Whether you are new to watching anime or someone that has been a part of this community for a long time, Yuri anime is a term that you might’ve heard floating around the internet more than once. Today, I’ll be giving you guys a short and accurate explanation of this genre of anime and manga.

The literal meaning of the word Yuri is Lily, and it is also a fairly common female name in Japan. In Japanese literature, lilies are usually used to describe the purity and innocence of a woman.

In Japanese media, the term Yuri or Girls’ Love (GL) is used to describe anime, manga, live-action movies/dramas and games that involve love between two female characters. In the west, the term Yuri is usually used to describe sexual love between two females. However, in Japan, Yuri is a general term that can be used to describe both platonic and non-platonic love between two females.

Difference between Yuri and Shojo-ai

Shojo-ai or Shoujo-ai is a term that was introduced by western anime fans back in the 1990s. Shojo-ai is another genre for Japanese media today; it is used to describe strictly platonic love between two female characters.

On the other hand, Yuri is a more general term that can be used to refer to any kind of love between two females. However, in the west, Yuri usually means sexual or romantic love.

3 Best Yuri Anime You Should Check Out

Kase-san and Morning Glorieskase-san morning glories

Kase-san and Morning Glories is a heartwarming and cute romance anime movie that was released back in 2018. If you are looking for fluid and beautiful animation, then this anime is an easy must-watch for you.

The story revolves around two high school girls named Yui Yamada and Tomoka Kase. Yui is a shy and cute little girl that loves gardening and has never been in a relationship before. On the other hand, Tomoka is a tomboyish girl that is very popular at school and a part of the school’s track team. Despite being so different, these two somehow grow to like each other.

Bloom Into Youbloom into you

If you want a more emotional take on the genre, then Bloom Into You is your best bet! Released back in 2018, this anime managed to gain a relatively big fan-following.

Our main protagonist in the story is a young girl named Yuu Koito. Being a huge fan of Shoujo manga, Yuu has always wanted to experience love first-hand. However, she doesn’t really know how to react when a boy finally confesses his love for her.

Sometime later, Yuu finds herself in awe when she watches the student council president, Touko Nanami, maturely reject a romantic proposal. In a strange twist, when Yuu approaches Touko for advice, the student council president confesses her love for Yuu instead.

YuruYuri: Happy Go Lilyyuru yuri: Happy go lilly

Yuru Yuri is a comedic take on the Yuri genre as it focuses on a group of middle school girls and their daily lives.

Our main character in the story is Akari Akaza, who gets finally reunites with her old friends Yui Funami and Kyouko Toshinou in the second year of middle school. During their first year at middle school, Yui and Kyouko formed the amusement club. Along with another girl named Chinatsu Yoshikawa, these four become a part of the amusement club. The only purpose of this club is to keep all its members entertained!

Yuri Anime FAQs

Is Yuri anime porn?

No, not all Yuri anime are porn.

Is the word Yuri only used to describe love between two females that is sexual in nature?

No, the term can be used to describe any kind of platonic or non-platonic attraction between two females.

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