Buying anime merchandise is one of my favorite things to do! Are you wondering where to buy Your Name Books and Manga? Maybe you want to know which Kimi No Na Wa books you should be buying in the first place? This guide will highlight some of the best Your Name books I’ve read, where to buy them, and how much they are.

Where to Buy Your Name Books and Manga:

Everyone has a budget to keep and Anime can be an expensive hobby. Back in Canada, I used to spend $13 for each separate volume of manga. Living in Japan taught me that while anime can be an expensive hobby, it doesn’t have to be. Here, a volume of manga can go for as little as 500 yen ($5 USD) new! I frequently find used, yet in perfect condition, anime dvds for $1. Where you can find Your Name books will depend on where you are located. Here are some of my favorite Kimi No Na Wa books and manga that are available with international shipping. Hopefully, they won’t break the bank.


Your Name Manga (English)


One of the best romance manga I’ve ever read was Shinkai’s 5 CM Per Second. The film is still the more enjoyable experience for me. However, these manga are great in their own right. These manga are the exact same as above except they are only in English. They are available on, so if you are in America you won’t need international shipping. However, if you are outside of America, these titles still ship internationally.


Your Name Books / Novelizations (English)


Reading a novelization of an anime can offer new perspectives never seen in the anime. The first light novel follows the anime almost scene for scene, but there is new insight into the character’s thoughts and frame of mind. Furthermore, Your Name Another Side: Earthbound shows the story from multiple perspectives almost untouched in the film. We see things from Tesshi’s, Yotsuha’s, and even Mitsuha’s father’s point of view.

Everyone who loves the world of Kimi No Na Wa should definitely explore Another Side: Earthbound.


Kimi No Na Wa Books — Another Side: Earthbound Manga (English)

In addition to the light novel, Another Side: Earthbound has also received a manga adaptation. While this manga is currently still in the works, vol.1 is available for purchase in English.


Your Name English-Japanese Manga


For people looking to learn the Japanese language through manga, this is a great resource. This series is an English-Japanese version of the manga. The manga is fully in English with Japanese translations in the margins. It is a good resource for English speakers looking to learn Japanese through manga or vice versa. Japanese learners should know at least 100 kanji otherwise this book won’t help you learn much.

If Amazon Japan doesn’t ship to your country, you can also buy these manga on ZenMarket, which offers a variety of shipping options to other countries.


Deciding which Your Name book or manga to buy can be difficult since there are so many options to choose from. Hopefully, this article has helped shed some light on your options.

Other articles on our blog feature numerous other anime manga and novelizations. Looking for more anime books and manga adaptations? Check out our shop.

Your Name Manga & Books FAQs:

How Many Volumes?

There are three volumes in the Kimi No Na Wa manga.

Should I Begin With Your Name Manga?

My answer for this is almost always the same. I believe you should begin with whatever work came first. Therefore, since the anime was released first and these manga and books were released after, I believe you should start with the anime. After that, if you enjoy the anime, please do read the adaptations.


Your Name Soundtrack

If you’re a hardcore Kimi No Na Wa fan, please also be sure to check out my affiliate page on ZenMarket where you can buy the original Your Name Japanese soundtrack CD.

Full Disclosure: ZenMarket is a sponsor of our blog, so we’re a bit biased, but I have met the staff at this company and can vouch for their international shipping services!

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