If you’re a fan of Naruto, have you considered getting some Naruto-themed shoes?

We put together an interesting collection of ninja anime footwear — not just sneakers and high tops, but slippers and sandals as well.

If you’re a cosplayer, we even included a pair of typical Naruto ninja shoes.

Naruto Plot Summary

Naruto's feet from episode 1, at Crunchyroll - Masashi Kishimoto Scott/ Shueisha/ TV Tokyo/ Pierrot

In the shonen anime and manga series Naruto, the title character wants to become a great shinobi. 

Through training and dangerous missions, he slowly improves his skills, and learns advanced ninja techniques. Eventually, Naruto becomes a hero, and even reaches the top level — Hokage, the leader of his village.

Masashi Kishimoto began the Naruto manga in 1999.  The first Naruto anime started in 2002. It was followed by Naruto: Shippuden in 2007. The sequel series Boruto began in 2017.

Although the first part of Boruto ended in March 2023, Part 2 is expected to arrive in the future.   

List of Naruto Shoes

  1. Naruto and Sasuke High Tops, Amazon
  2. Zion 2 x Naruto, Nike
  3. Naruto Blue Cosplay Shoes, Amazon
  4. Akatsuki High Tops, Etsy
  5. Naruto House Slippers, Amazon
  6. Ramen Sandals, Walmart
  7. Akatsuki Slippers, Amazon
  8. Itachi Sneakers, Etsy
  9. Akatsuki Sandals, Amazon
  10. Custom Character Shoes, Etsy

Note: This article contains links to Amazon, Nike, Etsy, and Walmart. The conclusion contains links to our sponsor, ZenPlus. 

10 Best Naruto Shoes Available Online

1. Naruto and Sasuke High Tops, Amazon

Naruto and Sasuke high tops at Amazon

We’ll start with these hand-painted high tops. The orange-and-purple shoes feature main protagonist Naruto Uzumaki, and his primary rival (and sometimes antagonist), Sasuke Uchiha.

Naruto has Kurama the Nine-Tailed Fox (a.k.a. Kyubi) with him. Meanwhile, Sasuke has a big, purple Susanoo.   

The website says that the shoes are “customizable,” although that just means that you can choose from a variety of sizes.

Amazon affiliate Fedcan specializes in hand-painted canvas shoes. In addition to the Naruto shoes, you can get Sailor Moon and One Piece, among other designs.

You can find this item at Amazon.

2. Zion 2 x Naruto, Nike

Zion 2 x Naruto shoes at Nike

According to reports, New Orleans Pelicans power forward Zion Williamson is an anime fan. So naturally, the basketball player and Nike got together for a collaboration with Naruto.  

The Zion 2 x Naruto shoes are part of a collection featuring the anime. A similar Rasengan-themed Air Jordan one came out in February 2023.   

Compared to the hand-painted shoes mentioned above, this pair is actually kind of subtle. The shoes are yellow-and-purple to represent Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto’s “Believe It!” is inside the tongue. Other little details include the Uchiha clan’s fan symbol, and the Uzumaki swirl.

You can find this item at Nike (while supplies last).

3. Naruto Blue Cosplay Shoes, Amazon

Blue Naruto cosplay shoes at Amazon

If you’re going to cosplay a Konoha village ninja, you’re going to want a pair of these open-toed shoes. 

Now admittedly, not every shinobi or kunoichi on Naruto wears this style.  Some ninja wear boots, and some of the girls switch to strappy sandals.

But enough ninja wear this unisex style that it could be considered iconic. This is the footwear that people would expect to see for a Naruto cosplay.

You can find this item at Amazon. 

4.  Akatsuki High Tops, Etsy

Akatuski (Naruto) "Jutsu It" high tops at Etsy

These high top sneakers feature a clever take on the classic Nike Swoosh logo and “Just Do It” slogan. They have a Nike-ish Akatsuki red cloud logo, and the slogan “Jutsu It.”

Etsy seller Photo2Studio (a.k.a. Lynn) offers several different versions of this Naruto-themed design. 

If you’re not in a Naruto mood, you can also get a Hokusai-style wave, or one based on the Dragon Ball “Over 9000!” meme, among other things.

You can get this item at Etsy.

