Clannad is a much-loved anime series that has won the hearts of fans worldwide. However, its various special episodes and numerous alternate endings can be confusing for newcomers. This article will provide a clear and concise guide to the correct Clannad watch order, as well as an explanation of why the series includes so many alternate endings. Additionally, we will recommend the best places to watch Clannad, so you can fully immerse yourself in the series. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the show, this article will be an invaluable resource to navigate the complex and intriguing world of Clannad.

Clannad Plotclannad

Clannad follows the story of Tomoya Okazaki, a high school student who has given up on his dreams and struggles to find meaning in his life. One day, he meets Nagisa Furukawa, a shy and soft-spoken girl who is repeating her senior year of high school due to illness. Tomoya finds himself drawn to Nagisa, and as they spend more time together, he begins to rediscover his passion for life and help Nagisa pursue her own dreams.

Throughout the series, Tomoya and Nagisa befriend a number of other students, each with their own personal struggles and challenges to overcome. Together, they work to create happy memories and overcome the obstacles in their way, ultimately building lasting relationships and discovering the true meaning of family.

Clannad is a heartfelt and emotional story about love, loss, and the bonds that tie us together, and has become a beloved classic among anime fans.

Correct Clannad Watch Order (Chronological)

  1. Clannad (TV series) – episodes 1-23
  2. Clannad: After Story (TV series) – episodes 1-22
  3. Clannad: After Story – episode 23 (Alternate ending to the series)
  4. Clannad: After Story – episode 24 (True ending to the series)
  5. Clannad: After Story – OVA episode “Another World: Kyou Chapter”
  6. Clannad: After Story – OVA episode “Another World: Tomoyo Chapter”
  7. Clannad Movie (Alternate retelling of the Clannad TV series that provides the fans with yet another perspective for the show)

Clannad Alternate Endings Explained

Clannad was originally released in 2004 as a visual novel that allowed the player to make choices throughout the game, leading to different paths and endings. When the anime adaptation of Clannad was produced in 2007, the writers had to choose which paths to follow and which endings to include. They decided to focus on the main storyline and certain character routes, leading to the first season of the anime ending on a relatively open note. The second season, Clannad: After Story, follows the main storyline to its conclusion, but also features alternate endings in the form of OVA episodes.

In addition to the anime series, the Clannad anime movie, released in 2007, is an alternate retelling of the Clannad TV series with a different ending from the original visual novel and TV series. As a result of the original visual novel format and creative decisions made by the anime writers and producers, Clannad has multiple endings that offer viewers different perspectives on the story and characters, providing fans with the opportunity to experience various versions of the Clannad universe.

Places to Watch Clannad Online

HiDiveClannad HiDive

HiDive is definitely the best place to stream Clannad season 1 as the site has officially licensed it for online streaming. It is the only place still streaming Clannad after it was removed from every other platform. The complete season 1 is available in English and Japanese. Sadly, the second season and special episodes are not available here!

The best thing about HiDive is that you can enjoy the entire first season for free by using the 1-week trial.


After the free 1-week trial ends, you will be paying 4.99 USD per month for a HiDive subscription. This subscription will also let you access many other anime series, so it’s well worth the price!

Amazon Primeclannad amazon prime

If you are willing to purchase every single episode of the show individually then Amazon Prime is your best bet. Amazon Prime lets you watch both seasons of the show in English and Japanese, and you can also watch the special episodes. You can watch the movie as well by purchasing it directly from Amazon.


Each episode costs around 2.99 USD. You can also watch the first season for free on Amazon Prime with a HiDive trial.

ItunesClannad Itunes

Similar to Amazon Prime, Itunes will also have you purchase each individual episode of the show. Both seasons of the show are available. However, you can’t watch the movie. What I like about Itunes is that it also lets you purchase the soundtracks and key visuals of the show if you are interested.


You can purchase a complete season for around 17.99 USD.

Vuduclannad vudu

Vudu is another platform that lets you watch Clannad if you are willing to pay for individual episodes. You can find both seasons of Clannad and the special episodes here. However, the movie is not available.


You can purchase a complete season in SD quality for 40.99 USD and HDX quality for 60.99 USD.

Roku Channelclannad Roku

Roku Channel is actually a special anime streaming platform that lets you access the first season of Clannad through a HiDive subscription and the second season of Clannad through Vudu. It basically gives you a complete solution for watching all of Clannad, including the special episodes.


You will need to subscribe to a HiDive subscription first for 4.99 USD. You can also use the free trial for this part. Afterwards, you’ll have to purchase individual seasons from Vudu for 40.99 USD or 60.99 USD.

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