With color-coordinated sailor outfits, and plenty of moon power imagery, Sailor Moon makes a great subject for an anime shirt.

This quintessential magical girl series has been entertaining manga and anime fans for more than 30 years. And naturally, people have created a lot of Sailor Moon T-shirts to commemorate the series.

If you are looking for a Sailor Moon shirt, we can help you find a good one.

About the Sailor Moon Franchise

Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Crystal on Crunchyroll - Naoko Takeuchi/PNP, Kodansha, Toei Animation

Technically speaking, the Sailor Moon story begins with Codename: Sailor V,  a 1991 manga by Naoko Takeuchi.  Takeuchi incorporated Sailor V/ Sailor Venus into a sequel manga series, Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon (translated as either Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon or Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon). 

The Sailor Moon magical girl manga ran from 1991 to 1997. The anime adaptation began in 1992, and was followed by movies and live stage shows. In 2014, the reboot/ remake anime series Sailor Moon Crystal came out. This was followed by the Sailor Moon Eternal movies in 2021. A new movie, Sailor Moon Cosmos, arrived in June 2023. 

If you want a more detailed explanation, check out our Sailor Moon character guide.

List of Best Sailor Moon Shirts

  1. Usagi and Friends
  2. Tie-dye Sailor Moon (BoxLunch)
  3. Crescent Moon
  4. Tie-dye Princess Serenity (BoxLunch)
  5. Primitive Sailor Moon
  6. Sailor Mars Magazine Cover
  7. Moon & Experimental Jetset & Helvetica
  8. Luna with Moon
  9. Cosplay-style Sailor Shirt
  10. Sailor Moon Accessories (BoxLunch)

Note: Most of these link to Amazon affiliates, except for the ones for BoxLunch.

10 Best Sailor Moon Shirts

1. Usagi and Friends

Sailor Moon shirt with Usagi and her friends, at Amazon

You can find a lot of T-shirts which feature the Sailor Scouts in their magical girl outfits. But you don’t see nearly as many which show them in their civilian schoolgirl outfits. They’re standing in front of Juban Municipal Junior High School in Azabu Juban, Tokyo, where Usagi and her friends go to school at the beginning of the series.

Of course, Usagi is actually on this shirt twice, with her Sailor Moon persona below her.

This shirt is one of four designs that you can choose from the Amazon webpage. If that wasn’t enough, Amazon affiliate Fvrstuk offers a lot of other anime shirts.

Buy this Usagi and Friends shirt at Amazon.

2. Tie-dye Sailor Moon (BoxLunch)

Tie-dye Sailor Moon shirt at BoxLunch

BoxLunch makes this tie-dye Sailor Moon “group portrait” T-shirt. It  features the Inner Senshi — the series’ original five magical girls, consisting of Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter.

The back side of the shirt has the Sailor Guardians’ logos. Sailor Mars, Mercury, and Venus have heart-shaped versions of the classic symbols associated with those planets. Sailor Jupiter’s is essentially the same as her planet; and Sailor Moon has a crescent. In addition, the phrases Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and Love & Justice appear around the symbols.

Buy this Tie-dye Sailor Moon shirt at BoxLunch.

3. Pink Crescent Moon

Pink Sailor Moon on moon shirt at Amazon

Sailor Moon is a moon princess, so naturally you see a lot of moon art in her shirts. (Usagi’s full name, Tsukino Usagi, is also a reference to the Rabbit of the Moon.) 

This pink shirt features Sailor Moon sitting in the crescent moon. If you don’t like pink, there are two other designs you can consider on the Amazon webpage.

Amazon affiliate Cerbukt offers a lot of cool T-shirt designs, although not all of them are anime related. (The company seems to like Native American, Latino/ Mexican, and ferocious animal themes.)

Buy this Pink Crescent Moon shirt at Amazon.

4. Tie-dye Princess Serenity (BoxLunch)

Tie-dye Princess Serenity (Sailor Moon) shirt at BoxLunch

Here’s another fun tie-dye shirt from BoxLunch.  This one features Princess Serenity, the former princess of the moon. Sailor Moon is the reincarnation of the princess, and sometimes her former self emerges. (In the future, Sailor Moon becomes Neo-Queen Serenity, who basically looks a lot like her previous selves.)

