If you’re eagerly waiting for season 2 of Chainsaw Man, you might want to get a shirt to show it.

When the anime came out in fall 2022, many anime fans quickly learned to like its weird mixture of dark comedy, supernatural horror, and shonen action.

The series has memorable characters, and a merch-friendly mascot in the form of Pochita, the chainsaw devil dog. Naturally, Chainsaw Man has inspired a lot of shirts. We can help you find the best ones.

But first, let’s take a look at the history of this series. 

About Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man at Crunchyroll, Tatsuki Fujimoto/ Shueisha, MAPPA

A teen trying to pay his father’s huge debt to the yakuza ends up as a devil hunter in the anime and manga series Chainsaw Man

Tatsuki Fujimoto started the manga in 2018, and it has run in either Weekly Shonen Jump or Shonen Jump+ since then.

The first season of the anime aired in 2022. Naturally, given the wide gap between the anime and the manga, there are a lot of story arcs left for the anime to cover. There are also a lot of spoilers for people who have watched the show, but not read the manga.

The anime has covered 38 chapters so far. And as of early April 2023, there have been 122 manga chapters.

Like many Chainsaw Man shirts, the shirts on our “10 best” list are dominated by:

  • Denji, the teen who became Chainsaw Man when he made a contract with Pochita. He fights devils as a devil hunter.
  • Pochita, the chainsaw devil who resembles a cross between a chainsaw and a dog. He’s also Denji’s heart, which is how Denji can transform into a human-devil hybrid.
  • Makima, the woman who is a leader of the devil hunter organization, and essentially Denji’s boss. The manga reveals some huge spoilers about her.
  • Power, a fiend (a type of devil) who becomes Denji’s devil hunting partner. 

If you feel the itch to dive in, you can check out our guide on where to watch Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man Shirt List

  1. Denji Chainsaw, Amazon
  2. Pochita, Etsy
  3. Makima Black, Amazon
  4. Chainsaw Denji, BoxLunch
  5. Power and Pochita, Amazon
  6. Denji and Makima, Etsy
  7. K-On! President Power, Amazon
  8. Chainsaw Devil, BoxLunch
  9. Beware of the Dog, Amazon
  10. Power Manga, Etsy

Note: This article contains links to Amazon, Etsy, and BoxLunch. The conclusion contains links to our partner, ZenPlus.

1. Denji Chainsaw, Amazon

Chainsaw Man shirt at Amazon

We’ll start with Denji in his Chainsaw Man form, since he’s the titular character. The Amazon website says that this is Pochita’s full Chainsaw Devil form, rather than the human-devil hybrid between Denji and Pochita.

Although to be perfectly honest, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two when you see them from the neck up.

Either way, there’s no question that this is a great T-shirt for a fan of Chainsaw Man. This shirt is available in black or white.

You can find this item at Amazon.

2. Pochita, Etsy

Pochita, Chainsaw Man shirt, at Etsy

Dastardly Apparel in Denver offers this cute shirt on Etsy. The shirt features Pochita looking more like a cute puppy, rather than the devilish representation of the fear of chainsaws. According to reports, Pochita’s devil dog form is allegedly based on an orange Makita chainsaw. 

Personally, I think Pochita looks great in blue, but you can get this shirt in a variety of colors.

You can get this item at Etsy.

3. Makima Black, Amazon

Makima, Chainsaw Man, shirt at Amazon

This Makima shirt has an interesting backstory to it. A quick Google Images search revealed that this shirt is based upon fanart. According to reports, the art was originally created in 2019 by somebody going by the online handle usa18. In and of itself, that is not unusual.

However, in 2022, Chainsaw Man fans noticed that an image from the anime’s end credits looked a lot like usa18’s artwork. So, while this shirt’s artwork is not directly from the anime or the manga, it certainly has an interesting link to the series.

The shirt is available in black or white.

You can find this item at Amazon.  

