If you aren’t caught up in all the latest AI news, deepfakes and synthetic media technology have been some of the hottest topics in the industry recently. Just this month, Open AI released GPT-2 a neural network that has the ability to generate text with incredible grammatical accuracy and natural tone of voice. Based on recent breakthroughs, it is likely that synthetic voices will greatly affect the gaming industry in the near future.


At the basic level, synthetic voices are voices generated or altered by a computer program, meaning they are not real human voices. Due to amazing breakthroughs in AI technology, developers now have the ability to generate human-sounding voices or make copies of human voices.

How do Synthetic Voices Work?

interviewed the CEO Replica Studios, one of the pioneers in synthetic voice technology, to find out. Basically, users can sign on to Replica’s platform or a similar platform and start recording their voice. After just a few minutes of recording, the neural network learns all the nuances, pronunciation and intonation patterns of your voice. Using this data the program creates a synthetic copy of your voice.

Once the voice copy is created, you can simply type in the text you want your synthetic voice to say.

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