While the classic anime’s time in the spotlight may have ended, many regard Sailor Moon as an iconic anime series. Sailor Moon is one of the most popular anime girls of all time. The Sailor Moon anime also paved the way for many anime in the magical girl subgenre like Cardcaptor Sakura and Puella Magi Madoka Magica to receive similar praise and attention. 

Since the original series’ conclusion, Sailor Moon’s been remade with a fresh coat of paint for a newer audience via Sailor Moon Crystal. Eventually, Sailor Moon Crystal’s popularity led to the release of the film Sailor Moon Eternal in 2021. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos, the Movie, is planned to conclude the rebooted interpretation of the franchise in 2023.

In anticipation of that grand finale, it would be best to stock up on some incredible Sailor Moon merchandise. At your leisure, we’ve crafted a list of the best Sailor Moon items you can buy in 2022. 

From Sailor Moon to Venus, there are many items worth buying to show your support for the franchise. 

List of Must-Have Sailor Moon Merch

1. Sailor Chibi Moon Figurine:

Sailor Chibi Moon Figurine_Girls Memories Figure Line, sold at ZenPlus

First up on the list is Crystal Tokyo’s Crown Princess of the 30th Century, Chibiusa Tsukino, better known as Sailor Chibi Moon. As her last name suggests, she’s the daughter of the future versions of Tuxedo Mask and Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon). Despite her quarrels with her parents and the words shared toward her, Chibiusa does redeem herself later in the series. 

As for her figure, it’s highly detailed and placed on a circular surface. She’s shown performing her iconic transformative pose as she does in Sailor Moon while dawning her iconic sailor uniform. ZenPlus courteously lists the figure’s approximate dimensions on their website, which are: 

  • Width: 120 mm
  • Length: 90 mm
  • Height: 180 mm

This figure is a part of Banpresto’s (Prize’s) Sailor Moon Girls Memories figure collection, meaning there are many other scouts worth collecting. If one ever wanted to have a high-quality figurine of Sailor Moon’s futuristic daughter, now’s the time to purchase it!

2. Sailor Neptune Banpresto (Prize) Figurine:

Sailor Neptune Moon_Sailor Moon Memories Figure Line, sold at ZenPlus

As mentioned with Chibiusa’s figurine, Banpresto (Prize) has more figures for fans to add to their collection. This time we’re tackling their interpretation of sailor scout, Sailor Neptune.

Sailor Neptune, also known as Michiru Kaiou, is one of the more sharp and sophisticated members of Sailor Moon’s multiple companions. She’s not as socially active as the others, which often depicts her as snobbish or crude in comparison. In contrast, her profound intelligence helped her get into a well-acclaimed academy, and Kaiou’s a prodigal violinist.

A fun fact, but her full name Michiru Kaiou translates to “Rising Sea King.” This fits beautifully with her heroic alias Sailor Neptune. Regarding her figure, Banpresto (Prize) delivers yet another well-detailed figurine. Like Chibiusa, Sailor Neptune is placed upon a circular platform and strikes a pose reminiscent of her personality in the series. If you’re a fan of this articulated sailor scout, then pick up her figure at ZenPlus.

3. Super Sailor Moon Mini (Eternal Edition) Figurine:

Super Sailor Moon_Eternal Edition Figuarts Mini Movie Version Figurine, sold at ZenPlus

Who doesn’t love seeing their favorite characters receive power-ups after displaying such growth?

Super Sailor Moon is a power-up Sailor Moon, and Sailor Chibi Moon receive after speaking with Pegasus midway through the anime’s storyline. Pegasus grants them new transformation brooches and access to the Holy Grail, which they use to transform into their “super state.” They later learn to master this incredible power, thereby no longer needing to harness the power of the Holy Grail to transform into their Super forms. However, thanks to ZenPlus, you too can gain access to Usagi’s Super Sailor Moon form as a figurine.

The figurine has a chibi-like design with movable arms that allow you to change Usagi’s pose slightly. The figure also comes with Usagi’s Moon Kaleido Scope weapon, which she uses to enact her Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack during the series’ Dream story arc.

4. Sailor Mars Figurine from the SHFigurarts Collection:

Sailor Mars, SHFigurarts Sailor Mars Figurine, sold at ZenPlus

Next, we have the fiery and pop-star dreaming sailor scout herself, Rei Hino, better known as Sailor Mars. While she was shown to feud with Sailor Moon countless times, she later realized to put faith in her as their leader. 

Based on the image above, this SHFigurarts figurine shows Rei in her trademark Sailor Mars attire performing one of her famous idle poses. Based on her figure’s build, you can adjust her limbs to how you see fit. So if you want her to look different from others on your shelf, you can swap her around. Further research shows that this Sailor Mars figurine comes with some accessories, allowing customers to showcase her performing iconic attacks from Sailor Moon itself. 

However, as ZenPlus states in their description, the figure may not arrive at your establishment in the same condition it appears on the website. However, we have good faith that it will arrive in top quality condition at your home. Considering this product is a part of the Bandai Spirits line of figurines, customers shouldn’t need to worry about Sailor Mars’s condition. 

5. Sailor Venus Banpresto Figurine:

Sailor Venus_Banpresto Sailor Moon Girls Memories Figurine, sold at ZenPlus

Leaving Mars for a bit, we arrive at the Banpresto figurine for Minako Aino, better known as Sailor Venus. Unlike the others, Sailor Venus is nearly identical to Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) in many aspects, besides athleticism. She outperforms Usagi in that ballpark, especially in volleyball. Besides that, Minako’s just as clumsy, under-achieving, and caregiving as Usagi, as evidenced by their close friendship.