4. Chainsaw Denji, BoxLunch

Chainsaw Man shirt at BoxLunch

With this shirt, you can show your support for Chainsaw Man, and support the fight against hunger at the same time.

BoxLunch partners with Feeding America, a nonprofit charity which provides meals to food banks. Basically, whenever you buy stuff at BoxLunch, BoxLunch donates to Feeding America’s efforts to help people in need.

This shirt is also a BoxLunch exclusive, so you won’t find it anywhere else. The shirt shows Denji in hybrid Chainsaw Man form. He still has his tie on.

You can find this item at BoxLunch.

5. Power and Pochita, Amazon 

Power and Pochita, Chainsaw Man, shirt at Amazon

Here’s a cute pink shirt featuring Power and Pochita having a moment together. Power lifts Pochita up, while Pochita has a piece of toast in his mouth.  

Toast — whether it is Denji making toast, Pochita eating bread or toast, or Pochita sitting on toast — has become something of a Chainsaw Man meme, especially in fanart.  

Pochita looks worried or embarrassed by the situation. (In anime canon, Power hasn’t met Pochita in his chainsaw dog form.) Like the Makima shirt, this is based on fanart.

Note: The Amazon description says that the shirt can be customized, but that option seemed to be missing when I tried it.

You can find this item at Amazon.

6. Denji and Makima, Etsy

Denji and Makima, Chainsaw Man, shirt at Etsy

Elspeth Conquers Apparel from Arizona offers this shirt in various colors at Etsy. It features Public Safety Devil Hunters Denji and Makima.

Denji looks downright normal in his human form, except for Pochita’s ripcord tail sticking out of his chest. Meanwhile, Makima looks pleasant, kind, professional, and nice in her standard devil hunter uniform. Of course, both of them have a lot hidden under the surface.

You can find this item at Etsy.

7. K-On! President Power, Amazon

K-On! President Power, Chainsaw Man, shirt at Amazon

This cute shirt parodies a scene from the schoolgirl comedy K-On! , where Azusa “Azunyan” Nakano briefly contemplates the power that she would have as president of the light music club. In this version, it’s Power reveling in the power of the president. It’s probably a reference to a scene in the manga where Power brags about being “the First President.”

K-On! and Chainsaw Man are extremely different anime shows, which just makes this comparison all the more funny. 

This design can be personalized in various colors and styles.

You can find this item at Amazon.

8. Chainsaw Devil, BoxLunch

Pochita, Chainsaw Man, shirt at BoxLunch

The Chainsaw Devil, Pochita, features on this exclusive shirt from BoxLunch.

On the front, you have a very colorful, rainbow-hued profile shot of Pochita.  Pochita barks loudly on the backside of the T-shirt.

You can get this item at BoxLunch.

9. Beware of the Dog, Amazon

Beware of the Dog shirt featuring Pochita, Chainsaw Man, Amazon

This shirt features Pochita the devil dog, looking fierce (but still cute). It’s available in multiple colors.

In the manga, it’s eventually revealed that devils have a good reason to beware Pochita. The Chainsaw Devil can destroy devils permanently. If he eats them, the ideas that they represent are erased from history.

You can get this item at Amazon.

10. Power Manga, Etsy

Power manga shirt, Chainsaw Man, at Etsy

Plant Pa offers this shirt at Etsy. It features Power against a background of manga panels featuring the fiend.

The shirt is available in white or black.

You can get this item at Etsy.

Other Chainsaw Man Merch

Pochita plushie, Chainsaw Man, at ZenPlus

If you want something other than a Chainsaw Man shirt, there are plenty of other merch options. 

While you can’t get a Chainsaw Man shirt at ZenPlus, the website does offer other stuff. For example:

  • Plush Pochita dolls: Pochita is undeniably cute. So naturally, you can find multiple different Pochita plushies in various sizes.
  • Other plushies: You can also find cute plushies for Power, Makima, Denji, and others

I hope this article helps you find a good Chainsaw Man shirt.

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