The video below from my teacher’s Youtube channel explains the difference between the Japanese particles は (wa) and が (ga) in under 4 minutes!

Last year, my Japanese teacher in Tokyo named Kaori-sensei decided to start her own Youtube channel. Her channel is called メキメキ日本語 (meki meki nihongo), which loosely translated (poorly translated by me) means “improving your Japanese rapidly”. Yeah, please don’t ever take Japanese lessons from me. Instead, be sure to check out her channel.

What is the Difference Between wa and ga in Japanese?

About this video, Kaori-sensei says:

“This video is to explain the difference between the Japanese particles ‘wa’ and ‘ga’. This might be one of the most difficult points in Japanese grammar, but I try to clarify the difference as simply as possible.”

Kaori-sensei uses clear and simple-to-understand examples and explains how the different particles can change the nuance of the sentence.

Please note that her videos are completely in Japanese, so you will need to have some beginner Japanese language ability to understand what she is talking about.


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