Author: Limarc Ambalina

Travelling in Japan: Where to Buy the Japan Rail Pass and is it Worth it?

JR pass map

Whilst travelling in other countries can be quite daunting, terrifying, confusing and expensive, Japan has made a way for tourists and visitors that can make travelling in this beautiful country a lot easier and cheaper. I’m talking about the JR pass. This pass is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to help you to

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The Best VR Game is from 1995

In an article on KeenGamer, I review Pixel Ripped 1995, which is the best game I’ve ever played in VR. The game takes you back to the 1990’s gaming scene, paying homage to some of the best Japanese games ever made: Super Mario, Star Fox, Zelda, and more! About KeenGamer KeenGamer is a video game website

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Best JRPGS of All Time

In this article on ZenMarket, I go over my top picks for the five best JRPGs of all time (games and series) that I think every otaku must try. If you like strategy JRPGs or turn-based JRPGs, then this list has something for you. About ZenMarket Have you ever wanted to buy something from Japan,

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