Despite its massive amount of episodes, Detective Conan is arguably one of the best Detective anime and manga for fans of mystery, suspense, and more. With over 1,000+ episodes and 24+ films in counting, there seems to be no end in sight for the young detective Conan Edogawa.

Although the series hasn’t reached its dramatic conclusion, fans are sure that Detective Conan author and artist Gosho Aoyama will make his incredible young detective’s journey will end on a high note. With that being said, if you’re a fan of Detective Conan, why not prove it with some astounding Detective Conan merchandise? We’ve put together a list of the best Detective Conan items available from ZenPlus.

From plushies to Denim pouches, there are a variety of items to purchase to show your full appreciation for Aoyama’s work.

List of Must-Have Detective Conan Merch

1. Shinichi Kudo Plushie from Detective Conan:

Shinichi Kudo Plushie, Detective Conan Plush Toy S Line, sold at ZenPlus

This adorable Shinichi Kudo plush toy is about 16 cm, making it big enough to be carried around with you. 

The colors may not resemble the final product, but the plush toy will be shipped to you as advertised in the image above. While it may not be his more child-like persona Edogawa Conan, Detective Conan fans will find his teenage persona Shinichi Kudo to be a worthwhile addition to their collection. This plush toy is also a perfect companion for those planning to watch some of the more suspenseful episodes in the series. 

2. Detective Conan Teacup Rubber Strap Toy:

Detective Conan Teacup Rubber Strap Toy, sold at ZenPlus

For a product featuring the young detective himself, this Rubber Strap toy may be worth purchasing. 

The product features Detective Conan’s mascot Edogawa Conan sitting in a giant teacup with a smile. This product spans five collectible toys featuring Conan wearing an apron and being partnered with the character Toru Amuro. For those unaware, Toru Amuro is the alias for the character Rei Furuya, who’s secretly working undercover for the Black Organization, one of Conan’s sworn enemies. Although it’s not shown in the image, there are three collectible Amuro rubber strap toys. These include him next to Conan, Amuro sitting inside a Teacup, and one where he dawns his trademark suit from the series. Unfortunately, you’ll have to explore the internet if you wish to find the other items in this collection. 

3. Ran Mouri CORD Mascot Line Figurine:

Ran Mouri, Detective Conan Cord Mascot Line Figurine, sold at ZenPlus

Have trouble finding merchandise for one of Detective Conan’s female protagonists? Fear not, as we have you covered!

Ran Mouri is Shinichi Kudo’s childhood friend and romantic interest. She’s also the daughter of Kogoro Mouri, an investigator Edogawa Conan who often helps solve crimes and cases in the series. While there’s no listing for her size credentials, it appears the product can fit within the palm of your hand. ZenPlus lists that these figures in the Cord Mission Line are mainly for those wanting to reproduce scenarios from the iconic series itself. Also, Ran is only one of eight characters you can collect from this figurine line. While not mentioned in this article, you can find Sonoko Suzuki’s Cord Mission Line figurine at ZenPlus!

4. Vintage Edogawa Conan Denim Pouch:

Detective Conan Venim Pouch, sold at ZenPlus

So far, we’ve highlighted a few figurines-like items on this list. Here’s something for fans of cosmetics and apparel. 

This vintage Detective Conan denim pouch is perfect for those that love to showcase their love for fandom via outfits. This denim pouch features one of Edogawa Conan’s iconic quotes, his favorable glasses, and his memorable watch scope. There are no dimensions listed for the pouch, but it seems you can fit many small items inside. This includes items like a wallet, cell phone, etc. It also lists that you can attach this pouch to any other accessory bag. This is perfect for those that love harking around their book bags for school or laptop cases for work. 

5. Detective Conan & Kaito Kid Themed Lunch Box:

Detective Conan Lunch Box (Featuring Kaito Kid & Conan), sold at ZenPlus

Most places worldwide have eateries where you can purchase food and beverages for yourself. However, many may prefer making homemade meals at home and bringing that meal with them during their travels. This is why Detective Conan fans should consider purchasing this lovely lunch box. 

