat, at Amazon

This knit beanie would be a good one for the winter months. It’s one of 22 One Piece-related designs that you can get for this particular style of beanie hat.

This one features the written-out One Piece logo, so there’s no doubt as to which anime series you like. It’s made of knit, soft acrylic. 

If you think the One Piece logo looks like it says “NE P EC,” you might prefer one of the other designs. For example, there’s a good one with chibi-sized Luffy; or another good one with Shanks, Law, Zoro, and Luffy wearing dark suits and shades.

You can get this item at Amazon.

7. Post-Timeskip Chopper

Post-timeskip Chopper (One Piece) cosplay hat at ZenPlus

ZenPlus calls this a Chopperman hat, referencing his superhero fantasy alter-ego (from an omake special episode).

However, it’s clearly based on Chopper’s post-timeskip hat. According to reports, Oda has apparently stated that the post-timeskip hat is in fact the same one from before. The extra blue “helmet” surrounds the original pink hat, which is still visible underneath.

Like the pink cosplay version that we saw earlier, Chopper’s antlers and ears stick out from the hat.

You can get this item at ZenPlus.

8. Marine Navy Cosplay

One Piece Marine/ Navy cosplay cap, at Amazon

Here’s one for the bad guys — or the “good guys,” depending upon your point of view. 

This cosplay cap resembles the one worn by members of the navy, a.k.a. Marine or Marines.

Of course, in the series, these guys are amongst the most persistent villains that Luffy and his pirate crew must face. They are also representatives of the corrupt world government.  

You can get this item at Amazon.

9. Uta Pyoko Ears

Uta cosplay hat at ZenPlus

This Uta cosplay item sort of stretches the definition of a hat. But you put it on your head, it’s not a wig, and it looks fun to wear, so we’ll allow it. 

It belongs to a category of kigurumi hats sometimes called Pyoko. The hats feature ears which can move up and down. The “Pyoko” part is short for “pyoko-pyoko,” a Japanese adverb for something that hops, or moves up and down.  

While most Pyoko hats feature Pokemon characters or other animals, this one resembles Uta’s unique red-and-white hairstyle from One Piece Film: Red. In the movie, Uta is an idol singer. She’s also the daughter of Shanks. 

A pair of red and white “ears” stick up from the top of the hat. The hair “ears” move when you squeeze the red and white parts that hang down. Those yellow things on the side of Uta’s head are headphones.

This would be good to wear to a convention, or to a Red movie screening.

You can get this item at ZenPlus.

10. One Piece Bucket Hat

One Piece bucket hat at Amazon

This yellow bucket hat features the Straw Hat Pirates’ Jolly Roger. The hat is reversible. If you turn it inside-out, it becomes a black bucket hat featuring a version of the One Piece logo.

There’s not much to say about this item, except that it looks cool.

You can get this item at Amazon.

Final Note

As you can see, you have a lot of options if you want to keep your head covered with a One Piece hat or cap. Some of these are obvious cosplay items, but you could probably get away with wearing Luffy’s hat as an everyday “stealth cosplay” item.

I hope this article encourages you to think about buying a One Piece hat or cap.

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