Even though it does sound pretty weird when you say it out loud, once in a while people kind of just want to be a little sad. Whether it helps you cope with some sadness you’re dealing with or you just feel like having a good cry, there are tons of reasons to enjoy some tragic stories. Speaking of tragic stories, anime is full of them and that’s especially the case when it comes to anime movies. There are tons of sad anime movies that you can watch when you’re in the mood but you might be wondering which one you want to see. 

There are a lot of options but if you’re in the mood for some of anime’s biggest tear-jerking movies, well you’re in luck because we have 8 of the saddest anime movies that you could ever watch, in order of the tears that they will make you shed!

Let’s get into it! 

A List of the Most Sad Anime Movies of All Time (scientifically proven)

8. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

Sad anime movies

Very strange and funny name aside, I want to eat your pancreas is definitely a tear-jerker. The film focuses around tells the story of a high school boy who discovers that his classmate, a girl with a terminal illness, has written a diary entitled “Living with Dying”. The two form a close friendship and gain valuable life lessons from one another as they deal with the difficulties of the girl’s condition, despite their early differences. The film examines issues of life, death, and the value of savouring each and every moment, which makes it all the more painful when the inevitable happens. 

7. Giovanni’s Island

Giovanni’s island is the 8th movie on our list but don’t let that trick you into thinking that it isn’t that sad. Giovanni’s Island is a movie that tells the story of two brothers, Junpei and Kanta, who live on the island of Shikotan, located between Japan and Russia. In the aftermath of World War II, the island is occupied by Soviet troops, and the two brothers must adapt to the changes brought about by the occupation. The movie follows their experiences as they befriend a Soviet girl named Tanya, and as their lives are uprooted by the political tensions between Japan and Russia. The movie explores themes of friendship, resilience, and the impact of war on individuals and communities and the tragedy that comes with it. 

6. 5 Centimeters Per Second

Another sad anime movie with a kind of funny name, 5 Centimeters per second is a movie that tells the story of two childhood friends, Takaki and Akari, who are separated when Akari’s family moves away. After their separation, the movie focuses on Takaki growing up and dealing with the challenges of adult life, while still holding onto his memories of Akari. Along the way, he meets other women who have an impact on his life and who help him realize the importance of cherishing the present. This movie is more of a happy kind of sad, dealing with love and loss and living in the moment as opposed to the outright tragedy like some other films on this list. 

5. When Marnie Was There

Speaking of sad anime movies that hit in a bit of a different way we have When Marine Was There, This is a movie that tells the story of a young girl named Anna who is sent to live with her relatives in a small town in rural Japan. While there, she discovers an abandoned mansion on the marshes and befriends a mysterious girl named Marnie. As Anna spends time with Marnie, she begins to unravel the secrets of the estate and of Marnie’s past, which ultimately helps her to come to terms with her own identity and family history.

4. Wolf Children

Wolf Children is a sad anime movie that is a bit weird but it’s anime so what can you expect? Wolf Children is the story of a young woman named Hana who falls in love with a man who is part wolf. Together, they have two children, Yuki and Ame, who inherit their father’s ability to transform into wolves. When their father dies, Hana is left to raise the children on her own and must navigate the challenges of raising half-human, half-wolf children in a world that may not accept them.

3 . Perfect Blue

With Perfect Blue, we return to sad anime movies with more normal names. Perfect Blue tells the story of Mima, an idol who decides to leave her music career to become an actress. As she tries to reinvent herself and navigate the challenges of the entertainment industry, she becomes increasingly disturbed by a stalker who seems to be watching her every move. As the line between reality and fantasy begins to blur, Mima must confront her own identity and the darker aspects of the world she inhabits. 

2 . Your Name

sad anime movies your name

Coming up to one of the biggest sad anime movies of the past few years with Your Name. Your Name focuses on the story of two teenagers, Taki and Mitsuha, who magically switch bodies one-day Freak Friday style. As they try to navigate each other’s lives and solve the mystery of their connection, they develop a deep emotional bond despite never having met in person. On top of that, a meteor is little travelling towards their location, forcing them to find a way to save each other. 

1 . Whisper of the Heart

Sad anime movies

For the final entry on our sad anime movies list, we have Whisper of the Heart, a film about young love, self-discovery and creativity. The movie comes from the perspective of Shizuku, a young girl who loves to read and write. One day, she discovers that all the books she has checked out of the library have also been checked out by a boy named Seiji. As she begins to explore her own writing talents and falls in love with Seiji, she learns about the importance of pursuing one’s dreams and finding one’s own voice.

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