With millions of fans all around the world and a movie adaption that is currently the highest-grossing animated film of all time, Demon Slayer has definitely earned its spot as one of the most important anime series of the current era. Below, I have compiled together a list of the 5 best places to watch Demon Slayer online. I will also tell you guys where you can purchase the Blu-Ray disk sets if you want to experience the brilliant animation by Ufotable in all its glory.

Demon Slayer Plot:

Demon Slayer follows the story of a young and hardworking boy named Tanjirou Kamado. Tanjirou and his family lead a pretty peaceful life in a remote location. One day, Tanjirou decides to go to the local village in order to sell some charcoal. On his way back, the boy decides to take shelter at someone’s house and continues his journey the very next day.

When he finally arrives back home, he is greeted with an unsettling scene and the strong smell of blood. All of Tanjirou’s family has been massacred! Tanjirou soon realizes that his little sister Nezuko is still alive, but she has turned into a demon. Tanjirou swears that he is going to avenge the death of his loved ones and find a cure for his innocent little sister.

Where to Watch Demon Slayer Online: 5 Options

PLEASE NOTE: I am only going to mention legal viewing options in this article. All of these platforms are great, but you might have to pay a small fee in order to get a better experience.

1. AnimeLab:

AnimeLab is probably one of the best anime streaming sites as it offers hundreds of anime titles in both English dubbed and subbed versions. You can even stream Demon Slayer for free if you don’t mind ads. The only drawback of this streaming platform is that it is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand. However, the developers are working pretty hard to bring AnimeLab to other countries as well. While the free version of this website has a lot of restrictions, you can become a premium member by paying a small and affordable fee.

Price: 7 USD per month

2. Netflix:

While Netflix is not the number one option for avid anime watchers, it is still one of the best places to watch Demon Slayer online. You can watch Demon Slayer in both English dubbed and subbed versions on Netflix. However, you will have to pay a small monthly fee. You can find hundreds of other anime series on the website as well.

Netflix offers 3 different paid packages – basic, standard and premium. You can choose the package that works best for you and start watching your favorite anime today. After you subscribe to one of the packages, Netflix won’t charge you any money for the entire first month.

Price: 8.99-15.99 USD per month


How to Watch Demon Slayer on Netflix via VPN

This method works on both desktop PCs and mobile phones or tablets.

  1. Purchase (or start a free trial) of a VPN. I can confirm that NordVPN works for this purpose.
  2. In the settings, choose the a country that has Demon Slayer in its Netflix library (likely The US).
  3. Fire up the VPN and wait for it to do its magic
  4. Once you’re connected, navigate to Netflix (browser or app)
  5. Search “Demon Slayer” in the Netflix search bar and you should see the anime pop up.

Enjoy! Please note that if your Netflix library doesn’t update to reflect the country you selected in your VPN, you may have to clear the Netflix cache first and try again.

To to do this on mobile, go to settings -> apps -> Netflix -> clear cache. To do this on PC, you have to clear the cache in your web browser.

I’ve had no trouble using this method and I still use NordVPN to watch anime from various Netflix country libraries daily.

3. Hulu:

Just like Netflix, Hulu is not the best platform for anime enthusiasts. However, it is still one of the best places to watch Demon Slayer online. You can watch all of the episodes of Demon Slayer in both English and Japanese and enjoy a premium streaming experience.

There are three different paid plans available on Hulu. You can choose the plan that you like and start watching your favorite anime today. After choosing a package, Hulu will give you a free 30-day trial, so you won’t have to pay anything for the first month. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and there are no hidden charges!

Price: 5.99-54.99 per month

4. Funimation:

Funimation is my personal favorite streaming platform if you want to watch the latest and greatest anime titles in English. Funimation is one of the best places to watch Demon Slayer online as it lets you enjoy the series in English and Japanese. There are thousands of other anime titles available on the streaming platform as well, so you will almost never run out of things to watch.

You can watch the anime series available on Funimation for free, but you will have to bear with a lot of annoying ads. You can pay a small monthly fee in order to get a better experience.

Price: 5.99-7.99 USD per month

5. Crunchyroll:

Crunchyroll is an awesome anime streaming platform with thousands of anime titles to choose from, including Demon Slayer. However, you can only watch English subbed anime on this website. Just like Funimation, you can also watch anime for free on Crunchyroll, but there are a lot of ads. You can also find a lot of J-dramas on this website.

Price: 7.99-14.99 USD per month


The animation quality of Demon Slayer is definitely breathtaking. The transitions between scenes are just perfect, and the fight scenes have all been brilliantly choreographed. If you want to witness this amazing animation quality in the best way possible, then you absolutely need to purchase the Blu-Ray disk sets for the show.

You can purchase the Blu-Ray disk sets by following one of the links below:

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