Whether you’re a die-hard anime fan who has watched almost every single series that ever aired or a newbie who has only watched a few shows, anime figurines are something everyone wants to collect.

Today, I’ve compiled together a list of the best anime figurines that you can purchase right now. This list will be focusing on many different kinds of figurines, so you’ll most definitely find something amazing to add to your collection.

List of Must-Have Anime Figures for Hardcore Otaku

1. Gogeta From Dragon Ball:Gogeta figurine

In order to start off this list in the right way, we must firstly look at a figure of one of the most beloved characters from the Dragon Ball series. Gogeta is the fused version of the two strongest characters from the series, Goku and Vegeta. Being the product of the fusion between these two last surviving saiyans, Gogeta is definitely one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful character in the entire series.

This figure is super detailed and also reasonably priced! We can tell that this is the afterworld version of Gogeta thanks to the halo on his head. Gogeta is giving us a tense expression, and he seems ready to fight as he is raising his arm up into the air trying to summon something.

2. Emilia From Re: Zero:Re: Zero anime figurine

Emilia is a fan-favorite waifu from the Re: Zero anime series, and her adorable looks make her an important part of this list. Whether you’re a part of team Emilia or team Rem, you can’t really deny the fact that this anime figurine looks truly beautiful.

This figurine of Emilia is pretty pricey, but the extravagant details on this thing make it worth your money. The figure shows us Emilia in her normal outfit sitting on a magical crystal. It is reasonably big in terms of size, and it has been made using durable materials.

3. Hatsune Miku:Hatsune Miku figurine

Hatsune Miku is a pretty unique entry on this list as she is a virtual pop idol that is loved by millions of fans around the globe. A good figurine of this blue-haired beauty will go well with anyone’s figurine collection.

In this figure, we can see Miku in an adorable outfit from the game Arcade Future Tone. She seems very happy as she is singing her heart out for all of her fans.

4. Izuku Midoriya From My Hero Academia:Midoriya One For All

Izuku Midoriya is the main character from the My Hero Academia series. The iron will of this young hero always leaves us amazed, and this figurine shows us exactly what the future number one hero is all about.

Midoriya is in his hero uniform, and the sparks around him show us that he is currently using at least 20% of One For All. The boy has an angry expression on his face. This anime figurine is pretty reasonably priced and detailed. Different parts of this figure are movable, so you can change the pose of your favorite character.

5. Asuka From Neon Genesis Evangelion:Asuka realistic figurine

The Evangelion series is a psychological masterwork that first got released back in the 90s, and it is still relevant today. The series and its amazing characters have millions of fans!

This is a figurine of one of the main characters in the series, Asuka Langley. This figurine gives us a pretty realistic design of Asuka in her bodysuit. She is giving us a pretty relaxed pose with a smile.

6. Levi Ackerman From Attack on Titan:Levi anime figurine

Captain Levi is one of the most menacing characters from the Attack on Titan series. This man can take on dozens of titans at the same time and still come out on top.

What makes this figurine of our beloved Captain so special is the fact that it shows us a chibi version of Captain Levi. Levi is wearing his scout uniform and has a pretty serious look on his face. However, he looks absolutely adorable because of his small size and giant head. This figurine has movable parts which make it even better.

7. C.C. From Code Geass:C.C. bunny girl

C.C. is one of my personal favorite anime waifus, so I just had to include her in this list. This figurine right here is a little lewd, so if you don’t like stuff like that, then you can skip ahead.

C.C. is wearing a cute bunny-girl outfit and posing with cards in her hand. Being one of the more affordable options on my list, I think you should definitely check out this figurine.

8. Mecha From Neon Genesis Evangelion:mecha anime figurine

Of course, we can’t just leave out all the amazing mecha figurines out there. I decided to add this pretty well-built and beautiful EE Series Evangelion Shinkalion figurine to my list. The purple mecha has a weapon in its right hand, and it is ready for a fight.

Many of the parts of this figurine are movable, so you can try out different poses!

9. Nezuko From Demon Slayer:Demon Slayer nezuko

Nezuko is the most adorable character from the Demon Slayer series, and we can’t help but love everything she does. This figurine features the demon version of Nezuko with a bamboo muzzle on her mouth.

This chibi figurine of Nezuko has a lot of changeable and moveable parts that make it even more awesome. Even the expression on Nezuko’s face can be changed! It also comes with the box in which Tanjiro carries her around.

10. Luffy and Shanks From One Piece:one piece anime figurine

Here’s a meaningful anime figurine that every fan of the One Piece series would love to have. This figurine captures one of the most iconic scenes from the series in the most beautiful way possible! Luffy is crying as Shanks is passing on his straw hat that originally belonged to Gold D. Roger.

11. Rin Shima From Yuru Camp:Cute anime figurine

Rin is the cute little reserved girl from the series that has a hard time interacting with other people. This reasonably priced yet super detailed figurine of Rin has her sitting on a scooter in front of a tent. She has a very cute expression on her face.

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