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One of our partners, ZenPlus, has a limited time offer that we think all Japan Bound readers need to take advantage of.

First of all, what the heck is ZenPlus?  <- If you click that link you can read my full review of the platform.

But all you need to know for now is that ZenPlus is the easiest way to buy items from Japanese merchants. Most of these merchants are local and traditional, so they don’t sell on eBay, Amazon or any other global ecommerce platforms. For many of these items, this is the only platform to buy them from if you don’t live in Japan (like I do 😎).

What does the company sell? Well, let’s take a look at the best items on a limited sale that I think you anime fans would love.

How to Get 1000 yen off the items below

There is a limited-time coupon all our readers can use at checkout. Simply input NWYRCPN in the promo code section before checking out. You should get an additional 1000 yen off all these items below that are already discounted 23%.


Anime Merch and Gifts On Sale Now

One Piece Monkey D. Luffy GEAR4 Parka Hoodie


Any One Piece fan would die to get their hands on this stylish One Piece hoodie. This exclusive item is being sold by Guf, a pop culture shop in Japan.

With 3 different Luffy images on the back and the skull and crossbones flag print on the front, this hoodie belongs in hardcore One Piece fan collections.

Until Jan. 31st, you can get this for 23% off at just around $39 USD. (with an additional 1000 yen off after you use the coupon)

Check it out on ZenPlus.


Hatsune Miku Figure [Marutoizu Ver.] with TAMOTU Plastic Model (Frame Arms Girl Frame Music Girl)

Arguably one of the most iconic poster children of Tokyo, Hatsune Miku screams otaku culture. The figure collecting scene is ridiculous in Tokyo and that demand expands all across the globe.

Hatsune Miku figures are often the most sought after among fans. As noted in the product description, the Frame Music Girl is a collaboration between “FA Girl” and “Hatsune Miku”.

The seller writes “The monotone style ‘Frame Music Girl Hatsune Miku’ and the Miku-colored support robot ‘TAMOTU’ are now available as cute and stylish set items!”

This item is also available for 23% off for a limited time. 

Buy the figure now on ZenPlus.


Jujutsu Kaisen Life Game

Yes, you read that correctly. There is a Jujutsu-Kaisen-themed Life board game. The Jujutsu Kaisen anime is being watched and enjoyed by millions of anime fans across the globe, and this item would be a unique grail in any otaku fan’s collection.

Be aware that all the materials are in Japanese, so if you don’t read the language well, you won’t be able to understand the game.

Nevertheless, this is a cool shelf piece for your anime display.

Check it out on ZenPlus before the sale is over!


Double-Sided Dragon Ball Launch T-shirt Pink L

Dragon Ball is one of my favorite anime of all time and I’m sure many of you share that sentiment. For your Launch simps out there, sporting this double-sided t-shirt is the perfect way to wear your anime heart on your sleeve (literally).

This is another Guf store limited item, so as far as I know, there is nowhere else to buy this shirt online.

Grab them before they sell out and don’t forget to use code NWYRCPN at checkout.


POP UP PARADE Your Name Taki Tachibana Completed Figure

It’s no secret that we at Japan Bound are huge fans of Makoto Shinkai and love watching Your Name. We even wrote a guide on the best Kimi No Na Wa merchandise on the market, and might have to add this figure to that list.

POP UP PARADE is a new series of figures in Japan that are more affordable and thus easier to collect. This one is currently available for $24.21 USD and with your 1000 yen off coupon you should pay just around $17 USD for this Taki Tachibana figure.

Check it out on ZenPlus before the stock runs out!

Those were just a few items from the ZenPlus sale that I thought anime fans would enjoy. But trust me, there are tons of more amazing items available in that sale for anime lovers or just people who love Japanese culture.

Don’t forget to use code NWYRCPN at checkout to get an additional 1000 yen off on top of the 23% discount most of the items above are marked down to.

If you have any questions about the items about or about Zenplus and using the platform, please feel free to contact me in the comments below.

Happy shopping!

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