No mobile game has garnered an international player base as large as Niantic’s smash-hit Pokémon Go which allows players to walk around the real world and catch pokémon with the swipe of a finger.

But what franchise has been alive and kicking even longer than Pokémon? You guessed it: Dragon Quest.

Renamed as Dragon Warrior for the North American release, Dragon Quest debuted on the original Famicom in Japan in 1986. One of the longest-running JRPG series of all time, new Dragon Quest titles have steadily been released every four to five years resulting in a total of 11 main titles in the franchise.

So if there’s any title capable of challenging Pokémon Go in the augmented reality game market, it’s the new Dragon Quest Walk.

Does Dragon Quest Walk require microtransactions to play?

Each quest will have a crystal fee to accept it, but instead of sleazily forcing the player to cough up real-world cash in the form of microtransactions (typically used to add cosmetic items or to level-up your characters faster), Dragon Quest Walk employs a cost-free and healthy way of gaining more crystals…

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