Attack on Titan season 4 is going to get released in the winter season of 2021. This anime is loved by many fans all over the world because of its unique story and amazing action sequences. Attack on Titan gives us an extremely realistic story that is brought to life by its brilliant cast of characters. Today, we are going to take a closer look at everything new in Attack on Titan Season 4!

The first three seasons of this anime were all quite different from each other as all of them presented the story in an entirely new way. Of course, season 4 is going to be no different! The series is going to get even better thanks to the addition of such an amazing new season.

The Studio Behind Attack on Titan Season 4

There are many changes coming in the latest season of Attack on Titan, but the biggest change of them all is going to be this one! Till now, every remarkable season of Attack on Titan has been created by Wit Studio. However, season 4 is being worked on by Studio MAPPA instead. Some rumors suggest that Wit Studio is not working on the latest season because it is already busy with some other big projects. This change of studio means that the animation is going to be a little different as compared to the previous seasons of Attack on Titan. However, Studio MAPPA is also a pretty decent animation studio, so we can expect season 4 to be just as awesome as its predecessors. This animation studio has worked on many astonishing titles like Kakegurui, Dororo and Zankyou no Terror.

Eren’s Characterattack on titan season 4 image

Eren Yeager is going to become a completely new person in the upcoming season! This is not just going to be a small change in personality like we have seen in the previous seasons. As we saw at the end of Season 3 part 2, Eren Yeager is now able to access the memories of all the previous Titan Shifters. In the season 4 of Attack on Titan, all of these memories are going to take a toll on Eren’s personality, and he is going to develop a whole new way of thinking.

Eren is also going to become quite badass and responsible. This boy is going to take charge of every situation and devise the most fool-proof plans.

Main Characters of Attack on Titan in Season 4

Season 4 is going to introduce us to tons of new main characters. In Attack on Titan season 4, we will not even get to see our favorite characters on our screens for the first few episodes. This season is going to show us the story of the Marleyans, the people outside the walls. The show is going to focus on the lives of Reiner and Zeke as they interact with their friends. Attack on Titan season 4 is going to make us realize that the Marleyans are not all bad, and they are humans just like our heroes. This season will put us in a dilemma as it will show us that no one is truly evil.


You might’ve already guessed this change by looking at the trailer alone. Yup, this season is going to give us a time-skip! All of our favorite characters are going to be older and more mature. Hanjee is going to be the new captain in Erwin’s place, and Levi is going to be just as badass as ever. Of course, wiser and older versions of Eren, Mikasa and Armin are going to make their appearances in this season as well.

Relationships Between Characters

Remember how Mikasa, Armin and Eren used to be best friends? Well, the harshness of the battlefield is going to greatly affect the special bond between these characters. As we already know, Eren’s personality is going to greatly change, and that is going to cause a lot of problems. Eren is no longer going to be the caring and loving friend that he used to be in the previous seasons. Let’s just hope that everything turns out okay in the end.


The setting of Attack on Titan is going to change completely! Since the show is going to be set outside the walls, we will get to see an entirely different world. The Marleyans are way ahead in terms of technology as compared to the people who live inside the walls. We will see Grisha Yeager’s world, which is filled with huge well-built structures and mesmerizing technological advancements. Everyone in this new world already knows about the titan shifters. Oh, and as we have already seen in season 3 part 2, the Eldians here are treated very poorly.

In the Marley world, no one is truly scared of the titans. This is going to be a huge change as titans used to be the most terrifying creatures in the previous seasons of Attack on Titan. The Marleyans use the power of these titans as a weapon to fight against all of their enemies.

Conclusionattack on titan season 4 the final season poster

If done right, the final season of Attack on Titan is going to be the best season of the entire series. This season is going to be something completely different, and it will get us totally invested in the story.


This season is finally going to tell us the truth regarding everything! We will finally know why titans and titan shifters exist and who is the real bad person. Oh, and we will also find out more about Ymir Fritz, who is the founding titan.

We will get to see the struggles of some brand-new characters and the growth of some characters that we already know and love. Of course, the action sequences are going to be just as breathtaking as ever in this new addition to the series. Let’s hope that Studio MAPPA gives us enough episodes and the story is not rushed in any way.

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