5. Naruto House Slippers, Amazon

Naruto house slippers at Amazon

These slippers feature lots of Naruto characters. The one slipper has all Akatsuki members. The other one has Naruto and his allies, including Gaara, Sakura, Hinata, Rock Lee, Tsunade, etc. Sasuke is there as well.

The characters are all drawn in a chibi style. It reminds me of the silly, chibi spin-off, Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth.

You can find this item at Amazon.

6. Ramen Sandals, Walmart

Ramen (Naruto) sandals at Walmart

Naruto Uzumaki loves ramen noodles, and his favorite ramen place is Ichiraku Ramen. You can celebrate Naruto’s favorite food with these unique and funny sandals.  

The design is reminiscent of familiar instant ramen brands. (One of the fonts even looks like the lettering used by Nissin’s Top Ramen.) The design sort of implies that Ichiraku Ramen branched out into the instant noodle business.

Depending upon your location, you might be able to find this item at a store. However, shipping is also an option within the U.S. As far as I can tell, Walmart doesn’t seem to ship internationally. (It gets stuff from international places…. but nevermind.)

You can find this item at Walmart. 

7. Akatsuki Slippers, Amazon

Akatsuki (Naruto) slippers at Amazon

Judging by the amount of merch dedicated to them, the rogue ninja members of the Akatsuki organization are clearly among the more popular villains on Naruto. But then, they are persistent villains, with interesting abilities and fun personality quirks. 

They show up several times in this shoe list as well. Here we have some Akatsuki slippers from Amazon affiliate Ground Up International.

If you don’t like the red-and-black cloud pattern, Ground Up also offers a lot of fun slippers and sandals featuring various pop culture icons. 

You can find this item at Amazon.

8. Itachi Sneakers, Etsy

Itachi (Naruto) sneakers at Etsy

Etsy seller AnimeXSneakers offers this Itachi-themed shoe.  Sasuke’s older brother appears to be preparing a jutsu, while holding a kunai knife.

If you saw him doing this in person, you probably wouldn’t want to be standing in front of him. But here, he just adds to a cool sneaker design. 

Itachi Uchiha is best known as the ninja who killed the entire Uchiha clan, except for Sasuke. Of course, this event set into motion Sasuke’s whole revenge arc.

You can find this item at Etsy.

9.  Akatsuki Sandals, Amazon

Akatsuki sandals (Naruto) at Amazon

These sandals feature the red cloud symbol of the Akatsuki. They’re different from the slippers mentioned above. While slippers might be good for around the house, these would be useful for outside.

These sandals are similar to a flip-flop, except they don’t have the “thong” between the toes. They are also known as slides or sliders.

You could take these on a beach vacation, or anywhere where you would normally wear sandals or flip-flops.

You can find this item at Amazon.

10. Custom Character Shoes, Etsy

Custom Naruto shoes, Etsy

If you can’t find what you want among the footwear choices listed above, you can always go the custom-designed shoe route.  The above screenshot shows Jiraiya, but it doesn’t have to be him.

Etsy seller ArtfulWaifu (or WaifuArt) will paint the shoes to order. You can pick a type of shoe, choose one or both shoes, and give a description of what you want (including size). Naturally, the price depends upon the options you pick.

But the end result should be a unique, one-of-a-kind shoe — after all, you asked for it specifically.    

You can find this item at Etsy.

Other Merch

Fourth Hokage cloak (Naruto) at ZenPlus

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to Naruto shoes. However, if you want something other than footwear, you should check out the items available at ZenPlus. For example:

Naruto cosplay:  If you’ve already bought the cosplay shoes listed above, you might want some other cosplay items. At ZenPlus, you can get the Fourth Hokage’s cloak, Tobi’s mask, or other cosplay items.

Plushies and keychains: Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, Ino, Hinata, and plenty of other Naruto characters are available in stuffed and plush form.

Naruto manga at ZenPlus

Naruto manga: If you search for “Masashi Kishimoto,” you can find dozens of volumes of the official Naruto manga. You can also get Boruto manga.

Naruto purse: This is a replica of Naruto’s frog-shaped coin purse. Tsunade grabbed it as part of her Rasengan bet with him.

I hope that this article encourages you to buy some Naruto shoes.

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