Interested in some romantic anime to watch with your significant other? Well, this list has got you covered!

Don’t have a significant other?

Well, if you’re keen on anime and eager to find a love interest sharing your passion, you must try online dating. So many singles are opting to join dating sites these days. They are drawn to the ease with which they can connect with compatible individuals. With the help of special search filters, you can look for singles who share your passion for anime. You can send other site users a ‘wink’ to let them know you’re interested, then strike up conversations. One chat topic with other otaku singles could be suggestions for Anime series to watch as a couple.

If you’re lucky enough to find a good match online, don’t hesitate to choose one of the anime below for your first date!

1. Maid-Sama! (The Class President is a Maid!)

What better way to kindle sparks of romance during your anime date than this story of a mismatched couple? Misaki Ayuzawa is the headstrong school president of a co-ed school, once a rowdy all-boys institution. She is determined to make this a pleasant place for the new girls, who are still in the minority. But Misaki leads a double life, working in a maid café (where the staff are involved in cosplay) to support her family. A classmate, Takumi Usui, discovers her secret but keeps this to himself. Instead, he starts paying regular visits to the café. It might seem an unlikely match, but they develop strong feelings for each other. As well as this blossoming romance, there’s a lot of comedy, as well as awkward moments.


2. Nodame Cantabile

This hugely popular romantic anime series has been adapted for four separate TV series, and its central theme is people being drawn together by music. Shinichi Chiaki is a perfectionist, multilingual, and driven to become the top student in a college of music. The only thing getting in the way of his plan to become a global star is his fear of planes and ships! Stuck in Japan, he meets someone who has the opposite temperament: Megumi Noda, who is studying piano but is scatter-brained. Despite initially disliking control freak Chiaki, she finds herself being captivated by her personality. He succumbs to her eccentric charms, and a beautiful romantic attachment develops.


3. Kamisama Kiss

Initially serialized in a shojo manga comic strip, this is another feature that will have you and your significant other glued to the screen. We meet Nanami Momozono, whose father is a compulsive gambler. Debt issues lead to her being forced to live on the streets. Despite her misfortune, she retains a sweet and optimistic outlook and ends up saving a stranger from a dangerous dog. This guy, Mikage, is so grateful he kisses her and offers her a home: in a shrine. She encounters Mikage’s animal familiar, a fox. Yet another anime tale of an incongruous couple, the supernatural element makes this romance even more intriguing.


4. Cross Game

This anime covers a variety of bases: comedy, high school jinks, baseball, but is essentially a love story at heart. Ko lives by four sisters, including Wakaba. When discovers she and Ko share birthdays, this inspires her to act as his girlfriend. This leads younger sister Aoba to believe Ko is taking Wakaba away from her. After a twist of fate brings Ko and Aoba closer, the frequent cat and mouse sparring between them is hugely enjoyable. Eventually, their romantic journey is sealed during a baseball game.


5. Kids on the Slope

Your final romantic anime choice for your date follows Kaoru Nishima, a shy student whose friendship with much more extroverted classmate Sentarō Kawabuchi, leads to him discovering jazz. A love triangle develops when a fellow jazz aficionado, Ritsuko Mukae, becomes friendly with the trio. The chemistry between the lead characters. A cool soundtrack. What more could you ask for?


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