With the last special of Attack on Titan finally dropping later this year, you might want to get some merch to wear when we can finally get our eyes on the final moments of a show many of us have been watching for 10 years. Well if you need some help with getting some recommendations. We know you might want a pretty cool Attack on Titan shirt and we know a few from a few different places to help you get started with your shopping spree. 

Whether you want to be loud and proud with your love of Attack on Titan on the show, or you are someone that wants to keep your fandom a bit more subtle, this list has you covered. So let’s get started with stuffing your closet and go! 

8. Entregando Amor E Paz Attack on Titan Shirt + Basement Key + Necklace White: 


Starting off this list with a pretty obvious shirt design, but this one comes with a few extras. This first offering comes from ZenPlus and includes a White tee shirt with a stencil-style engraving of the Survey Corps logo on the left chest, back and left arm. The back has a logo that stretches across most of the surface area and includes the words Attack on Titan Survey Corps under it. 

In addition to the Attack on Titan shirt, this set also comes with two necklaces, one being a replica of the key that Eren’s father Grisha gave him before his disappearance, as well as a necklace with a Survey Corps logo pendant. 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the series or just looking for a unique and stylish addition to your wardrobe, this set is a must-have for any fan of the series.

7. Entregando Amor E Paz Attack on Titan Shirt + Basement Key + Necklace Black: 

This next offering is pretty similar to our last listing. Like the last entry, this product is a three-piece set that comes with the same two necklaces that we just talked about. The shirt is also very similar but has a few key differences. 

The first and most obvious is that instead of white the shirt is black and instead of the Survey Corps logo being a stencil it is an anime-accurate depiction of the logo with white and blue that is possible thanks to the shirt being black. The logo is in the same three locations in the same sizes as it was on this last entry. 

There is also no text under the logo on the back like there is on the white shirt, making this shirt slightly more subtle. 

6.Entregando Amor E Paz Attack on Titan Shirt + Basement Key + Necklace Gold: 

Once again, this item from ZenPluz is very similar to our last two entries but we swear this is the last one and it’s also very cool and unique enough to be worth an entry here on this list. Once again, it is a three-piece set that comes with a survey corps and a basement key necklace. 

This T-shirt is also black and features the Survey Corps logo in the same places but this time in a stencil style with the outlines and colored in sections being in gold. This unique gold flourish is definitely for those of you that like to be a bit louder with your fandom. This Attack on Titan shirt, like the first one we mentioned also has the text, Attack on Titan, Survey Corps underneath the large logo on the back. 

If you want to be a bit more flashy with your fandom, this Attack on Titan shirt is definitely the one for you. 

5. Attack on Titan Levi ver. Survey Corps Costume Set

attack on titan shirt

Now for something completely different. Once again this item is from ZenPluz but this is next time is a bit more of an Attack on Titan costume or outfit rather than just an Attack on Titan shirt but it includes a shirt so we are going with it.

This outfit is for you cosplayers out there looking for your next cosplay for your next con. If you love Levi as a significant portion of the fanbase does then this item is especially for you. This piece is a complete recreation of Levi’s survey corps uniform, from the jacket to, the pants to the straps and the shirt. The piece even features Levi’s scarf and boots.

Don’t worry you don’t need to be Levi-sized to buy this piece in the likely case that you are taller than him. 

4. Ripple Junction Attack on Titan Scout Group Adult 

Next for an item not from ZenPlus, this next Attack on Titan shirt is available on Amazon. Coming from the retailer Ripple Junction this shirt features a really cool design with Eren and Levi front and center, literally, as well as Hange and Erwin on each of their sides. 

Behind them is the survey corps logo as well as the Japanese name for Attack on Titan on the top. 

3.Ripple Junction Attack on Titan Big Titan with Kanji Sleeve Hit Adult Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Now for a long sleeve Attack on Titan shirt for those of you who live in areas where it gets kind of cold. This long sleeve comes in black and features everyone’s favourite survey corps leaders, Erwin and Levi on the front with the Colossal Titan in the background, specifically Berthold’s version of the Colossal Titan. 

There are also splashes of red around the three characters giving this shirt a more grimy and bloody design. We also get two spots of Attack on Titan written in Kanji on the shirt, one above the main design and one of the left sleeve of the shirt. 

2. Attack on Titan Scout Regiment Military Style Adult Unisex Full Zip Hoodie


If you live in an extra cold part of the world then this Attack on Titan shirt is for you. This hoodie is not just a shout-out to the Attack on Titan series itself but more so specifically to the Survey Corps and the scout regiment. 

Overall the front of this hoodie doesn’t scream attack on Titan. There is one patch on the left chest that says scout regiment and a survey corp insignia on the left sleeve. However, the more obvious pieces are on the back with it having two survey corps swords with the words scout regiment on it. There is also the words Human Expansion and Titan Research on the back being in a smaller but still noticeable font. 

1. Attack on Titan Adult Unisex The World is Merciless Light Weight Crew T-Shirt

This one is for all you Mikasa fans. The shirt features the series’ best girl up front and center alongside a quote of hers. “The world is cruel and also very beautiful on top of a nice splash of color. 

This shirt comes in two options with a standard black as well as a more subtle sage color. 

The image of Mikasa is a straight render from the show’s earlier seasons, so if you want people to know which girl from the series is your favorite this Attack on Titan T-shirt is for you. 

Final Thoughts

If you know what shirts to buy for Attack on Titan why don’t you look at other options like what cool figurines you could add to your already existing collection! 

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