This beautiful lunch box comes with a partition and chopsticks. This item can be placed inside many microwave ovens. However, you must remove the top and middle lids beforehand. As for its design, the box features signatures from Conan Edogawa and his arch-nemesis, Kaito Kid. The lunch box also features both characters in iconic poses. Although it’s a lunch box, I can see the item becoming a great collectible for fans who enjoy the show.  

6. Detective Conan Paper Theater Set:

Detective Conan Paper Theater Set, sold at ZenPlus

Are you looking for a singular item that features a plethora of Detective Conan’s iconic characters? Look no further than this paper theater set, featuring many of the show’s incredible characters. 

For those unaware, Paper Theater is a crafting kit that allows fans to recreate scenes from their favorite series. You do this by layering the materials using the laser provided with the product. This is perfect to those with enough space in their rooms. The product also comes with a manual for those who’ve never delved into the craft before. As for the characters featured in the product, these are Edogawa Conan, Shinichi Kudo, Ran Mouri, Kaito Kid, Rei Furuya, a member of the Black Organization, and Ai Habara. 

7. Conan Edogawa Glasses Stand:

Detective Conan Glasses Stand, sold at ZenPlus

Although we showcased the adorable Shinichi Kudo plush toy, fans may be clamoring for Edogawa Conan himself. While it’s no plush toy, this product is too cute to ignore. 

Here we have a Detective Conan glasses stand that’s too precious to pass over. It features Edogawa Conan holding up his hands as if he’s asking you to set your glasses upon his soft plushie-like hands. The product appears to be made of Polyester and can be used as a glasses display stand and a shelf toy. While no further details exist on ZenPlus, there is a Kaito Kid glasses stand variant you can purchase too.

8. Edogawa Conan Paper Theater Ball:

Detective Conan Paper Theater Ball, sold at ZenPlus

While we already showcased the giant Detective Conan paper theater set, we’ve also found another one you can add to your rooms. 

As shown in the image above, you’ll only receive the Edogawa Conan paper theater ball, but its complex design makes it a worthwhile purchase. Like a snow globe, this ball depicts Edogawa Conan using his iconic watch scope and features some items from the show. These items include Conan’s bow tie, a magnifying glass and soccer ball, and a name tag. Like the paper theater set mentioned earlier, this item is perfect for those wishing to recreate an area dedicated to Detective Conan in their households. 

9. Detective Conan themed playing cards:

Detective Conan Trump Card Set, sold at ZenPlus

While building dioramas and cuddling with plushies is fine and dandy, many fans may prefer to own merchandise that captures the collectible, playful nature. 

Look no further than these Detective Conan-themed playing cards. As expected, fans will receive an ensemble of cards in this package. The product also lists that these cards are great for kids, with the only requirement being that they’re three years old. Furthermore, the cards also list iconic quotes and lines shared in the Detective Conan series. Along with each card, the box itself is well-designed. This item is perfect for those that loved collecting Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or any type of trading card during their youth. 

10. Detective Conan with Soccer Ball Premium Figure by Sega:

Detective Conan with Soccer Ball Premium Figure By Sega, sold at ZenPlus

Lastly, no list would be complete without mentioning a premium figurine of the series’ mascot himself. 

With his cool-like pose, this Edogawa Conan figure is the perfect item worth having in one’s collection. The figure features Conan with his foot atop a soccer ball, a sports item he often uses to nail down an adversary in the series. Considering this is a Sega-produced item, fans can expect the figure to look as nicely detailed as shown in the image above. Here are the credentials concerning the product’s measurements. 

  • Width: 120 mm
  • Length: 120 mm
  • Height: 210 mm

Based on these measurements, it’s safe to say fans may want to clear some space for Edogawa Conan. For those that prefer boxed figurines, don’t fret, as ZenPlus states that you’ll receive this figure unboxed. I would keep Conan inside the box due to the figure’s box’s incredible design, but it’s entirely up to your preference.  

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Detective Conan merchandise you can purchase in 2022.

Full disclosure: The links above were provided by our partner ZenPlus. They have sponsored our content. We hope you check them out if you want to buy awesome items from Japan. We’ve been working with the company for more than a year and can vouch for their amazing services!

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