As for her figure, it’s well-crafted and tall as the others in the Banpresto line of figurines. While you can’t adjust her limbs to depict her in other iconic poses, her intricate details will look lovely next to other well-made figurines you have placed on your shelf. The design on the circular stand is another great detail worth gandering at, to help differentiate her from others.

6. Sailor Mercury Figurine from the SHFigurarts Collection:

Sailor Mercury, SHFigurarts Bishoujo Senshi Movable Figurine, sold at ZenPlus

If you were more of a bookworm and loved to spend your time studying to boost your intellect, Ami Mizuno’s (Sailor Mercury) character probably resonated with you. While some depicted her as arrogant and unnatural because of her high intelligence, Ami was known for being a kind, sincere, and caring individual. Throughout the series, she does struggle to find self-confidence, but after meeting Usagi and saving the world with the others, she eventually gains said confidence and independence. 

This confidence and intelligence are evident in her figurine too. Not only does the figure appear well-designed and crafted, but the facial expression given to Ami fully captures her personality in Sailor Moon. The limbs of Ami’s figurine can be moved, just like those of SHFigurarts’s Sailor Mars figurine we discussed earlier. She also comes with various accessories. This allows fans to capture her persona in the show further and will look incredible for anyone that likes to dabble in figurine roleplay. SHFigurarts, once again, has created a worthwhile figurine that many Sailor Moon fans should add to their collection. 

7. Sailor Mars Mini SHFigurarts Figurine:

Sailor Venus_Banpresto Sailor Moon Girls Memories Figurine, sold at ZenPlus

While we have discussed Sailor Mars on this list already, we can’t ignore this other product we found of her on ZenPlus. This figure is another interpretation of the beloved fiery sailor scout, but this time in a more chibi-like form.

Unlike most on this list, this mini figurine of Sailor Mars is a bit small, as it can fit in the palm of most human hands. It also has movable limbs that’ll allow customers to position her in multiple ways. The stand she appears on will allow many to experiment with this movable limb feature. It’s also nice to have for people that like to have their figures set on display. If you were looking for a more adorable depiction of one of Sailor Moon’s best girls, this figure is worth purchasing. 

8. Sailor Uranus from the SHFigurarts Collection:

Sailor Uranus, SHFigurarts Movable Figurine, sold at ZenPlus

No would be complete without showcasing a figure based on the tallest of the Sailor Senshi being, Haruka Tenou (Sailor Uranus). Due to her clothing choices, Haruka appears more masculine-oriented than the other girls. Her gender identity was even a shocker to most of Sailor Moon’s cast, preferably Sailor Moon and Venus. Otherwise, fans often ship her with Michiru Kaiou (Sailor Neptune) because of Haruka’s close relationship with her. 

While she’s often wearing masculine clothing, fans will see her wearing feminine attire while dawning her Sailor Senshi outfit. Like in the Sailor Moon anime, this figure by SHFigurarts portrays a battle-ready Haruka equipped with her iconic Space Sword. Like the other movable figurines on the list, fans can reposition Sailor Uranus and her Space Sword to their liking. This figurine also comes with many swappable or replacement body parts. These will allow you to truly experiment with how you want Sailor Uranus to appear in your collection. 

9. Sailor Saturn’s Banpresto (Prize) Figurine:

Sailor Saturn, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Girls Memories Figurine, sold at ZenPlus

One of the Sailor Senshi, whose often feared among the rest, is Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn). Sailor Saturn displayed unimaginable powers in the anime and is known as the Guardian of Destruction. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the best childhood and had trouble making friends because of events that transpired after an accident involving her father’s laboratory. However, she does find some peace when she meets and befriends Sailor Chibi Moon.

On that note, the manufacturers at Banpresto (Prize) truly capture Sailor Saturn’s emotions and strength in their figurine version of her. With her trademark Silence Glaive in hand, Sailor Saturn looks well-detailed and designed like many of their other collectible figurines. She even comes packaged with an incredible stand that’ll allow fans to display her in any matter they desire. It’s a worthwhile purchase that many fans should keep on their radar at ZenPlus.

10. Super Sailor Moon Banpresto (Eternal Edition) Figurine:

Super Sailor Moon_Banpresto Movie Version Sailor Moon Figurine, sold at ZenPlus

While we touched upon the mini variant of Super Sailor Moon earlier, we saved this absolute gem for last. This figure depicts Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) striking a pose in her Super Sailor Moon outfit and transformation. This design is also based on her appearance in the 2021 film called Sailor Moon Eternal.

While there’s no mention of it on the website, fans can remove and reattach elements of Super Sailor Moon’s figurine to their liking. The adjustable items in question include her twin-tail hair piece and the wings attached to her back. Further analysis of her model shows that Banpresto incorporated solid material when designing her figurine. This is most apparent in her shiny metallic belt buckle and bow, which should put most fans worriment of her figure’s overall quality to rest. Lastly, you’ll want to clear some space in your room if you plan on displaying this figure in any capacity.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Sailor Moon merchandise you can purchase in 2022.

Full disclosure: The links above were provided by our partner ZenPlus. They have sponsored our content. We hope you check them out if you want to buy awesome items from Japan. We’ve been working with the company for more than a year and can vouch for their amazing services!

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