Welcome, fans of the netherworld and the burger-flipping supernatural! You’ve landed on the ultimate guide for The Devil is a Part-Timer! characters, a show that expertly blends the drama of demonic power struggles with the humor of fast-food work life. In this wildly imaginative anime series, the almighty demon lord isn’t bent on world domination, but instead, he’s flipping burgers in suburban Tokyo. Now, isn’t that an unexpected career move? But worry not, dear readers, because this article will serve as your portal to understanding not just your favorite characters, but also the talented voice actors who breathe life into them. So buckle up for a ride across realms as we dive deep into the fascinating and often hilarious world of The Devil is a Part-Timer! Let’s meet the faces behind the voices and the unique characters that keep us hooked, episode after episode.

Table of Contents

Main Characters in The Devil is a Part-Timer!:

  1. Sadao Maou
  2. Emi Yusa
  3. Shirou Ashiya

Sider Characters in The Devil is a Part-Timer!:

  1. Hanzou Urushihara
  2. Chiho Sasaki
  3. Suzuno Kamazuki
  4. Emeralda Etuva
  5. Rika Suzuki
  6. Mayumi Kisaki

Voice Actors in The Devil is a Part-Timer!:

  1. Ryouta Oosaka
  2. Youko Hikasa
  3. Yuuki Ono
  4. Hiro Shimono
  5. Nao Touyama

Main The Devil is a Part-Timer! Characters

Sadao Maou:

Once the feared Demon King of Ente Isla, Sadao Maou’s life takes an unexpected turn when he is forced to retreat to the human world, with his powers greatly diminished. Transformed into a human, he grapples with the mundane day-to-day life of an Earthling. He trades in his crown and scepter for a fast-food uniform and name tag, working part-time at MgRonalds. Swapping his dominion over demonic minions for a deep fryer, Sadao serves up burgers and fries with an efficiency that sees him rise from part-timer to full-timer. But don’t be fooled by his new vocation; this former Demon King still has a few tricks up his sleeve and remains ever-watchful for threats from Ente Isla and beyond.

Emi Yusa:The devil is a part-timer! characters

Emi Yusa, the hero who triumphed over the mighty Satan Lord, isn’t one to back down from a challenge. Having forced her nemesis to flee, she follows him into the human world, determined to ensure his complete destruction. However, this journey takes a toll, reducing her to a commoner and stripping her of most of her powers. But Emi is more than her divine powers. She’s a half-angel with an iron will, facing adversity head-on, even if it means working customer service at Docodemo. She balances phone calls, customer complaints, and service with the same tenacity she once wielded her sword. Emi’s commitment to her mission is unwavering, and she’s a fighter you definitely wouldn’t want to cross paths with.

Shirou Ashiya:

The devil is a part-timer! characters

Loyal to a fault, Shirou Ashiya is one of Maou’s most steadfast generals. He too finds himself in the human realm with his once mighty powers severely limited. But this doesn’t deter him. Instead, he takes on the role of a domestic god, transforming the chaos of their human dwelling into a well-managed home. He tackles household chores with the same fervor he once commanded armies, ensuring everything runs smoothly while Maou is away at work. Amidst his domestic duties, Shirou also dedicates himself to finding a way to return to Ente Isla, a testament to his unwavering loyalty and determination. Despite his change in circumstances, Shirou remains a figure of resilience and dedication.

Side The Devil is a Part-Timer! Characters

Hanzou Urushihara:The devil is a part-timer! characters

A fallen angel and former demon general, Hanzou lost a battle to Maou and Emi. He now resides at Maou’s place, where he’s adopted the lifestyle of a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). An aficionado of technology, he can often be found immersed in video games​​.

Chiho Sasaki:The devil is a part-timer! characters

A colleague of Maou at MgRonald, Chiho is known for her cheerful and outgoing nature. However, she can be a bit clumsy at times. She harbors deep feelings for Maou and is easily flustered when she perceives him getting close to other girls​​.

Suzuno Kamazuki:The devil is a part-timer! characters

The chief interrogator and executioner for the Church Investigation Commission, Suzuno has journeyed from Ente Isla to the human realm. Her mission? To investigate rumors about Emi’s alliance with Maou​.

Emeralda Etuva:The devil is a part-timer! characters

Emeralda is a calm, cheerful, and powerful hero known for her potent spell-casting abilities. She’s highly observant and cares deeply for Emi. Her speech often has a laid-back, spaced-out quality to it​​.

Rika Suzuki:The devil is a part-timer! characters

A sincere, kind, and caring girl, Rika is particularly friendly towards Emi. Always concerned for Emi’s welfare, she often invites her to share meals and expresses concern when Emi finds herself in dangerous situations​.

Mayumi Kisaki:The devil is a part-timer! characters

Mayumi is Maou’s immediate superior at MgRonalds. She keeps the fast-food joint running smoothly and oversees Maou’s work there​​.

Voice Actors in The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Ryouta Oosaka:The devil is a part-timer! voice actor

The melodious voice behind Sadao Maou, the Demon King who, after being defeated, retreats to Earth and starts working as a full-time employee at MgRonalds​. Apart from voicing this unexpected fast-food worker, Oosaka has also lent his voice to characters such as Marco Bodt in “Attack on Titan” and Yūta Togashi in “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions”.

Youko Hikasa:The devil is a part-timer! voice actor

The voice actor who brings life to the Hero Emi Yusa, who works as a customer service rep in the human world after following Sadao Maou to ensure his destruction​​. In addition to Emi, Hikasa’s voice is recognized in other popular roles such as Mio Akiyama in “K-On!” and Rias Gremory in “High School DxD”.

Yuuki Ono:The devil is a part-timer! voice actor

The voice of Shirou Ashiya, one of Maou’s loyal generals who does all the household chores while seeking a way to return to their original world, Ente Isla​. Ono is also known for voicing characters like Taiga Kagami in “Kuroko’s Basketball” and Josuke Higashikata in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable”.

Hiro Shimono:The devil is a part-timer! voice actor

Hiro Shimono brings the character of Hanzou Urushihara to life in “The Devil is a Part-Timer!” His talent for capturing a character’s essence also shines in other roles, such as the perpetually terrified yet unexpectedly brave Zenitsu Agatsuma in “Demon Slayer” and the enigmatic villain Dabi in “My Hero Academia”. Hiro Shimono’s diverse range makes him a compelling voice actor to follow.

Nao Touyama:The devil is a part-timer! voice actor

Nao Touyama provides the voice for the adoring and clumsy Chiho Sasaki in “The Devil is a Part-Timer!” But her repertoire extends far beyond this role. Touyama also lends her vocal talents to portray the cool and composed Sasuke Uchiha in “Naruto” and the feisty Chitoge Kirisaki in “Nisekoi”. Her ability to embody such distinct personalities showcases her versatility as a voice actor.

More About The Devil is a Part-Timer

The Devil is a Part-Timer! is a delightful twist on the traditional fantasy genre. The story begins in the magical realm of Ente Isla, where the Demon King, Sadao Maou, reigns supreme. However, his rule is challenged by the heroic Emi Yusa, who manages to corner Maou and force him to retreat.

In a desperate bid to save himself, Maou and his loyal general, Shirou Ashiya, escape through a portal that leads them to the human world, specifically modern-day Tokyo. Stripped of most of their powers in this new world, they find themselves having to navigate the mundanities of human life.

Maou takes on the alias of Sadao and starts working part-time at a fast-food restaurant called MgRonald’s, while Ashiya takes care of their domestic life. Their new normal is disrupted when Emi, who followed them to ensure Maou’s total defeat, also ends up stuck in the human world, working in customer service to make ends meet.

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