The katakana writing above Princess Serenity states her name.

The shirt is an exclusive design for BoxLunch. On the website, BoxLunch states that it is a partner with Feeding America. A portion of the money from the shirts goes to provide meals at food banks. And that’s just awesome.  

Buy this Tie-dye Princess Serenity shirt at BoxLunch.

5. Primitive Sailor Moon

Primitive Skateboarding and Sailor Moon collaboration shirt at Amazon

This shirt is a collaboration between Sailor Moon and Primitive Skateboarding. Sailor Moon gives a V peace sign (she does that a lot) in front of logos for both Sailor Moon and Primitive.

The katakana writing at the top reads “Sailor Moon,” while the cursive Sailor Moon at the bottom is a fairly common, old school logo. It’s all above a pink-and-blue tie-dye pattern.

Primitive has done anime collaborations before, including for Dragon Ball, and Naruto.

Buy this Primitive Sailor Moon shirt at Amazon.

6. Sailor Mars Magazine Cover

Sailor Mars magazine cover shirt at Amazon (Sailor Moon)

Our next shirt features a reprint of a cover for the anime magazine Animage. Sailor Mars, the cover girl for this issue, holds one of her spirit-destroying ofuda. The magazine also promises lots of information about Sailor Moon inside.

Animage has entertained Japanese-speaking anime fans since July 1978, and Sailor Moon characters have appeared on the cover many times.

This shirt is from Amazon affiliate DMNTeestore, which offers an oddball combination of funny and retro T-shirts.

Buy this Sailor Mars Magazine Cover shirt at Amazon.

7. Moon & Experimental Jetset & Helvetica

Helvetica Experimental Jetset (Sailor Moon) shirt at Amazon

This shirt features the first names of the Inner Senshi, listed out and organized by color. From top to bottom are Ami (Mercury), Minako (Venus), Usagi (Moon), Rei (Mars), and Makoto (Jupiter).

The shirt echoes a frequently-copied design sometimes called “Helvetica,” because of the font used. 

Experimental Jetset, a Dutch graphic design studio, apparently created the shirt design for a Japanese company. The original shirt honored the Beatles, and dozens of imitations soon followed.  

Buy this Moon & Experimental Jetset & Helvetica shirt at Amazon.

8. Luna with Moon

Luna (Sailor Moon) with crescent moon at Amazon

Luna is an important part of the Sailor Moon team, so here she is with her own T-shirt. The moon cat is shown sitting on a crescent moon. 

In the anime, Luna shows up at the very beginning of the series, and she provides a lot of exposition and advice. She even gives Usagi the Transformation Brooch, which allows her to become a magical girl. Without Luna, there would be no Sailor Moon.

Buy this Luna with Moon shirt at Amazon. 

9. Cosplay-style Sailor Shirt

Sailor Moon cosplay-style shirt at Amazon

This fun shirt isn’t a cosplay item, but it might qualify as “cosplay-style.” It imitates Sailor Moon’s sailor outfit, with a big red bow printed on the front, and an imitation “tar flap” collar printed on  the back. If you don’t want Sailor Moon, you can also get the pink Chibi Moon-style shirt.

The shirt is from Amazon affiliate GK-O, which also offers all sorts of cosplay accessories, or cosplay-inspired items.

Buy this Cosplay-style Sailor Shirt at Amazon.

10. Sailor Moon Accessories

Sailor Moon Accessories from BoxLunch

This shirt features a lot of the weapons and accessories used by Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts, from the Moon Stick to the Rainbow Moon Chalice.

It’s another exclusive BoxLunch item. Depending upon where you live, there might be a brick-and-mortar BoxLunch store in your area. Or, you can order online.

Buy this Sailor Moon Accessories shirt from BoxLunch.

Other Sailor Moon Merchandise

Sailor Moon items at ZenPlus

So, now you’ve seen our top 10 Sailor Moon shirt list. (Or you skipped to the bottom.)

However, if you’re looking for other Sailor Moon merch, ZenPlus has a nice selection. You can get a huge variety of Sailor Moon items, from cosplay outfits to video games to fashion dolls. 

Surprisingly, the ZenPlus list did not include T-shirts when I checked. However, that may change in the future. 

Hope this helps you find the Sailor Moon item you always wanted.

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